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Salad A Day Challenge Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of the Salad A Day Challenge. Let’s just say I was very successful at stinking it up. I made a salad, I put dressing on it and then the smell of the dressing was a huge turn off so I threw it out. No picture, no eating, no nothing, just into the trash can it went. I instead ate a tuna sandwich (with onion, celery and tons of lettuce)  and a bunch of grapes and cheese on the side. So yeah, didn’t even make it through day two. Ha! I did manage to at least get some fruits and veggies involved in what I did eat for lunch. Later I had Mu Shu Pork and wonton soup that was pretty much all cabbage for dinner. None of the rice or all that jazz with it though. Maybe today will be better and I get back to the challenge.

Let’s see what else is going on. I still have that damn cramping from my accident with the dog, Spending the day in the hospital was not fun, but at least we know that the pain is just from bruising and nothing major. So I am peace of mind at least. I have been trying to go through Emma’s room and get it cleaned out and downsize how much stuff she has. It has become quite the chore to take on. Especially after some one else’s kid comes over and trashes it. I love when other kid’s parents refuse to have their kids pick up here like I am some sort of damn maid. This is what condition her room was left in..


Let’s see what else there is… School shopping. We have most of it done but it is not finished. It is actually starting to irritate me a little I freak out when things are last-minute. There is not much else to buy. A few trivial things and black and brown dress shoes. More when there are more fall weather items in the stores (that does not freak me out though) I struggle with things that are not planned or at least at the minimal organized chaos. I like things planned out and done early on.

Salad A Day Challenge

As previously blogged about my diet has been far from healthy. It’s been hard to eat most things lately. I have been doing a little better with food so I decided to accept Trying Not to Be Fat’s Salad a Day Challenge.  So here is how it works:

  • Replace one meal with a salad
  • Salad must contain protein and good fats
  • Be creative
  • If you can make your own dressings do it, if not buy a variety
  • Make it Big

I may not be able to always follow the rules, but in any case even trying to get myself back to being used to eating better again makes this worth it.

Yesterdays salad was very tasty, but eating it was a bit rough. None the less I did eat it and it did stay down. So Yay for small miracles. Granted I did follow it up with a small slice of pizza shortly after but it could be worse. Could of only been pizza!


The picture sure makes it look unappetizing but it did look better in person.


  • Baby spinach
  • Feta Cheese (from pasteurized milk so it’s okay)
  • Bacon (crumbled)
  • Red onion
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Dried Cherries
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Poppy seed dressing

Update on Yesterday and I Have Legs!

Everything turned out to be just fine. I did not figure there was much to worry about and neither did the doctor. But better safe than sorry. We sat there for almost 6 hours just to see a doctor for a total of five minutes and get an ultrasound that took 15 minutes. I think my biggest risks were hypothermia because it was two degrees in the hospital and starvation. I missed lunch and had been forced into a late dinner.  But alas, I did not starve or freeze to death so all is good with the world.  After my wonderful stay I found out I have a bruised abdomen, they gave me a Tylenol and told me to control my dog. For the past few weeks I have been talking about how I would get Tico a Thundershirt so his antics don’t send me toppling over once I am bigger but maybe we need to get one sooner.

Tico says the Thundershirt will bring him almost as much shame as wearing my blonde wig did. Poor Tico, the cats shall mock him.

The best part of the visit is when they took me to Ultrasound, for some reason I was not allowed to walk there and was pushed there on a hospital bed. being it was so freaking cold I was laying there with my legs crossed under the sheet. The nurse pushed me past a woman and her four kids. They all thought is was so sad and tragic that I had no legs below the knee. Interrupting their “private” conversation about my lack of lower legs and telling them indeed I do have a full set of legs may have been the right thing to do. It was to entertaining so I let them continue on as I laughed and was pushed down the hallway.

On another note. Pat is almost finished with the basement (the yucky smell is almost gone!) so the workout area will be good to go again soon. So, hopefully this 24 hour a day sickness will pass and I can get back on the horse. Gotta to shape back up for The Zombie Dash!

P.S. After seeing yesterday’s blog I noticed I SUCK at blogging via phone and may just avoid that.

Waiting rooms = more boring!


At least there are fish to watch and my phoned has internet. Otherwise this past hour would of really, really been a bore! In the waiting room they have on a television program where these people get caught on video doing incredibly dangerous things and getting hurt out having accidents and getting hurt. It is amusing. Totally appropriate television for a hospital ER. Love it! I am assuming it is educational, so people don’t come back because they set their face on fire our dropped a bulldozer on their car. Today Tico the naughty beagle (in cahoots with Emma of course) did a full on jump onto my midsection and the doctor wanted me to go to the ER as a precaution. He doesn’t think there is anything to worry about but better safe than sorry. I agree, peace of mind will be worth the $600 minimum this visit will cost. My insurance is such crap! But what money compared to human life? Nothing really. 🙂 How everyone is having a great weekend! I’m visiting good friends and eating pizza after this. Can’t wait! What are you doing this weekend?


