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Day 31

lmp day 31

Today’s scheduled workout was Pump and Burn. Not a whole ton to report about it. Just the same old Pump and Burn. It was highly productive but nothing fantastic happened during.

Did some shopping and got started on getting the Halloween Decorations up. Thought the black lights I put in the porch were going to start a fire and there was a beehive in the recess lighting out there. I about had a heart attack!

Well, that was about the jist of things for the day. Pretty uneventful.

Halfway Through Phase 1

Day 15 of 120 completed, 105 days to go!

Today’s workout was Pump and Burn. I was able to up my weight during the squat track as well as the Back and Leg track. The Back and Leg track was just on the borderline of too intense. So next time I am going to stick with the beginners weight for a little bit longer or get some smaller plates so I can add weight but just add less. 

A friend may stop by later and do some Hard Core Abs so there may be a little extra workout squeezed in later. We will see what the remainder of the day brings. I’m thinking I should go find some headbands. My new haircut doesn’t allow for all my hair to go up in a ponytail anymore.


Day 5 of 120

Wait, shouldn’t of yesterday been day 5. Why yes, yes it was. But this morning had to be my day 5. don’t you just love it when life happens?

The night before i didn’t get any sleep, it started with a migraine, then my DH decided he needed the tv on until after 1 am, then he started snoring, then I went to the guest room. Guess what? The baby monitor won’t work in there. It just beeps and beeps and beeps. Maybe it was the powerstrip i was using, or maybe it is because I just was not meant to get any sleep. I eventually decided to sleep in the rocker in the nursery. Just about to fall asleep and here come Pat sneaking up on me and scaring the crap out of me, telling me to go to bed. Yeah, because the baby will be up any minute and in less than 2 hours I have to get Emma up for school. I am annoyed, my head is pounding so I couldn’t sleep. Finally it is decided that he will stay up and I will sleep. So I spent far to much of my morning sleeping off my migraine and trying to rest up. After all that I ended up helping out a friend, running errands then heading home. A new migraine set in and I just could not bear to work out late in the evening with one. it was late and I needed to worry about dinner. it was already 2 plus hours past dinnertime. Ooops. Needless to say I felt like I didn’t have time. OMG! I said I didn’t have time! It’s 4% of my day, I know this. I didn’t have 4% to give so I didn’t. There was some guilt but sometimes other things are more important than working out. Yep, I said it. Send your fitness is number 1 mob over with pitchforks and torches!

So anyhow to fix the fact that yesterday didn’t work out this morning was Day 5 and late this afternoon will be Day 6. I completed Pump Challenge this am. Feeling pretty good.  The compression sleeves came in, tested them out this morning with my workout. I was still in a lot of pain during the lunge track but it wasn’t crippling pain. So I think they work.

Heading to the Farmer’s Market this morning once I can get everyone out of bed. I need to find jeans for our pictures too. Emma and Ian’s outfits have been purchased, Pat is set and I am good to go minus jeans. Hopefully I won’t fit the new jeans long once I get them. 🙂

Got over it and did it today 🙂

May Have Been the Last..

This may have been our last kid-free weekend for a long time so we did what we could to take advantage of it without overdoing it. Now is not the time to break the rules the doctor gave me. Hoping to keep this baby baking for a while longer not encourage his behavior and let him out just because he thinks he can hurry things up. Already a rebel.. Oh boy are we in trouble. Better show him who is boss while he is still in the womb. No better time to put my foot down than now. Who is in charge here? Okay, okay we all know it isn’t me but I will pretend to have some sort of control while I still can.

