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Rambling on a Monday (recipe too)

I’ve kept pretty busy today, feeling great now that I have bounced back from the terrible bout of self-inflicted dehydration. Got up, got Emma off to school, then made my breakfast. I found the recipe on Pinterest through a friend and was intrigued. I would definitely make it again. It is called a 1 Minute Clean Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin, I made some changes so here is the recipe. Also here is the link to the original recipe. Click for recipe.


1 Minute Clean Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin JoAnn Style

1/4 cup quick oats
1 egg
small handful of frozen mixed berries (blueberry, blackberry and raspberry)
1 teaspoon of Agave nectar
1 tablespoon of FF milk

Mix oats, egg, agave and milk together in a coffee cup or a ramekin (I used a ramekin), then put berries on top and press into mixture slightly.
Put it in the microwave for 1 minute, check it then see that it isn’t done and microwave for another minute. I think it may have taken longer because I used frozen berries in place of using fresh.

I served it with a sliced Bartlett pear and 8 oz of FF milk. It was very filling and quite tasty!

Isn't it cute?!

After breakfast I got two miles done on the treadmill, I was able to up my jogging and running speed by 1 MPH so I was happy. My inhaler was not even needed. Maybe all this clean eating is resolving my exercise induced asthma issues. I know the asthma was not from being out of shape because I was diagnosed with it as a child. Maybe it was all the chemicals and altered foods? Who knows, I’m not a scientist or a doctor. anyhow, it was a great run and I got to enjoy my new water bottle that my friend Heather brought me the other day. It is so cute! I also realized I need a new set of ear buds, I was getting tired of them popping out mid run and distracting me. So annoying. almost as annoying as the dog pouting any time I get on the treadmill. he hates the thing and doesn’t like people to use it. he stares and pouts and comes up and sniffs you to see if you are okay and it is a distraction. He’s a dog though and doesn’t get it so I forgive him.

Lets see after my run I started dinner. I had left over black beans and ground turkey from last nights black bean burritos so I threw it in the crock pot with a ton of veggies and spices and it is now chili! perfect dinner for tonight. It is chilly and rainy out and Emma has a game to play tonight. May as well put something warm, hearty and healthy in us first. It smells wonderful and I can’t wait until dinner time.

All of my errands were run after that, I enjoy being out running though. Got new rugs for the camper, a new bat and bat bag for Emma. They are both pink of course! I also solved the pesky ear bud issues and got some sport ones. I can’t wait to try them out in the morning tomorrow! Now I need to get my Pump for the day done, have dinner and get the kiddo off to her muddy baseball game.

The Countdown Begins! (and a question for runners)

My next step into fitness 😉

I am in day 70 of my first round of Les Mills Pump, that means I have 20 more days to go. Where did the time go? Truly it does not feel like that much time has already passed! In about a week I will have to order the Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe upgrade. It sounds kind of scary. I have never been the deluxe kind of girl. It will be fun though and I will be able to do it. It was surprising to me that I even got this far without quitting. Quitting is not something that I have even thought of. Surprising myself feels good.

Tomorrow I weigh in, there is no obvious changes in my opinion, but with the weeks happenings I didn’t always make the right choices, I don’t think I ate enough, I had missed some workouts, alcohol was consumed a couple of days and I didn’t sleep much. There were a lot of happenings this past week. Life happens and I just got to get on track and get off this plateau. This week we had showings, a funeral, friends come into town, a birthday and Little League season officially started, as well as all the normal stuff.  Really, I don’t think I budgeted my time well. All in all I don’t think I did bad, just not good enough to show change so if I don’t gain pounds or inches when I weigh and measure tomorrow that will be good enough for me.  Tomorrow starts a new fitness week and I will rock it. (Today too!)

I haven’t eaten yet so I better get onto making some breakfast then I am going to get in my C25K before I run errands then do Pump after.

Quick question for all you runners out there. Are Compression socks something you would recommend for races? Do you use them and how have they benefited you.