Yes, I am bored, very, very bored. I feel like I am cut off from the rest of the world. Lately I spend all of my time in my room. I am constantly sick and very fatigued. Due to the flood in my basement I can smell it through the entire first level of the house. No one else can smell it, just me. So sitting where everyone else is out of the question because I can’t stand the odor. So I sit upstairs alone. Thank goodness for HBO GO and Six Feet Under. I always meant to watch the series and never did until now. I do enjoy it. Between yesterday and today I finished Season 1 and am on Season 2 now. So that gives me a week more of entertainment before I see all 5 seasons. Maybe by them my sniffer won’t be picking up everything on the planet and grossing me out.

Let’s talk food. I miss food, REAL food. I can’t cook. Can’t stand the smell of meat cooking, or anything high protein. Ugh. Plus, most things make me sick. I have been faring better with junky food. I would tell you what my full diet is right now but there is a certain level of shame that would come with that. I want to eat some good, light, tasty healthy food again. My stomach says no. And the 10 lbs extra I am toting around is not sexy. I will tell you that. I hope it is just water weight. I really don’t think I have digested enough food to gain any weight. No matter how unhealthy it was.

Workouts are still suffering. As in nonexistent. I miss working out, Yoga, Running, walking, Pump, the whole nine yards. I am tired of lying around all day and night. I though about trying to do something but I have a hard time being upright for too long without hurling. This better pass soon. I understand gaining for pregnancy but I don’t want to end up back to obese either. There is healthy pregnancy weight gain and just plain old being a lazy gluttonous gain. I want to avoid the later of the two.

This concludes my whining and moaning. One of these days my posts will go back to being a bit less whiny and more positive.

Maybe I Should Change My Blog Name??

My knee is better, my heel is better, my ankle is a little jacked up at the moment, and my workout space is still destroyed. Vacations and trips are done until October, and I am almost done with all the wedding related errands, parties and all the fun stuff that goes with it. The only issue is I have been very sick over the past few weeks and working out has not been in my cards.

Not to worry, I am actually okay I am just having terrible MORNING SICKNESS (hint-hint) twenty-four hours a day. I never had this with Emma and it stinks. It is killing my healthy eating because the thing that stays down the best is pizza. So I am eating quite a bit of it. Because I would rather eat something and keep it down than eat a salad and then have it revisit me in the restroom later on. Once I start feeling a bit better I am starting LMP back up just with beginners weights and minus the lunges. Doc says those are a no-no. I am going to continue to run and am still running The Zombie Dash in October, but that will be my last race until after the new baby comes.

Our lovely friend at Lose It Big as suggested I change my blog from Round to Ravishing to Ravishing to Round. LOL! We will see about that. There have been demands for belly pics on the blog too. I will but once I have a belly to show. I do have about 10 lbs of water retention going on right now but I figure who wants to see that??

So there is the reason why I did not return when I planned on returning. I am pregnant! Close friends and family have known for a bit but today was “Make it Public” day. I let Emma decide when she wanted to make it Facebook Official for us then following suit on other social networks.

How we announced it on Facebook 🙂

I’m still alive

Really, I am! I swear. There is so much going on. I will still be pretty absent until September 10th. Then it is on! I am still staying as active as I can be after losing my workout area. my bruised heel is good as well as my formerly jacked knee. Now on to weddings, parties, basement repair and appointments. Oy!

This weekend I am hosting a Bachelorette/Bachelor party at my house. Of course everything has been going wrong and some of the guests that the guests of honor chose to invite are being rude ass jerks that are making things very difficult. But, hey what can I do other than just make things work. I am totally wondering what happened to the days when people had manners and were thoughtful of others. I have everything together but have tons of yard work, cooking, cleaning and Battleshots boards to build before Saturday. Friday will consist of putting up the tent, setting up table and chairs as well as stringing lights throughout my backyard. I have a decent sized yard and the crappiest back light on my patio. So I am going with Christmas lights everywhere and a bonfire to light our evening. So that leaves tomorrow and Thursday to roll silverware, shop, make jello shots ans mustache straws, do yard work, clean house and build Battleshots. Anyone want to come help? At least the beer pong and ladderball are no work required activities!

I hope you are all doing well!

Sorry I have been absent

Between vacation, the basement flood, my bum knee, the bruised heal, getting ready for another vacay, a bachelor/bachelorette party I am hosting and a wedding I am in, and things that just are not ready for WP, I have been gone. Too much life and not enough time in the day. Workouts are really suffering but I am doing somethings to stay active. So it could be worse. I am not being a total bum 🙂 Anyhow I hopefully will get back to things soon. Miss you all!


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