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Time to pack!

We leave tomorrow for vacation. So today I need to do laundry (2 loads), sweep, clean cat boxes and get snacks and stuff in the house for our house sitter and pack. Exciting stuff. So all in all there is not much to accomplish. Thank goodness. We were up LATE last night. I checked the weather and the temps will be cooler than what is forecasted here in MI. Still not sure if that is good or bad. it has been easy to get used to this 90 degree plus weather we have been getting every day. Call me crazy but I enjoy sweltering temperatures. It will probably be better for the runs though!

While on vacation the plan is to work out a five times, interval run three times,  eat 85% clean and not gain a pound or inch in that week.

I better get packing. At some point I am sure I will do a little post here and there, nothing long, fantastical or anything amazing. But for the most part the Robinson’s will be MIA until the 10th.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Happy Monday

I took another weekend hiatus from blogging. I had big productive plans but the weather did not allow that so I spent the weekend having fun. It was a nice change of pace and I feel renewed.

As I said in a previous post I had a psychic party to attend. I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends. The psychic was not profound or anything like that and we were all told that we were all going to have babies. Even though some of the girls don’t even have full reproductive systems. wonder how that will work out. But she did get on point with a few things too. all in all it was something different to do in this ho-hum town and I spent it with wonderful people. Saturday I was planning on doing all the weeding and tilling. That would at least be an 8 hour project. But it stormed. So, Pat took me to get my hair and brows done, which is much-needed with me having a wedding to attend this weekend. We went to a new restaurant and split a steak dinner (their portions were HUGE!) and a couple of bottles of wine, went and visited some friends I haven’t seen in a while, then went to a friends and watched a movie then met up with some other friends. We kept busy to say the least. Slept in a bit on Sunday, watched a movie, then we went and picked up Emma and we went to lunch. I ate bad at lunch. But, it was Mother’s day and I figured being a mom I had a right to overindulge on cheesy goodness. I did pay for it later because my body will protest too much dairy. It did!

Today is Day 84 of Les Mills Pump, that means only 6 more days to go! I weigh in tomorrow, then I will on day 90 too. Still working up the courage to put up before and after pictures. I really would find it easier to do if people I didn’t know and see daily didn’t read my blog. The whole thing is already making me feel exposed and i haven’t even done it. We will see. I may build up the courage to do it. Actually, I am looking forward to tomorrows weigh and measure. Over this week i have seen noticeable changes in the mirror. Resisting getting on a scale for a sneak peek is hard!



A Little Less Round and a Little More Ravishing.

Now that Easter is done I can honestly say I was very well-behaved in the food department. Kept portions small and made proper food choices. Granted I did have some white potato but only a quarter cup worth so no biggie there. I brought the dessert so I know that I could have it. It was delish. We went a friend’s parents and had dinner with their family and had a wonderful evening.

48 days into Les Mills Pump!

I also took my first progress picture since I started with Les Mills Pump to post on the Accountability Page I am a member of on Facebook.  After posting The Les Mills Official page picked up and featured it on their page. It was pretty exciting for me. I like validation, who doesn’t? I still am not willing to post my before Pictures. I am not going to until my 90 days are done. That will give me time to get over the embarrassment and get brave enough to put up a picture of me in a sports bra and sweat pants with loads of fat hanging out.

To stop flooding my friends news feeds with all my stuff about my workouts, diet, updates and blog posts, I created a Facebook page for my blog. I got tired of people complaining or saying very rude things because of my lifestyle choices and the fact that I share them. I know it doesn’t matter what others think but I’d rather just have people see it if they want to see it. And really there are just too many stupid people out there I don’t want to deal with or weed out. I have better things to do, like work out and count my calories.  Here is the link to the RoundtoRavishing Facebook Page if you would like to check it out:

I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Monday and I will see you tomorrow for my Tuesday weekly check in post.

Why the Easter Bunny forgot the Reese’s Eggs..

Easter Pornography, these things make me so hot.

Easter Pornography, these things make me so hot.

Mom is weak, that is why. A basket full of Reese’s will undo everything I have been working for. The Bunny will not win, I banned the Reese’s Eggs. They are not allowed here. The kid can do without. You know what? She didn’t even notice because she was so spoiled with other things. That is a good thing because I could go through a pack of those bad boys in 60 seconds or less, and I am not talking one I am talking the ENTIRE freaking pack. Weight loss crisis adverted. Also, I want to know how a bunny can lay an egg, let alone an Egg so delicious that it could be the candy of the Gods?  I need to catch that Rabbit, he has to have some magical power that I could and should use in my favor. How can he not? Or at minimum I can use him to strike terror into thousands of little boys and girls. Have you ever noticed most kids look like they think they are going to be eaten alive in those Easter Bunny pictures us parents force them to sit through? I think kids are more afraid of the Easter Bunny than they are of Santa Clause.

Emma playing Skylanders

So far Easter Sunday has been a success. I did not eat the candy and have not even had the slightest inclination too. All the eggs were found minus one that I obviously hid far too well. I am sure that one of the cats will find it and roll it about the house, then I will find it. I am pretty sure it is just jelly beans so I know it won’t start smelling funny or melt and seep out of the egg so I can just worry about it later. Emma did not seem to mind that one could not be found. She was too worried about getting on the Wii and playing with her new Skylanders that were left in her basket this morning. She of course just discovered this game and there are so many characters that are out of production and cost 4 to 10 times the original amount. Should of jumped on the bandwagon a while ago. I honestly did not even know this game existed until less than a week ago. This is going to be one expensive hobby. I am sure we can pacify her with the $10 in stock characters for now. the guy she really wants the most is no longer made and selling for 60 plus dollars on eBay. Ouch! Maybe one day, kid, maybe one day. This is another reward I can give her for completion of tasks and chores around the house.

I hope each and every one of you enjoys your Easter Sunday with Family and Friends. And all you other “dieters” out there try your best to be good! We can do this. I am making dessert to take so I know I can have some. I am making an Angel Food Cake with a No-Sugar Added Fruit Compote with light whipped topping. See, you can still behave and have your dessert!

Time to have a late breakfast and get my workout in before I get to making my cake. Can’t miss a day of Les Mills Pump.


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