Emma spent the weekend at her aunt’s house so we decided to take advantage of it. Friday night we went and bought some baby items, a couple left on the registry and just some cute little random things that I liked. Pat made a point to make fun of my obsession with tiny socks. I don’t know what it is about little bitty socks that I love. I generally hate feet, they gross me out like nothing else (minus spit but we won’t get me started on that) but little baby feet. I love little baby feet, and their tiny socks and itty bitty shoes. Maybe because they don’t walk around and get sweaty, callused and stinky yet. Maybe it is the size? I don’t even know. After that we went and had dinner then rented a couple of movies. I wanted to watch Sinister so I picked that then I decided to get Pat a palate cleanser and rented Here Come the Boom. Both movies were good especially with the soft pretzels and cheese I made to go with them. We stayed up to late lying around on the couch but with no kid at home it did not matter what time I got up so why not?

Saturday I got up to darn early so I sat around and did nothing until Pat got up. We decided to go to Midland (just a town over) and go to Marshalls, we got Emma a super cute outfit then went and had some Japanese for lunch. With full bellies we checked out the new Cabela’s in town then went home and relaxed then went to the theater and saw Warm Bodies. This was the first movie we saw in theaters without Emma since He’s Just Not That Into You. So maybe 2009! It was almost strange to get to hold the huge tub of popcorn! The downside to that is I ate a TON of it. Alright let me correct that.. I ate all of it and washed it down with a huge soda. Oh well, it is hard not to when you have a fetus telling you it is a great idea. No regrets either. It was our pseudo weekend away without being away. After the movie we went and visited with some of my besties Sam and Heather. Finally got a peek at her amazing wedding gown, ordered pizza with pepperoni and feta and watch He-Man cartoons. After we went home and passed out!

Today I made brunch then we went and picked up Emma. we went and let her pick out a new outfit, she bout a new Hot Wheels set and got her Club Penguin card. Then of course got dad to get her some McDonald’s. Spoiled much? Nah!

So now Pat is napping on the couch, Emma is watching Star Wars the Clone Wars and I have the oven preheating for our roast beef dinner. No school tomorrow so a later dinner tonight. Ms Emma does have an advanced placement test tomorrow afternoon but other than that nothing so a big dinner followed by a later bed time works for us.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Salad A Day Challenge Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of the Salad A Day Challenge. Let’s just say I was very successful at stinking it up. I made a salad, I put dressing on it and then the smell of the dressing was a huge turn off so I threw it out. No picture, no eating, no nothing, just into the trash can it went. I instead ate a tuna sandwich (with onion, celery and tons of lettuce)  and a bunch of grapes and cheese on the side. So yeah, didn’t even make it through day two. Ha! I did manage to at least get some fruits and veggies involved in what I did eat for lunch. Later I had Mu Shu Pork and wonton soup that was pretty much all cabbage for dinner. None of the rice or all that jazz with it though. Maybe today will be better and I get back to the challenge.

Let’s see what else is going on. I still have that damn cramping from my accident with the dog, Spending the day in the hospital was not fun, but at least we know that the pain is just from bruising and nothing major. So I am peace of mind at least. I have been trying to go through Emma’s room and get it cleaned out and downsize how much stuff she has. It has become quite the chore to take on. Especially after some one else’s kid comes over and trashes it. I love when other kid’s parents refuse to have their kids pick up here like I am some sort of damn maid. This is what condition her room was left in..


Let’s see what else there is… School shopping. We have most of it done but it is not finished. It is actually starting to irritate me a little I freak out when things are last-minute. There is not much else to buy. A few trivial things and black and brown dress shoes. More when there are more fall weather items in the stores (that does not freak me out though) I struggle with things that are not planned or at least at the minimal organized chaos. I like things planned out and done early on.

It’s the freakin’ weekend!

No workout for me today. If am having fun doing laundry and getting prepped for the weekend. Heading out-of-town for the night, I have to pick up our race day packets so we used it as an excuse to spend the night in Ann Arbor. I think dinner at Pacific Rim may be in order, and cocktails, Mm-mm drinks. I will get plenty of walking in down there so I won’t feel bad about not walking at home today. The weather is kind of strange today (as well as yesterday) so I had to figure out how to dress and not have to change in the evening. So I am thinking a light dress, belt, tall boots and a jean jacket. That way I can just add or remove the jacket as it gets chilly tonight. The low is in the 60’s brr but is in the 80’s right now. The upper 90’s suits me better, even with the humidity. Cold turns me into a big baby. Why am I in Michigan?

