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A little scare


Sometimes we are convinced that this baby is going to be my problem child! He can be a tricky little bugger! Yesterday evening I realized that no fetal movement had been felt after about 10:30 in the morning at the dentist. So another call to the Ob was made. They had us go to the hospital for a non-stress test. Of course it took forever to get there because I had no Idea how long we would be there and had to be sure everything was in order for Emma to make it to school in the morning. We weren’t too worried about getting there quick as the nurse at the OB office was very calm on the phone and told me to get ready then head up. They called ahead so the hospital would be expecting me. After we got Emma in order we pack my and the babies bags in the car and headed in.

After it taking so long to get ready it has come to my attention that I need to have a bag packed for Emma and waiting just in case. So that is now on the to-do list. a good friend of mine is actually going to babysit her here at home and help take care of our zoo too. The cats and lizard would be okay for a day or two but not our Tico. He can’t handle us taking a trip to the local grocery store. He has some anxiety issues as well as the need to go outside to do his doggie business  I do recommend the Thundershirt if you have an anxious dog. It helps him a ton and keeps us from having to medicate him. But for just in case instances I should have a bag ready for Emma.

So we get to the Labor and delivery floor and they are packed. It was a huge day for babies in our town I guess. The nurses said it was non stop and they did not have any room available for us. no biggie. We chilled in the waiting room for a bit and I took the time to text a few people to give them the heads up on where we were and why and all that fun stuff. It didn’t take too long to get into a room. They took me back but made Pat stay in the waiting room while they got me ready. I always think that is so weird. If I have to get into a gown I am perfectly fine if he sees it. He did have to see me in my birthday suit to get into this predicament in the first place!

Within ten minutes of getting hooked up the baby started to move, and boy did he move. I swear he was trying to make a fool of me! So we did counts for a bit, they checked for contractions and then sent us on our merry way. On discharge the doctor suggested that I put a belt or bandage around my belly if I don’t feel him. Maybe the pressure around my big old belly made him want to move. So if we ever deal with lack of fetal movement I will try that first I guess.

So it was a pain in the butt but at least everything is good and we have another day where we kept him in!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


Update on Yesterday and I Have Legs!

Everything turned out to be just fine. I did not figure there was much to worry about and neither did the doctor. But better safe than sorry. We sat there for almost 6 hours just to see a doctor for a total of five minutes and get an ultrasound that took 15 minutes. I think my biggest risks were hypothermia because it was two degrees in the hospital and starvation. I missed lunch and had been forced into a late dinner.  But alas, I did not starve or freeze to death so all is good with the world.  After my wonderful stay I found out I have a bruised abdomen, they gave me a Tylenol and told me to control my dog. For the past few weeks I have been talking about how I would get Tico a Thundershirt so his antics don’t send me toppling over once I am bigger but maybe we need to get one sooner.

Tico says the Thundershirt will bring him almost as much shame as wearing my blonde wig did. Poor Tico, the cats shall mock him.

The best part of the visit is when they took me to Ultrasound, for some reason I was not allowed to walk there and was pushed there on a hospital bed. being it was so freaking cold I was laying there with my legs crossed under the sheet. The nurse pushed me past a woman and her four kids. They all thought is was so sad and tragic that I had no legs below the knee. Interrupting their “private” conversation about my lack of lower legs and telling them indeed I do have a full set of legs may have been the right thing to do. It was to entertaining so I let them continue on as I laughed and was pushed down the hallway.

On another note. Pat is almost finished with the basement (the yucky smell is almost gone!) so the workout area will be good to go again soon. So, hopefully this 24 hour a day sickness will pass and I can get back on the horse. Gotta to shape back up for The Zombie Dash!

P.S. After seeing yesterday’s blog I noticed I SUCK at blogging via phone and may just avoid that.

Waiting rooms = more boring!


At least there are fish to watch and my phoned has internet. Otherwise this past hour would of really, really been a bore! In the waiting room they have on a television program where these people get caught on video doing incredibly dangerous things and getting hurt out having accidents and getting hurt. It is amusing. Totally appropriate television for a hospital ER. Love it! I am assuming it is educational, so people don’t come back because they set their face on fire our dropped a bulldozer on their car. Today Tico the naughty beagle (in cahoots with Emma of course) did a full on jump onto my midsection and the doctor wanted me to go to the ER as a precaution. He doesn’t think there is anything to worry about but better safe than sorry. I agree, peace of mind will be worth the $600 minimum this visit will cost. My insurance is such crap! But what money compared to human life? Nothing really. 🙂 How everyone is having a great weekend! I’m visiting good friends and eating pizza after this. Can’t wait! What are you doing this weekend?

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