I can’t get enough..

This picture sums up how I feel right about now... DRY!

Water. still feeling dehydrated. I am so tired of water, I feel like I have drunk so much I may drown. Getting re-hydrated is really important though. I started craving soda, something I gave up months ago. Something I have not wanted in so long. So I had some sparkling water with some cherries. It was yummy, quenched my craving and was not a soda. Why would I crave something that would dehydrate me more? maybe my body wants sugar? Meh, who knows. I think I am going to have a cup of tea with some honey and lemon then hit the hay early. I usually do not go to bed until well after midnight, Maybe going to bed at 9:30 will reset me. I have one heck of a workout tomorrow, Pump and C25K tomorrow and contemplating doing so extra abs.

Shopping tomorrow for a new bat for Emma, she has been using her wood bat from T-Ball and I think it is a bit too heavy for her with Coach Pitch. She just isn’t getting any speed in her swing. She wants a pink one to match her cleats and glove. I don’t get my opportunities to get her girly things so this is exciting for me.

Well, I am off to the kitchen to make my tea then heading to bed. Have a good night everyone! See you tomorrow!

What a great ad!

wayward days

This ad made me smile.
With every second person obsessed with virtual games Draw Something, Angry Birds and Modern Warfare when was the last time you swung on a swing?

I love the tagline;
get real. get outside.

100% agreed! 

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Dehydrated is my word for today. We went out for a friend’s birthday last night. I had a little too much fun, granted I fell fine (thank goodness) but I am so incredibly dehydrated it is ridiculous. Was it worth it? Yes, I had a blast, had some great craft beers and spent time with awesome people. Now I pay the price, this is far better than a hangover though. I need to get my workout in for the day but there is no way I am willing to try until I am properly hydrated. Getting dizzy or passing out won’t do me any good, and I doubt it burns any calories. I’ll pass on that. 🙂

With all the fun… errr drinking I have done lately I think it is time to detox a bit. No booze until the 19th, I have a wedding to attend that day so I’ll come off my break that night. It is also the day of the World Expo of Beer. I can’t believe I am missing it this year. It is one of my favorite annual activities. There is always next year!

The “fat’ Mom.

Have you ever went to a function and left really feeling like a whale? That was me today. Why is it that the dumbest things can get us thinking and in negative ways. Why is it that we feel the need to fit in or get jealous?

My daughter had her first game today, and sitting on the bleachers with all the other Baseball Moms really made me feel like crap. I was the “fat” mom of the group. UGH.  No one said, did or acted in any certain way to make me feel self conscience at all. Just them all standing there drinking their sugary hot chocolates and eating candy while being stupid skinny while I sat having water with a side of water and was fat. Everyone was making plans to go get ice cream and burgers after. I was invited but I passed. Went home and had more water and some chili with tons of veggies. Now it’s time to get some exercise Les Mills Pump and the Treadmill are expecting me today. I’d rather be social and go eat junk food and be skinny like everyone else. But alas, I can’t, time to put on my big girl panties and get the heck over it.

I know that this sounds very childish and whiny but I can’t help it. No one can be confident 100% of the time. I am sure I will get over it in no time also. Just had to vent!

On another note. Emma had a blast at her game! And I got her some ice cream after. Got to live vicariously through her. 🙂

Not to quote Sally Field but.. “They like me, they really like me”

Oh yes, I just went really old school with that one huh? It was the only thing that came to mind. I find coming up with blog titles to be extremely difficult. I get a brain fart every time.

Two days ago I was excited and very flattered to see that one of my fellow bloggers Finding Wonder Woman donned me with an ABC Award. You should go check out her blog. She is new to blogging just as I am, her posts are always informative and relevant, she has an awesome blog name and her about page is amazing (I’m jealous).

