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Week 35

Yes, I know week 35 is just about over. Honestly I had no interest in posting. Too busy throwing myself a bedrest sucks and I will be happy with nothing party all week. It is hard to pass the time when there isn’t much on the list of things to do. Granted there are things to do but not what I desire to do so I hate them all. I don’t want to read, watch more television, play on the internet, blog or anything like that. The list of things that sound appealing are cleaning, cleaning, shopping, walking around, you know the stuff that doesn’t require me to sit on my ass.

Sunday I did get out for a short time. Got a pedicure and had lunch with the girls. Emma loved her first pedi! This afternoon after Emma got out of school we went to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Really good movie,  popcorn was awesome (theater popcorn is the best) it was nice to do something. Yes, I just sat there but it wasn’t sitting in my own chair or bed and going to a movie that was not animated was nice too. We always see kids movies. It just happens when you have a kid. Kid movies now days are pretty entertaining so no biggie there. I am super super excited for the new Evil Dead though. I will have to wait to see it, it comes out days before my due date and I am sure by then the baby will have already been here. The new Evil Dead will make me mad, all remakes of classics make me mad. They always ruin the movie. But there is this undying need to watch them even though I know that I will be mad. It is just my thing. I don’t have to make sense!

This past week Braxton-Hicks, migraines and lets just say bowel issues have plagued me. Also my mucus plug is starting to lose bits and pieces so we are getting closer and closer. So far we have kept him in so that’s a good thing. Not sure how much longer but everyday is another day for him to bake.


Emma’s monster toe 🙂

So excited to be at the nail salon

So excited to be at the nail salon


35 weeks

OB Visit – Baby Update

OB Visit – Baby Update

Today we had our visit with the Ultrasound tech and my Midwife/OB. I would say that it went fairly well.

The ultrasound took what seemed like forever. He just was not in the mood to cooperate and get measurements done. Gymnastics to do I suppose. Then they couldn’t get his face because he kept it directly smashed into my uterine wall. He is for sure full on heads down and positioned for delivery. I just hope he sticks around longer. After the Tech’s calculations she said he is in the 54th percentile so right on average at 5.2 pounds and about 15.75 inches long. As far as development goes his heart looks awesome and the lungs look pretty good too. So Ian is happy and healthy and that is wonderful.

Next we went and saw my Midwife. We went over the test results from my wonderfully pointless trip to the specialist at U of M. She is very displeased with the doctors conclusion from there. Basically the paperwork said “I don’t know and don’t want to deal with it” so starting at my postpartum visit she wants to start looking into other options to figure out why I am so D resistant. After looking at the results of my non-stress test last week and the ultrasound it was decided that she would skip the vaginal exam to check for progression and the Fetal Fibronectin test for now. Basically she said that baby is developed enough to where she fells that no life saving measures are needed if the baby comes at any point on. Yes, he will more than likely have a short stay in NICU but he will be okay and that is what matters.  So for now I have more restrictions. No cooking, cleaning, showering (warm baths from now on) or doing much of anything I can’t accomplish while sitting down. All the baby stuff washed, put away and is set up minus the pack and play that needs to be unboxed and we have tons of batteries to purchase and install. Everything off the registry has been bought minus 3 things but those are for baby proofing so no hurries on that. I was given permission to take quick (short) trips into the store and I can get my much-needed pedicure. she said to call the office and go in if I start feeling contractions again and they will then do an exam and decide if it is actually labor. If not our next appointment is in 2 weeks.

So basically I was told to just wait it out and let nature take its course and not to worry. So that  is what we will be doing. Emma has so much coming up at school this month so I hope that this baby thing doesn’t interfere. I need to send dad out to get the stuff for St. Patty’s, Easter and Spirit week at school just in case. Ugh. I don’t think I like the idea of just sending him to do it on his own. Giving up control of things I usually have control of stinks!

Any volunteers to sweep and mop my wood floors and scrub my half bath? Maybe tend to Sally’s tank? She’s giving me that look and she balled up her carpeting and moved her log half across her tank again.

See Sally’s crankyface? The Spoiled Drama Queen moves everything around in her tank then gets pissy with me over it!


We Made it to Week 34

It is officially week 34 of the pregnancy. In a way I am surprised that we made it this far but am very relieved that we have. As of tomorrow I would have made it further with this pregnancy that I did with Emma. We Emma there was no clue she was coming until it was far too late. She did great though and there were no complications or developmental issues with her so that settles the nerves this time around. On Wednesday we have an appointment with the OB and they will perform an ultrasound to check to see how well the baby has developed and take some cervical measurements  do a Fetal Fibronectin test and check to see if I have dilated and effaced any further. If I have it is possible that they will put me on hormones to try to stop labor from progressing and steroids to help his lungs develop faster. Boy do I hate steroids. Being put on steroids is nothing new for me and I know how my body reacts to them. 15 to 20 lbs of weight gain each 2 week round. Yuck! But if I have to, I have to. At this point weight is not something I really should be concerned about. It has been a bit since I have experienced any cramping but the pressure is much worse and I can’t even be up and about for my 20 to 30 minutes without it bothering me anymore.  It sure makes showering tough because I am a slow showerer (is that a word?).  The fatigue is getting worse and I have been getting terrible headaches. Here is to hoping that doesn’t mean there has been progress.

We had a pretty full weekend here at the Robinson abode. Babysat for the weekend. I forgot how much work my autistic nephew is. But I was happy to have them over and help out. No more babysitting for quite a while for me though. it was exhausting! Shoot, going out for pizza tonight was exhausting! Bedtime can’t come quick enough tonight (even though half the day was slept away).

I have not weighed myself or any of that fun stuff so there is nothing to report there and I am sure we will get a more accurate weight of the fetus on Wednesday so I will fill everyone in on that when I know myself. But here are some general week 34 facts:

  • Baby weighs on average 4 3/4 lbs
  • Average length is almost 18 inches long
  • Lungs are maturing
  • The central nervous system is also maturing
  • Fat layers are building up and rounding him out

34 Weeks!



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