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Day 34 of 120 – Totally Messed Up

Well it is Day 34 of 120 Days of Les Mills Pump. Tomorrow is the final day of Te Were – phase 1 then onto Panoni – phase 2.

lmp day 34

Today we took the kids along some extra kids to the pumpkin farm. Everyone had a great time. It was a wonderful day to share with our family and friends! I do have a confession to make while we were there I ate like total CRAP! I had a doughnut, some fries and a soda. Yikes. Honestly packing something healthy did not even come to mind. It was dumb to assume that there would be a healthy option at a pumpkin farm. To top if off when we got home I had a slice of pizza. Granted I only went approximately 200 calories over my daily set amount. But I did it by having a little junk and not enough good stuff. The only healthy thing about today was my breakfast and I had a bunch of water.

Once we got home and all of the kids that do not belong to me went home it was fairly late. Not to far after Mr. Baby’s bedtime routine needed to get started and then Emma decided to go sleep over somewhere so I had to pack her up. Once she left I was pooped. DH wanted to rent a movie and veg out so he ran put to pick up a flick and i went and got my pjs on. Then it was time to join the real world again and tell myself that I ate like crap and did not workout. A couple hours of walking around while baby-wearing doesn’t count as an actual workout. So Immediately I went downstairs and did my daily workout. In my pjs mind you. Had to do it and right at that moment because if i sat down it would not happen. So here I am after 45 minutes of Pump and Shred. Sore and tired as hell. But I did it. May of been reluctantly but ¬†it still counts. It was not done half assed either.

Now it is time to veg out and watch our movie. Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!!

Days 32 and 33 of 120

87 Days to go!!

87 Days to go!!

Yesterday was day 32 of 120 Days of Les Mills Pump. The good old stitched up hand was throbbing so I swapped yesterday with today. Day 33 was a rest day so I figured why not. So yesterday was deemed a rest day. spent the day at a doctor’s office (always fun), had lunch with a good friend, babysat, cooked dinner and all that fun stuff. And you can’t forget that it was Thursday and Vampire Diaries was on!

Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs and Flow. Got a few of the Plank to Push Ups in then had to drop down to a regular plank. Not that I couldn’t do them but it was hurting the good old hand. This knuckle thing is ridiculous. You never notice how much you need to use it until it is stitched up. I swear the thing looks like an evil smile face. During flow I didn’t get all the moves in for the same reason. My best was put into it and that is what matters.

Had a houseful of kids this evening, it was a lot of fun! Mr Baby stayed up past his baby bedtime relishing in all the fun and excitement. Hoping this means he sleeps good for me tonight! He even took a minute of his time to pinch where my stitches are and rip one of them a bit. OUCH!!

Food wise I have been pretty good at staying clean. Things that are not taste fake now so it is easier to not give into temptation. It will only keep getting easier!

Now it is time to finish watching Silver Bullet and try to get 475 more calories in for the day. Kind of behind!

Reclaiming My Space

As some of you may . know from previous posts made many moons ago the Great basement Flood of 2012 took place in my basement. Darn sump went out and the rest is history. There was no major damage structurally, no molding or any of the real pain in the butt problems that can come with a basement taking on massive amounts of water. Though we did lose hundreds of books ūüė¶ and Pat lost a ton of paperwork. the rest of the stuff that was ruined needed to be purged anyhow. The real issue was the wet basement odor that took months to get rid of. During clean up a ton of stuff was moved to my workout area that I was not using at the time and it never made it back to where it belongs. then the¬†treadmill¬†was moved down there and became a shelf and the Christmas stuff only made it to the bottom of the steps where my workout space is¬†conveniently¬†located. Soooo, I will not be walking the next few days, all of my down time will be devoted to reclaiming what was once mine. Workouts won’t happen unless I have somewhere to do them so it must be done. Plus, with all of the lifting, moving, purging, and putting in new carpet I will get enough exercise to make up for not walking.. right? If not oh well, there are not a ton of moments to do what I want with Ian, Emma, the house, meals, pets and all that fun stuff. Sometimes choices have to be made and I choose to do this for myself so I have an area to get things back to as they were and get back in shape.

