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Anyone else having problems?

I can not see anyone’s posts in the reader 😦 I have been getting a lovely blank page. Grrrr

Are you having this issue? If so were you able to fix it?

I Have No Legs!

Well, I actually do but sometimes I can’t feel them or they feel like pins and needles.

Happy Hump Day!

The election is over! I am so glad that I am no longer getting 40 calls a day to my landline phone. I was about to go postal!  I kept Emma home from school today due to a fever and a cough, so my walk for the day is out. No way I can drag her out in this cold weather sick.

In other news I am having major issues with my leg falling asleep. It falls asleep while sitting, laying, standing and even walking! It is actually quite a nuisance and it is making me paranoid that I am going to take another tumble. There are only so many times I can fall without getting hurt. I have a baby appointment coming up in the near future so I will address the doctor and hope he has a solution. My guess is it is either prenatal carpal tunnel, a circulation issue or my sciatic nerve is pinched or has too much pressure on it. I really wouldn’t think there would be too much pressure seeing I am not that big yet and have not put on a ton of weight. I gained ten and then dropped 3 totaling a 7 pound weight gain since the beginning of my pregnancy. I feel like I gained 30 though (I may look like it too) Anyhow I won’t worry too much about it because the doctor will know best. Until then I think I may just have to boot everyone from the living room for a bit and do some yoga and see if that helps. I can’t work out in the basement still. The flood damage is all fixed and the water smell is gone, but now it smells like a pumpkin spice reed diffuser down there and that grosses me out. There is no pleasing this pregnant lady when it comes to scents!

Has anyone else had numbness issues during pregnancy? If so what helped you through it?

Week 17 (Monday Bump Pic)

Today marks Day 1 of week 17 of pregnancy, 23 weeks to go! So far this week has been pretty good minus a migraine. But then again today is the first day! Day by Day I am feeling better so The Fetus is finally deciding I can have a break from the bathroom. Even the evenings are getting better, still feel nauseous but not pukey (another word I don’t know if it is really a word) if that make any sense to you.

I have been told and have read that I should have more of an appetite and be hungrier more often but I now have noticed that I am hardly hungry through the day. And starving at dinner than that is it. So I have been force feeding myself here and there because eating nothing until dinner is probably not a good idea.

So at week 17 here are The Fetus’ developments:
At 17 weeks he or she weighs approximately 5 ounces, the size of a turnip, and from head to bottom is approximately 5 inches long, I could not think of a food that is normally 5 inches but I can compare it to the size of a Lark. Sweat glands are now starting to develop as well as The Fetus can move its joints now. The heart is now regulating the brain and he or she is starting to learn to suck and swallow. Body fat is also beginning to develop.  The Fetus’s cartilage is turning into bone and the umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger.

I decided to add pregnancy symptoms to each Monday Bump Pic Post 🙂

Week 17 Pregnancy symptoms:

  • Increased appetite : Mine has actually decreased
  • Heartburn and indigestion: Yep, like a Mother… Tums are my friend!
  • Flatulence: This too L
  • Headaches: Not sure because I had migraine problems prior to pregnancy
  • Faintness and dizziness: Darn tootin’ I am dizzy and light-headed often. I had fainting spells with Emma.
  • Backaches:  Nothing out of the norm yet, minus pain from my tumble-down the stairs
  • Stretch marks: no new one to report
  • Feeling off-balance: I never had balance to begin with. Hence my need to fall down steps
  • Dry eyes: Not a problem
  • Possibly feeling fetal movement: I have experience quickening for a couple of weeks now.

I could not find a creepy turnip with an umbilical cord so I figured this creepy turnip would do!

The baby is a size of a lark

17 weeks!



12 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

When I talked about getting back to a workout routine once I can do it without getting sick (all day sickness stinks!) people acted like I was a crazy person. I know that rest is a good thing during pregnancy but exercise is as well. Honestly, I think there should be a health balance of rest and exercise during a pregnancy. There are multiple benefits of staying active or getting active during your pregnancy. I am slowly getting back to more activity and it is going well. I think it may be about time to step it up a little bit.

Granted every person and pregnancy is different and I won’t tell you to go out and get moving without the supervision of you OB/GYN. They know what is best for you. I had to wait a while to get the okay to get started with working out again; in all reality during the period I had to wait (for medical reasons) I would not have been able to do anything. All daily activities were hard to do because I was so ill. Now most of my illness is in the evening through the night so during the day there is no reason I don’t try to move a little bit. Now you may be wondering what the benefits of a prenatal workout are so here are a few things I dug up and that my doctor told me.

  • Improved posture: The extra weight you gain up front can cause you to have curvature in the spine and cause compression in your back increasing back pain and discomfort
  • It can increase strength and stamina and that can help you through labor and delivery
  • Enhancement of circulation and flexibility
  • Reduced risk of gestational diabetes
  • Just an all around feeling of well being
  • Can help you sleep better at night
  • Calcium absorption can increase
  • Fewer varicose veins and stretch marks
  • Less risk of abdominal separation
  • Your body will bounce back quicker after you deliver
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved self image

Be sure to consult your physician before you start a workout regimen. Even if you have never worked out in your life starting during pregnancy is still okay for most people and a good idea!

2012 The Zombie Dash Recap

Last weekend was The Zombie Dash in Grand Rapids, MI. It was definitely an experience. Mostly fun, a little annoying. But all in our entire entire group decided we would do it again in the future.