Outfit for tonight, Just bought this dress yesterday, tried on the Large and had to ask for a Medium!! Even the sales girls were shocked. They were used to me going in for XL and L earlier this year.

Saturday I will return home and have Schmitty’s wedding reception. Can’t wait! Get to bed at a semi decent hour then head back out-of-town before the sun rises for The Color Run. I have my race day outfit prepared and ready to go! I am sure that even though I will not be running that it will be a ton of fun and I will get to spend time with a friend I do not see often.

Everything is ready for The Color Run, Ann Arbor!

The knee is feeling even better today, the stairs at home are easier to climb and that is a good sign. I am itching to get back to my workouts. I am not looking forward to seeing where this hiatus has left my fitness level. Getting back to where I was shouldn’t be too much of a problem or take long , well lets hope so.

After the weekend I have 2 nominations/awards to blog about. Vacay, injury and laziness has kept me from keeping up with my blogging duties. :p I have not forgotten and will get it done! Promise!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday!

Today, Today

So, I was Debbie Downer on here yesterday, and everywhere else. I don’t like to air my dirty laundry on the internet so I will just say life sucked yesterday but all is good now. Sometimes things just come to head and explode and dealing can be hard. Everything is taken care of now and I am hoping the issue  does not pop back up.  I really felt guilty for not getting my workout in and I didn’t eat all day or really drink anything either, then later binged on a Culver’s burger, fries and a root beer. Yikes!

To change the pace of the day we went and did some clothing shopping for our upcoming vacation, Emma needed an entire new summer wardrobe due to her last growth spurt. We have to buy her a new wardrobe 4 times a year. Why do kid jeans cost as much as adult jeans? We are going broke 🙂 Anyhow I bought a bunch of bottoms, a top and a dress without trying on because I just didn’t feel like it at the store. So today I need to try it all on and see if anything has to go back and be exchanged. I still need to find a pair of neutral sandals that I like and a jacket. And another pair of sandals for Emma. Fun, fun.

Today the plan is to do a double workout to make up for yesterday (or as much as I can do without killing myself), do the billion loads of laundry that needs to be done to catch up on what we normally wear and the piles and piles of stuff that I need to rewash to donate. I probably have 5 or 6 trash bags of stuff to donate once again. Try on those clothes, eat food and hope to get some time in outside. The wash won’t get completely done today but it needs to be done by Thursday so I can concentrate on getting everything ready for vacation. I’d rather take up the invitation to go sit pool side but I guess being an adult is what I have to do today. Boo-hoo!

On the workout agenda I have: Hard Core Abs, Pump Challenge, Step and a Run. Oh my! I better go get my Pump on.

Father’s Day :) (And I wore a bathing suit)

We had a little too much fun last night at Greekfest then home by the fire. Pat is pooped out and napping now. Emma wanted to build a birdhouse with her dad for Father’s Day. She and Pat enjoy feeding and watching the birds together so it was a really thoughtful gift. Who knew a six-year-old would choose a gift because it means something. She is getting so big so fast. She needs to stop. NOW! So here is our Father’s Day run down.

Home Depot bird feeder Kit, it even came with the kid sized tools too! This was found at Toys R Us.

First Pat and I got up and wished we hadn’t stayed up so late last night. Was it worth it? I would say yes!

I start a mean fire 🙂

Next we picked up Emma and went to lunch at Pat’s favorite Mexican Restaurant.

Emma and Pat at lunch!

Then we returned home and Emma gave him his gift. They sat and built it and enjoyed each other’s company.


All that is left is to paint it… That step will come later.

How cute! They did a great job!

After that I took Emma outside to play in the kiddie pool so Pat could nap in peace and quiet for a bit.