Today I have been working on teaching Ian to nap in his crib. He is so used to me always being with him. He naps in whatever room of the house I am in. So the bassinet, swing and bouncer are what he is used to. If he can happily nap in his room in his crib maybe he will nap for a little longer with it being dim, quieter and he can get used to me not being present. even in a dead sleep he knows when I leave the room. That wakes him up more so than light and noise, the little bugger will sleep through the vacuum  tv and the dog barking. I have had to go comfort him quite a bit but the time in between is getting longer. It may sound gross but I placed one of my breast pads in his crib this time so he has my scent there. Maybe that will make a difference and I can gradually move it out of his room later. We will see. I am hoping for more consistent napping so I will have a consistent and fairly set amount of time to squeeze my workouts in.

Workout area before...

Workout area before…


Workout area after… UGH! What a mess!!!

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Week 35

Yes, I know week 35 is just about over. Honestly I had no interest in posting. Too busy throwing myself a bedrest sucks and I will be happy with nothing party all week. It is hard to pass the time when there isn’t much on the list of things to do. Granted there are things to do but not what I desire to do so I hate them all. I don’t want to read, watch more television, play on the internet, blog or anything like that. The list of things that sound appealing are cleaning, cleaning, shopping, walking around, you know the stuff that doesn’t require me to sit on my ass.

Sunday I did get out for a short time. Got a pedicure and had lunch with the girls. Emma loved her first pedi!¬†This¬†afternoon after Emma got out of school we went to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Really good movie, ¬†popcorn was awesome (theater¬†popcorn is the best) it was nice to do something. Yes, I just sat there but it wasn’t sitting in my own chair or bed and going to a movie that was not animated was nice too. We always see kids movies. It just happens when you have a kid. Kid movies now days are pretty entertaining so no biggie there. I am super super excited for the new Evil Dead though. I will have to wait to see it, it comes out days before my due date and I am sure by then the baby will have already been here. The new Evil Dead will make me mad, all remakes of classics make me mad. They always ruin the movie. But there is this undying need to watch them even though I know that I will be mad. It is just my thing. I don’t have to make sense!

This past week Braxton-Hicks, migraines and lets just say bowel issues have plagued me. Also my mucus plug is starting to lose bits and pieces so we are getting closer and closer. So far we have kept him in so that’s a good thing. Not sure how much longer but¬†everyday¬†is another day for him to bake.


Emma’s monster toe ūüôā

So excited to be at the nail salon

So excited to be at the nail salon


35 weeks

A little scare


Sometimes we are convinced that this baby is going to be my problem child! He can be a tricky little bugger! Yesterday evening I¬†realized¬†that no fetal movement had been felt after about 10:30 in the morning at the dentist. So another call to the Ob was made. They had us go to the hospital for a¬†non-stress¬†test. Of course it took forever to get there because I had no Idea how long we would be there and had to be sure everything was in order for Emma to make it to school in the morning. We weren’t too worried about¬†getting¬†there quick as the nurse at the OB office was very calm on the phone and told me to get¬†ready¬†then head up. They called ahead so the hospital would be expecting me. After we got Emma in order we pack my and the babies bags in the car and headed in.

After it taking so long to get ready it has come to my attention that I need to have a bag packed for Emma and waiting just in case. So that is now on the to-do list. a good friend of mine is actually going to babysit her here at home and help take care of our zoo too. The cats and lizard would be okay for a day or two but not our Tico. He can’t handle us taking a trip to the local grocery store. He has some anxiety issues as well as the need to go outside to do his doggie¬†business¬† I do recommend the Thundershirt if you have an anxious dog. It helps him a ton and keeps us from having to medicate him. But for just in case instances I should have a bag ready for Emma.

So we get to the Labor and delivery floor and they are packed. It was a huge day for babies in our town I guess. The nurses said it was non stop and they did not have any room available for us. no biggie. We chilled in the waiting room for a bit and I took the time to text a few people to give them the heads up on where we were and why and all that fun stuff. It didn’t take too long to get into a room. They took me back but made Pat stay in the waiting room while they got me ready. I always think that is so weird. If I have to get into a gown I am perfectly fine if he sees it. He did have to see me in my birthday suit to get into this predicament in the first place!

Within ten minutes of getting hooked up the baby started to move, and boy did he move. I swear he was trying to make a fool of me! So we did counts for a bit, they checked for contractions and then sent us on our merry way. On discharge the doctor suggested that I put a belt or bandage around my belly if I don’t feel him. Maybe the pressure around my big old belly made him want to move. So if we ever deal with lack of fetal movement I will try that first I guess.

So it was a pain in the butt but at least everything is good and we have another day where we kept him in!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


Snow Day!