We got to Grand Rapids pretty early in the day because we were not quite sure where to go, all we knew was that on the map our hotel looked really close to where the race started. It was! It was right across the street. So that worked out perfectly.
After we checked in we hung out for a few then walked across to the park, it ended up being on the grounds of the Gerald Ford Museum so we took a minute to check out the grave site, figured out where check in would be. Found a metal sculpture of a football player and of course that means it had to be climbed on, humped and pretended to ride it like a bull. Unfortunately I just stood by and laughed because I shouldn’t be climbing statues being pregnant and all. Then we found the big button and took fun pictures with that. Finally we decided to do what we went over there for. To find out where registration, the bathrooms and the start and finish line were as well as check out some of the route. After that we went back to the hotel for some lunch and chilled until check in started for the race.

We went to check in as soon as it opened, so there were no lines yet, it took an entire 3 minutes for a group of 9 to get our shirts, numbers and life strips… Not bad! So we wandered to the hotel once again got tutu’ed (I think I made that word up) and numbered up, watched some Harry Potter and wandered back to the park closer to start. We hopped on an earlier wave just in case we needed extra time. I certainly did.
Once the race started I started out at a jog, once the cold air hit my lungs I was done for! I pushed on for a short distance then decided that it was hard to breathe and I should just walk it. I did not want to push myself and hurt myself or the baby. Not worth it, and even walking I knew that it would be fun either way.

So I am walking along (half of my group was really far ahead of me and some were even behind me) and I get to an area that is riddled with zombies. I decided I would do a slow jog and see if I could get through with life strips. I was surprised that I was able to! So I learned that I could dodge a zombie horde if I really wanted to. But then the whole I can’t breathe thing started again so back to walking for me. This lessened lung capacity because of my growing uterus is kind of annoying. Once I get to the bridge there was another horde, I decided I was just going to walk. Life strips are not more important than my personal comfort and safety. Once I am about half way through one of the zombies was a little too grabby. I got angry. There was a very clearly stated hands-off rule. Just said some words and kept going, he surprisingly did not get my life strips though. Then I heard someone yell “Watch Out!” I turned around and he was behind me and got all grabby again and got a strip, no biggie. But I don’t like strangers touching me and I signed up for an event that was supposed to be “flag” style. O well, I didn’t let it ruin my mood. The next part was a stroll through the woods then I came to Kill Hill. You had an option of an easier paved way up or a grassy, steeper shorted way. I chose the hard way. Holy cow was it steep. I stopped for about 15 seconds in the middle and looked to see if I could see any of my comrades and a nice little boy zombie came up and asked if I needed help. He was so cute and thoughtful.

After getting through the hill I was pretty pooped out for a minute, but I recovered quite quickly and went through this cardboard zombie “city” it was pretty neat actually. Then we looped back around to where the first zombie horde was encountered. Once again one of them decided to get rough, really rough actually. Yanking on my tutu and grabbing my arm. I turned around and hand him my life strip. I was over it. Unfortunately I got a little filthy mouthed and said to him as I handed him my life strip “Here, I am to “f***ing pregnant for your bulls***” Not good on my end but once again, strangers should touch me and there was a rule against it. The rest of the race went well, Pat found me and walked with me the rest of the way, I found another person who was walking and chit chatted with her. We decided that as long as we finish we were good. And I did. My time was an hour and 5 minutes, not bad for walking and talking and all. Unfortunately one person in our group was hurt by an overzealous zombie and had to see a medic. They thought her finger was broken but it is looking like it was just sprained. Either way it should have never happened, they should have been hands off. But she still said she had fun.

After the race they had snacks and beverages of course, a beer tent (I didn’t bother with that), live music and it was nice but COLD! And The Fetus was yelling at me to eat so we waiting for everyone to meet back up hung out for a few and then went and had a nice dinner and some delish cheesecake. We all went to our rooms after warmed up and got some sleep. We meet back up in the morning convoyed to a restaurant, had a yummy lunch and headed home.

All in all it was fun and i will do it again. The organizers, Michigan Adventure Racing did a great job with the race. I also don’t blame then for our zombie issues. Some people just don’t listen and how can you monitor everyone where there are 1,100 runners and almost 500 zombies? You can’t. But maybe those zombies will read this and feel ashamed of themselves.

Monday’s Post.. On Friday (Bump pic)

Yep, I am a bum! This week has been a little crazy, but then again it always is crazy Halloween week. Even more so when I fall down stairs and spend a few days sleeping the time away because I am feeling like total crap on top of all the Halloween fun and I spend yesterday feeling sick too. I still had a wonderful birthday though.

I took my picture Monday evening with full intentions to post but then decided that bed was calling my name. But, alas I am finally posting it along with my 16 week pregnancy info.

Monday marked 16 weeks in my pregnancy. Only 8 more weeks until it is considered viable. It seems like a long time away.

At 16 weeks the baby is approximately 4.5 inches (about the size of an avocado) and weighs approximately 3.5 ounces (about the weight of a small chicken breast). The legs are more developed, head is more erect and his ears are in their final position. At this point there are even toenails growing! The Fetus is growing eyelashes, hair as well as eyebrows now. Taste buds are forming and he (or she) is able to listen to my voice.

16 Weeks.. wet hair and all 🙂

I found a creepy avocado fetus to go with the apple fetus! Oooo scary!

The Fetus weighs about as much as this chicken breast!

I know I owe you guys a Zombie Dash Post, that will be up soon. Maybe after dinner tonight. We are meeting up with some of my favorite people for my birthday dinner. Of course we are going to get BBQ, The Fetus loves some BBQ! Then I am heading home to eat some cake and ice cream. Speaking of better better get to baking that cake! i decided to go with orange creme cake with lemon frosting. Mmmm. On that note.. OFF TO THE KITCHEN!!! (Said in a super hero voice. Now I feel like I need a cape to wear to run to the kitchen!)

Sources: (where I found the awesome avocado pic)


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