My blog is all over the place, and that reflects me wholly, I am always running about doing something different and keeping busy. you never know what I am going to say or do. I’m a strange person. So I make sure my blog reflects that. It has been a surprise to be that quite a few people have really taken to it, and that is very much appreciated. I am so glad that I started blogging two months ago. The blogosphere is an awesome support group. Finding people so easily with your same interests, struggles, and issues is very helpful. Reading about people like me is inspiring and keeps me looking toward my goals. My blog friends have become the best support group ever.

According to the rules of this lovely award I have to list 26 things about me in alphabetical order. 26 things? Whew that is a lot! I didn’t make the rules though so I better get thinking.

  1. Animated: I talk with my hands to the point that I get teased for it.
  2. Bossy: Being in charge makes me happy.
  3. Courageous: It takes courage for me to put my measurements on my blog. It is kind of scary and embarrassing, I do it anyhow.
  4. Determined: I will reach my goals one day!
  5. Excited to be getting smaller
  6. Forgetful: I have no short-term memory.
  7. Gassy: Eat as much green stuff as I don’t and try to say you are not too!
  8. Happy with my life
  9. Impartial to most people’s opinion of what i should be doing.
  10. Jack of all Trades: There is n’t much I can’t do if I try
  11. Kindhearted to the point I get run over.
  12. Loving
  13. Mother: See 12 🙂
  14. Nerd’s wife: I have been exposed to so much Star Trek and EQ over the past 5 years. I should be an expert on the subject.
  15. Outgoing
  16. Proud of who I am.
  17. Quiet when I don’t know you, am uncomfortable or nervous.
  18. Ready for change: hence the reason I Blog.
  19. Silly: I say some weird stuff and do silly dances in public places. My friends love it because they have no choice.
  20. Tasty; Not me personally but I am wiz in the kitchen and make some tasty food, so don’t bite me. It won’t be good.
  21. Unarmed: I do not own a gun but I have shot an AR15 and an M 16. I would like to learn how to shoot a handgun.
  22. Vivacious
  23. Witty: I’d like to think so at least.
  24. Xenodochial: It means hospitable.
  25. Young: 31 is not old!
  26. Zoo keeper: We have a zoo in my house. I dog, 3 cats, one bearded dragon, and 3 hermit crabs. (and crickets to feed the beardie)

Now I need to give out my nominations to three other bloggers. This is tough because I love so many blogs and I have already given out other awards before.

  1. Girl of the Hour: I just started reading her recently and love her. She is determined and honest, has a great out look and point of view on fitness. Check her out! She is new to blogging just like me 🙂
  2. Enter, Fitness!: Another new blogger. She is upbeat and willing to work hard to reach her goals. She puts it all out there and is accountable for her progress. I think that she is doing a wonderful job and I love our little comment chats 🙂
  3. A Curvy Girl’s Journey: She is brave, I can’t put up before, after, during pics because I am not ready and there she is, doing it. I really admire that. Her blog offers inspirational quotes,, honest experiences as well as insight to her life and journey to fitness.

So everyone go give these ladies a read!

I’m starting my weekend right. Are you?

It’s Friday! Time to make it thought the hardest part of the week. Lots of opportunities to eat badly, find fun things to do and skip workouts, get busy with all the things the weekend entails. Weekends can be tough for those of us who are trying to eat clean and workout daily. My weekend is filled with 3 days of baseball fun and swim for Emma as well as a birthday. I better throw something I can eat in my purse, concessions and birthdays parties have no healthy options. Candy, cake, deep-fried foods, soda and booze, so much temptation. I’ll skip all of it this weekend (minus a couple of drinks) as well as get my workouts in. Promise! I have 23 days left of my first 90 days with Les Mills pump, I don’t want to screw it up now. I put too much hard work in to just let it go.

So here is to starting the weekend right! I am going to go put my hair gloss treatment in and do a 45 minute workout in while it processes and dinner marinades. Multitasking baby! 🙂

Have a great weekend! Look forward to a Blog Award Post in the near future!

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