We had a bit of snow last night. Not a ton really but it was the really wet and heavy kind and school was called off. Of course they waited until 5 am to call and tell us it is a snow day instead of calling it off the night before like every other district surrounding us. So I have been up since then, no biggie but I would rather get up at 6 like I usually do. Four hours of sleep just is not enough for me.  Boy am I tired!

This morning I had an appointment with the dentist for a cleaning. Oh boy were my gums sensitive! The¬†hygienist¬†said it must be from the pregnancy because there is nothing wrong with them. They still hurt. I hope they are back to normal soon! With Emma being off school she got to hang out in the waiting room and find Waldo for 45 minutes. She will not go back with me for some reason. After we got home I went outside and watched her play in the snow with the dog and build a snowman. It was weird not doing it with her but playing in the snow and building things is off-limits. Just about everything is off-limits. It’s so¬†freaking¬†boring! Plus my floors could use a mopping and the carpets¬†vacuumed, tired of¬†looking¬†at them but it will have to wait.

I am thinking of baking a cake later. Not exactly what the doctor would want me to do seeing I am pretty much at the weight limit they wanted me to gain. But angel food cake and raspberries can’t be that bad. Right?

Emma and her snowman

May Have Been the Last..

This may have been our last kid-free weekend for a long time so we did what we could to take advantage of it without overdoing it. Now is not the time to break the rules the doctor gave me. Hoping to keep this baby baking for a while longer not¬†encourage¬†his behavior and let him out just because he thinks he can hurry things up.¬†Already¬†a rebel.. Oh boy are we in trouble. Better show him who is boss while he is still in the womb. No better time to put my foot down than now. Who is in charge here? Okay, okay we all know it isn’t me but I will pretend to have some sort of control while I still can.

Emma spent the weekend at her aunt’s house so we decided to take advantage of it. Friday night we went and bought some baby items, a couple left on the registry and just some cute little random things that I liked. Pat made a point to make fun of my obsession with tiny socks. I don’t know what it is about little bitty socks that I love. I generally hate feet, they gross me out like nothing else (minus spit but we won’t get me started on that) but little baby feet. I love little baby feet, and their tiny socks and itty bitty shoes. Maybe because they don’t walk around and get sweaty,¬†callused¬†and stinky yet. Maybe it is the size? I don’t even know. After that we went and had dinner then rented a couple of movies. I wanted to watch Sinister so I picked that then I decided to get Pat a¬†palate¬†cleanser and rented Here Come the Boom. Both movies were good especially with the soft¬†pretzels¬†and cheese I made to go with them. We stayed up to late lying around on the couch but with no kid at home it did not matter what time I got up so why not?

Saturday I got up to darn early so I sat around and did nothing until Pat got up. We decided to go to Midland (just a town over) and go to Marshalls, we got Emma a super cute outfit then went and had some Japanese for lunch. With full bellies we checked out the new Cabela’s in town then went home and relaxed then went to the¬†theater¬†and saw Warm Bodies. This was the first movie we saw in¬†theaters¬†without Emma since He’s Just Not That Into You. So maybe 2009! It was almost strange to get to hold the huge tub of popcorn! The downside to that is I ate a TON of it. Alright let me correct that.. I ate all of it and washed it down with a huge soda. Oh well, it is hard not to when you have a fetus telling you it is a great idea. No regrets either. It was our pseudo weekend away without being away. After the movie we went and visited with some of my besties Sam and Heather. Finally got a peek at her amazing wedding gown, ordered pizza with pepperoni and feta and watch He-Man cartoons. After we went home and passed out!

Today I made brunch then we went and picked up Emma. we went and let her pick out a new outfit, she bout a new Hot Wheels set and got her Club Penguin card. Then of course got dad to get her some McDonald’s. Spoiled much? Nah!

So now Pat is napping on the couch, Emma is watching Star Wars the Clone Wars and I have the oven preheating for our roast beef dinner. No school tomorrow so a later dinner tonight. Ms Emma does have an advanced placement test tomorrow afternoon but other than that nothing so a big dinner followed by a later bed time works for us.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Bump and Some Randomness

What a week! I have kept pretty darn busy all week. Lots to do around the house, lots of company, made the cookies for the shower tomorrow (Emma lost interest so mom did it for her), and the list goes on!

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare. Emma’s school called and their opening was “Emma has had a bad playground accident.” Way to freak me out. Of course it wasn’t is bad as I thought it was at that instant. Let’s just say that her leg and neither¬†region¬†was¬†assaulted¬†by a bar. OUCH! We spent a lot of time icing and wrapping it so she would be good to go for her big Valentine’s Day Dance last night with Dad.

