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These pregnancy hormones are for lack of a better word a bitch. I am now finding myself going through fits of paranoia. Twice now today.

1. Pat told me he has to go out-of-town to meet with important clients and the carpet guys are coming in the am. Why is it freaking me out that I will be in the house alone with them?

2. I was just sitting here in my chair in the living room, like I do every evening. All of a sudden I see a reflective light in the backyard right outside the window and movement. Of course I stared for a minute and tried to figure out what the hell I was seeing. all of a sudden “OH MY GOD IT’S A MAN!!!!!” pops into my head. So I in a mild panic tell Pat that I think there is a man in our backyard. He jumps up and of course goes to check on the situation. Before he can finish grabbing out “personal protection device” I tell him I think it is a bird feeder. He still goes and checks with the “personal protection device” while he wandered to the back patio door I look out the window. IT IS A BIRD FEEDER! Yes, a bird feeder being violently whipped around by the wind and the light from inside the house is reflecting off it just right. I wish I had my phone by me so I could snapped a picture.

Maybe I need more sleep? HAHAHA!

Hoarders = me?

It takes 6 years to fill up 2000 sq feet of house (not including the basement and garage), ONLY 6 YEARS!

Have you ever seen the show Hoarders Buried Alive? You know the lady with so much crap that her house is hazardous and they need shovels, dump trucks a cleaning crew and a therapist to get it cleaned out. Well, lately I have been wondering why no one has ever turned me in to be on that show. How did I end up with so much stuff? Where did it all come from? will you help me clean it all out? Okay, okay, maybe I am being a wee bit over-dramatic, but I feel like a hoarder lately.

Over the past few weeks so much stuff has left the house via trips to the Salvation Army and annoyed sanitation workers. I am not talking a bad or two, I am talking a full SUV and multiple bags at the curb weekly. The worst room in the house was my “office” AKA the room where I shoved everything I don’t know what to do with. It is now a nice, clean and decorated nursery but the process to get there took weeks and a ton of black trash bags. I have been going through the rest of the house and getting rid of anything that I have not used in over a year minus some holiday stuff and some kitchen gadgets I can not let go of. Holy crap! so much work and so much stuff! As of today the entire downstairs will finally be finished and only 2 bedrooms, a closet and a bathroom will be left. My bedroom scares me. I don’t want to go through my clothes. last year after the pounds started to fall off I went through my clothes and donated an entire SUV full to the Underground Railroad. I am talking a full SUV you could not see out a window or sit in the seats and they had a “crew” unload the car. I get attached to clothing so it is the hardest thing to get rid of. Well, when I got rid of Emma’s baby clothes that was harder, every little outfit had a memory. I cried when I packed up that stuff. I had pretty much every piece of clothing she ever owned boxed up in my basement to the tune of over 10 big bins, plus bags and boxes. Those also went to the shelter. I only saved her holiday outfits. Those now hang int he spare room closet. It may sound sad but I still go look at them and touch them. A promise has been made to myself not to hoard all the baby stuff with the new baby and to only save special things. I learned my lesson!

The plus side of getting rid of all the clutter is the fact that the house is looking much neater, and that helps with the current nesting panic I am in. Ahhh nesting. oh what fun. NOT! I got to the point where I have a calendar made up with housework to do in order to get rid of all the clutter and have all of the spring cleaning done in a 30 day period. sticking to it has not been hard. Tomorrow the carpets are being cleaned that would officially make it so everything has been scrubbed floor to ceiling downstairs. Pat has to go out-of-town though so I am going to be stuck here with the carpet guys by myself. I usually never care about that stuff but for some reason I have no desire to be alone in the house with a crew of strange men. Maybe pregnancy has made me paranoid? but that is an entirely different blog post. The second plus is that I am getting some physical activity in. Not as much as I would like but something is better than nothing. Damn I miss being active. I can’t wait to get back on the horse. My legs are packing on the poundage!

Getting Emma Ready For Baby

It has to be a lot to take in, to be an only child for 7 years then all of a sudden have a sibling on the way. Miss Emma is used to having a ton of undivided attention and us doing many activities together. So we have trying to do things to prepare her for the new addition in a way that keeps her involved and gives her an important role in things. We want her to know that new babies are special but being a big sister is really special too.

When we first broke the news to her she was not a happy camper, she said she would rather have a puppy than a sibling. Yikes! I thought we were doomed! But as time went on she warmed up to the idea and is now excited. Whew! I think having her take on the role of Big Sister before the baby comes has helped and maybe we will have an easier transition.

