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Can’t wait for things to go back to normal

Things around here have so busy between the kids stuff, the yard, painting, new flooring, volunteering and my back going out.  The good news is the carpet is in and I absolutely love it, today is the last day of swim, my back is better, one more week of school and there are only a few baseball games left. The bad news is I have to bathing suit shop today and now that my back is feeling better (just a little sore) it is raining and I have plants that still need to be planted. I am sure the rain will keep them alive. So all in all my complaints are no big deal, minus the bathing suit. UGH. I went and tried on about 15 the other day. Still really unhappy with my legs, but I know that will change in due time. It is kind of weird that I am more upset about them now than last summer when I was wearing a 18 and not a 12 like this year? Maybe it is that they are lumpy now? The lumps are terrible. Another thing I know will change in time but I would really like for it to change now!

I have a bachelorette pool party to attend tomorrow, it is supposed to be cold and there is a 50% chance of rain. Let’s hope that the Weather Channel is wrong about this one. There is always a good chance that it is just for the fact that this is Michigan and the weather loves to be erratic. 90 degrees and clear one day 58 and rain the next then maybe some snow. 🙂 Either way the weather goes I am sure we will make the best of it. Still buying the dreaded bathing suit just in case and I get to find a fun bachelorette gift to buy and very, very inappropriate card. Good thing that there are plenty of naughty” stores in this small town.

A noose: how I feel about the measuring tape after this week.

Along the subject of diet and exercise, this week I feel really guilty about. I had one day where I ate the worst dinner ever, hotdogs and chips (crisps for my UK friends). Granted that day I could barely stand and we had to eat. I decided on the one thing I could make in five minutes so I could sit back down. I really regret that decision even though I do know that I didn’t have many options giving my physical state. Along the subject of my water intake lets just say that I really should be ashamed. And calorie consumption even with the bad for me meal was way, way to low. I didn’t eat much at all through the week. All in all I was not on my best behavior and slipped into some bad habits I used to have. I got exercise in but I didn’t want to push it so I only did what I had to and modified like crazy in order to not hurt my back more. Thank goodness there were no weight training days on the LMP UCT schedule. I don’t want to miss and have to start over. Also, the getting back to running thing didn’t happen. Between getting what I could in with my back out and having no choice but to move furniture so the carpet could come out I just couldn’t swing it. I have no problem pushing myself outside me comfort zone but not to the point that I will cause injury. Hopefully I don’t see a bigger number when I get on the scale and bust out the measuring tape on Tuesday’s weigh and measure in! I am so paranoid!

Well, I don’t think I really have much more to ramble on about right now so I will bid you all adieu. Happy Friday!

I’ll be posting before and after pics of my new flooring soon!


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30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Oh come on! You have been doing such a fantastic job! Take pride in the work you have done and wear that bathing suit like it is nobody’s business! Or something like that. =) And what is up with this rainy weather?! Stop sending it to Maine, will yah?!? haha

    • I know, I know I am being a big baby! You know buying a suit is the hardest thing to do EVER! Natural child birth is easier, I would know! HAHA! I wish i knew an Indian Un-rain dance to do for the both of us. It is going to be one cold pool party tomorrow!

  2. Bathing suits are THE worst clothing invention ever!!! Ummmmm I have a bachelorette pool party to go to tomorrow to AND it’s raining and freezing here… Very weird coincidence !!! I’m skipping the whole pool part of things. I don’t even own a bathing suit. No thank you… Nobody needs to see that!! Have fun tomorrow 🙂

  3. There seems to be a lot of this ‘feeling like we are slaking’ going on lately; at least with several blogs I’m reading. I know I’m one of them and like you, getting paranoid. Lets let that paranoia take us over and get back at it! If not today, Monday! Deal?

  4. 5-years ago a bathing suit dilemma was not a problem. I knew I’d never become one of ‘those people’ who stressed over this topic but NOW? oh yeah! There is now!

    • 5 years ago I was a size 6, walked into a store grabbed any teenie bikini I wanted and never even had to try on. Now… UGH! We will become people who don’t stress about it if we just keep up the good work!


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