Of the injury this is what I can show. That is her upper-inner thigh. Poor baby!

Of the injury this is what I can show. That is her upper-inner thigh. Poor baby!

Pat and Emma at the big dance

Pat and Emma at the big dance

And here is my 31 week Bump Pic I promised…

31 weeks and growing

I better hit the hay. I am sure that our day of fun and excitement tomorrow will poop me out! Happy Saturday night everyone!

I would like to give a shout out to erinhasthoughts for nominating me for an Inspirational Blogger Award! I was actually quite surprised because I have not been keeping up with the blog the way i should over these past months. Be sure to check her out, she has an awesome blog!

Week 31!

9 more weeks to go! Or less, I am hoping for a little less. So over pregnancy, I just want to get to the end result!

Here are a few week 31 stats:

  • The baby is around 16 inches long
  • Weight is on average 3.3 lbs (about the weight of 3 navel oranges), I am¬†thinking¬†it is actually more because I have¬†consistently¬†measured a few ounces ahead. I haven’t had an¬†ultrasound¬†in a few so who knows.
  • He is about to hit a growth spurt
  • He is very active, they say the head now can move side to side but I¬†think¬†there is a Cirque du Soleil going on in my uterus.
  • I have half of my hospital bag packed (just my clothes so far) I will¬†finish¬†after the shower and registry completion.
  • We picked the name Ian for Male Fetus. Sorry Kurt at Lost it Big¬†no Kurt or MFer.

Yesterday I did a huge grocery shopping trip! Tons of great stuff on the menu for the next week. Pretty much everything is pretty healthy minus the calzone Emma requested I make. I was lazy and bought dough mix instead of just doing it myself. But all in all this will be my first complete week back to clean eating. I am just going to pretend the calzone is clean, or maybe I will make a salad for myself. Tonight Bulgogi, edamame and rice is on the menu. I need to get that started 5 minutes ago but I decided breakfast and blogging would come first, then dinner, then making cookie dough (not cookies for the house)

I am really looking forward to the baby shower this coming Sunday. Everything¬†is set minus the fact that I need to grab gifts for the hostesses and the first place prize for the diaper raffle. Pat and I decided to host the diaper raffle in¬†lieu¬†of having a diaper party. I never know how I will feel day-to-day or if the baby is going to come early so we figured it would just be easier. I am all for throwing a party but I don’t want to clean my house to have a bunch of men and a keg in it then have to clean more when I am at the end of my pregnancy. i do have Emma’s gift, a locket necklace that I will take her in and let her choose how it is engraved and what picture she would like to put inside. She has been wanting a “real gold or sterling” as she says locket and that is quite the big girl gift so it is perfect for her. One of her grandmothers and great-grandmother and going to have gifts to present to her at the shower too. I love how thoughtful some people are. It is really nice! I have an activity bag for after the baby comes but I decided to give it to her when she goes to the hospital to meet her brother for the first time.

I should hear from the doctor’s office about the yoga I found, hoping I get a yes so I can do something. Been missing working out and I am itching to be a bit more active, even if it is only yoga.

I have my 31 week bump pick to post but I will have to do that later. I left my phone upstairs and it needs to be charged so look out for that later today!

Wish me luck

It has been days since I have gotten any sleep, well I should say  more than 2 consecutive hours at night. Is it sad that the thought of getting three hours gets me excited?

Emma won an Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake¬†pre-screening¬†party from She is super excited and it is going to be a ton of fun. I am¬†looking¬†forward to it because she is so very excited, I am not excited to entertain 9 kids 7 years old and under when this tired and cranky. Thank goodness I can¬†slap¬†a smile on my face and get through just about anything. I work fairly well when sleep deprived and I know someone is watching. I just need to get my butt up and get stuff done around the house. I have all the party stuff done so it is just cleaning and finishing painting the bathroom. It’s been hanging out 80% finished for a while now, and I would like the painting stuff out of that room before guests come.

On another note I found a 10 minute prenatal yoga video on Pinterest, I called the resident nurse to see if I can get approved to at least do that. I could use a bit more flexibility for labor and it may help with the sciatic, round ligament and fybro pain I have going on right now. Just waiting on a call back. I emailed her the link and she is going to review it when she has time and get back with me.

Wish me luck today. And to all you parents sending your kids here. Don’t worry all my over tired violent thought are focused in one direction so your kids are safe. LOL!!


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