Things we have done to help her adjust:

  • Her and I went through her room and got rid of all the little kid stuff she didn’t want anymore, rearranged things, organized and make it a big girl space for her to enjoy. She now spends tons of time in her new “haven”
  • We have had lots of discussions on what to expect when the baby comes home so there will be no surprises.
  • She lent a helping hand with the nursery set up.
  • Two of my girlfriends are throwing the baby shower, I decided to take on part of it so Emma could be a hostess. She got to choose what the prizes would be along with the invites and cake. She also had an input on the menu selection and favors.
  • She was able to make choices on the baby registry. so what there are some “girl” bottles on there. Babies don’t know that pink is for girls. Who made that rule anyhow?
  • She got a new outfit to wear the coordinates with mine to the shower and we got her a big sister pin to wear. She will also be in charge of drawing names for the diaper raffle we are holding in lieu of a diaper party.
  • I am in the process of making her a Big Sister Kit full of snacks, treats and activities to do when I am occupied with the baby and/or in the hospital.
  • We have done extra activities with her because for a couple of months there will not be as many outings. So it has been explained to her that will be home more for a bit so now is the time to do things. This weekend she choose the circus and going out to eat after. I splurged and got her the “good” tickets and she will have free rein at the concession stands.

All I need is to set in stone what I am going to do with her when I am in the hospital for that couple of days. I have lots of “if I am not working” people as back ups but I don’t have anything solidified. that is the downfall of not having any family nearby or friends with flexible schedules. it will get figured out though so I am not worried. I have a couple of weeks to set things up.

Can’t get enough


There are a few things that always seem to be lacking in my life lately.


Lately I have been running on only a few hours of sleep a night but could nap all day. It is making it hard to be productive. I have been forgoing naps and trying to reset myself so sleeping at night is something that happens again. Too many months of constantly being woken up due to bathroom trips and feeling extremely ill ruined my schedule. Not that sleeping has always been something that I was good at but dang, it is getting worse! The plus side is that if I don’t reset to a better sleeping schedule I will already be used to constantly being up when the baby gets here.


Why the constant feeling of dehydration? Is it even possible to consume any more fluids than I already do? On a daily basis I have been consuming 14 to 18 servings of water a day. It would not be hard to drink more. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing though. Anymore I just might float away! My glucose test results were 101 so pretty much perfect so my OB is not worried and neither am I. Each morning when I get up I must have 3 16 oz glasses of water just to feel like my tongue isn’t covered in sand. It is so weird!

Limbs that work properly:

Sitting, standing, laying and even walking my legs and feet will randomly fall asleep. The Ob said that Male fetus is on my sciatica and that all of my organ and muscles got lazy due to pregnancy. She said that everything in your body relaxes to get ready for delivery but my body decided it was going to get all relaxed and ready early and there is nothing to worry about. But dang is it annoying. Nothing is more fun than walking through the grocery store and having my legs basically give out on me. This is one of the  reasons I can’t exercise, too much risk of getting injured.


As it stands I am not allowed to. No other restrictions though so it is better than being on bed rest. After my next visit in 2 weeks I am hoping to get the okay to do some light walking and/or maybe some prenatal yoga. I personally feel that if I can get a little more activity in it will improve my mood, help me feel more motivated during the day, maybe help with sleep a bit and get my endurance up just a little bit so labor goes smoothly. I just need my treadmill moved to the basement so I can use it. It has been in the foyer forever!



I know I have not blogged in what seems like forever. I guess I did not have much to blog about that I thought that people would find in any way interested. When I did start re-blogging about the pregnancy I lost most of my readers so I guess starting this out as a fitness/weight loss/health blog means I am stuck with those topics. Not that I mind but being as ill as I was I didn’t feel like setting aside the time to blog for only me to read.

This pregnancy has been a bit complicated. It has been deemed high risk, I have been in the hospital twice, see two specialists and can’t work out. I finally stopped puking and/or feeling like I am going to puke a week ago. So 27 weeks of “morning sickness” I am glad it is now controlled enough to where I just don’t feel great but I don’t feel like there is a lump of vomit sitting in my throat waiting to come up. I can enjoy more foods and that is nice. With the nausea gone the sensitivity to odors is not as bad so I have been spending more time in the kitchen, slowly working back to clean eating. Starting the transition now is the best option for me because I want to get back to eating properly and getting active again as soon as I possible can after the baby comes.

It has been 11 weeks since there have been any updates on here so here is a quick list:

  • It’s a Boy!
  • No I do not have names picked but I have gotten tons of terrible suggestions. For now we call him Male Fetus
  • I am 28 weeks and 2 days along
  • Everything is fine with the baby’s development
  • The nursery is finished (maybe I will take pics and post later)
  • I have gotten a small start on the shopping so we are mildly prepared
  • So far I have gained about 24 lbs
  • All of a sudden my legs got really fat without me gaining much weight (I have quite a few lunges and squats in my future)
  • I have lived on carbs the past 7 months so I am shocked I haven’t gained 50 lbs 🙂
  • No odd cravings
  • I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore!


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