I wore my new bathing suit/swim dress today. I was a little apprehensive about taking a picture but I decided to put on my big girl panties and just do it. It is the first bathing suit that was not from the plus sized section I have bought in years. By next summer I will be thin enough for a bathing suit I am truly happy with. For now I am happy I got to shop out side of the plus sized section.

Allen B. Cinch Front Shirred Bandeau Swim Dress, from JcPenny

it is about time for me to make some dinner and Emma want’s to take her dad out for ice cream tonight after dinner. I will have some pineapple lime no sugar added sorbet. So yummy! Then home for the kiddo’s bedtime and my daily dose of Les Mills Pump.

Can I punch you in the face?

I am seriously irritated and frustrated today. This means I want to do nothing. That includes working out. The feeling that I just want to punch someone is what I am feeling. Being cranky really sucks. I’m not used to be a Debbie Downer but today… Let’s just say watch out world. I probably go suck it up and do my workout so I can blow off some steam. UGH!

There are things I really need to do that I don’t want to do at all on top of being frustrated, that frustrates me more. Like shopping for a bathing suit. I got our pool up yesterday. Enjoying it will be nice but I lack a suit. Due to weather I skated out of buying one the last time I was supposed to shop for one but now I need it. our little blue pool will be calling my name with all this heat we have had! I also need to get more pool chemicals.. that does not frustrate me, or annoy me though.


Can’t wait for things to go back to normal

Things around here have so busy between the kids stuff, the yard, painting, new flooring, volunteering and my back going out.  The good news is the carpet is in and I absolutely love it, today is the last day of swim, my back is better, one more week of school and there are only a few baseball games left. The bad news is I have to bathing suit shop today and now that my back is feeling better (just a little sore) it is raining and I have plants that still need to be planted. I am sure the rain will keep them alive. So all in all my complaints are no big deal, minus the bathing suit. UGH. I went and tried on about 15 the other day. Still really unhappy with my legs, but I know that will change in due time. It is kind of weird that I am more upset about them now than last summer when I was wearing a 18 and not a 12 like this year? Maybe it is that they are lumpy now? The lumps are terrible. Another thing I know will change in time but I would really like for it to change now!

I have a bachelorette pool party to attend tomorrow, it is supposed to be cold and there is a 50% chance of rain. Let’s hope that the Weather Channel is wrong about this one. There is always a good chance that it is just for the fact that this is Michigan and the weather loves to be erratic. 90 degrees and clear one day 58 and rain the next then maybe some snow. 🙂 Either way the weather goes I am sure we will make the best of it. Still buying the dreaded bathing suit just in case and I get to find a fun bachelorette gift to buy and very, very inappropriate card. Good thing that there are plenty of naughty” stores in this small town.

A noose: how I feel about the measuring tape after this week.

Along the subject of diet and exercise, this week I feel really guilty about. I had one day where I ate the worst dinner ever, hotdogs and chips (crisps for my UK friends). Granted that day I could barely stand and we had to eat. I decided on the one thing I could make in five minutes so I could sit back down. I really regret that decision even though I do know that I didn’t have many options giving my physical state. Along the subject of my water intake lets just say that I really should be ashamed. And calorie consumption even with the bad for me meal was way, way to low. I didn’t eat much at all through the week. All in all I was not on my best behavior and slipped into some bad habits I used to have. I got exercise in but I didn’t want to push it so I only did what I had to and modified like crazy in order to not hurt my back more. Thank goodness there were no weight training days on the LMP UCT schedule. I don’t want to miss and have to start over. Also, the getting back to running thing didn’t happen. Between getting what I could in with my back out and having no choice but to move furniture so the carpet could come out I just couldn’t swing it. I have no problem pushing myself outside me comfort zone but not to the point that I will cause injury. Hopefully I don’t see a bigger number when I get on the scale and bust out the measuring tape on Tuesday’s weigh and measure in! I am so paranoid!

Well, I don’t think I really have much more to ramble on about right now so I will bid you all adieu. Happy Friday!

I’ll be posting before and after pics of my new flooring soon!


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