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Monday Bump pic..

Is bumped to Tuesday. I had a minor fall down my stairs and then once I was feeling mobile I ran errands. Now I am exhausted.  What a day. Tomorrow I will post Monday’s belly pic and all that jazz. Sorry for the hold up. I irritated a previous back injury, a few years back I fell down my stairs and fractured my spine and some ribs. I think I just irritated that past injury but all is well. I am sore and tired, that’s about it. 

Tomorrow is the Big Race!

Today marks the last day before I become zombie bait! I can’t wait! I am a little scared because the announced that there will be a huge hill to climb as well as rounds of steep stairs to maneuver while being chased by the zombies. So I am sitting here eating my yogurt and wondering. “Am I really ready for this?” Hell no! I am not ready for this race! If I were to be running the entire thing I would die! But I know I can handle a mix of walking and jogging and the doctor has given me the okay to do it

The dreaded hill!


I already stated before that the race is not 3.1 miles but 3.5. They announced the huge hill and stairs the other day. And today it was officially announced that there will be 1,140 runners and 443 zombies. That is a lot of zombies per survivor. Let’s say goodbye to my life strips now! Even though the stats are a bit intimidating and I know my strips will be all gone and I will be deemed a zombie at the end I am really looking forward to this. My friends will be there and it is going to be a blast no matter what. I am excited to see how everyone does.

Afterwards there is a awards ceremony, costume contest and concert at the finish. Of course beverages for those who can have them. I think I will bring a thermos of hot tea. I hear fetuses don’t care for beer so much. LOL. I am totally kidding. I know they don’t!

The race shorts are pretty friggin’ sweet!

Today I HAVE to find some running pants and a sweat shirt that will fit me properly. I am kind of kicking myself in the butt for not keeping any of my larger sized clothes from my weight loss. But, their presence could have been a crutch that would make it okay to gain once again. I really can’t say anything bad about my gain now. It’s just what happens when you grow humans. Can’r forget to get batteries for the headlamps either! Can’t race without a flashlight or headlamp.

We are leaving town early in the a.m. and we are all meeting up for breakfast and driving down. There will be plenty of time to grab lunch in GR, check into our hotel, check out the area and head to registration for bib/shirt pick up. I will not be blogging tomorrow but you can look forward to reading all about it after I am back in town.

Have a fantastic Friday and a Super Saturday! Wish me luck! I may not be the best there but I will try my best!

Have a Haunted Halloween Weekend!

A Guide to Vitamins During Pregnancy

Today is Pat and I’s 4 year Wedding Anniversary. Time sure does fly by! So today no long winded blog post. Just a quick infographic on how certain vitamins benefit you and baby during pregnancy. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Pregnancy Brain

Today I had an 8:05 am baby appointment scheduled. Of course I totally spaced on it and thought it was tomorrow. It probably did not help that I had not one minute of sleep last night. There was no relief of the nausea and no way to get comfortable. On top of that my “Pregnancy Brain” has been terrible. If it is not written down and where I can see it, it just does not exist and it does not get done.

The doctor’s office was nice and squeezed me in this afternoon. Our appointment went well. The doctor suggested I try valerian root tea to help me sleep at night and no naps on days when I did not sleep the night before to reset myself. That is going to be tough! But, a normal sleep schedule is something that needs to be part of my life again. Most days feel like they are wasted because I sleep them away. I did lose 2 lbs since my last appointment. This is actually a good thing, they were glad to see that I have been able to be more active and there was no unnecessary weight loss. Soon I should get a call and find out when my “High Risk” ultrasound appointment is. I am thinking it will be in 3 to 4 weeks. Emma was at the appointment and heard the heart beat, she was very unimpressed. The doctor asked me “Why no smiles?” I was just watching Emma’s reaction I guess. Apparently this child is not impressed with the fact that I am growing a human.  I am wondering once I really get back to being active if that will help too. Less than a week until I am back into a full workout schedule. This week I have just been testing the waters and working my way back into it. No need to be hasty and hurt myself or The Fetus.


Reasons for Pregnancy Brain

If you’re busy, or stressed, or short on sleep, it’s 100% normal to have memory lapses or be forgetful, Christenson says.

“When you are not getting enough sleep and are multitasking, nobody’s memory is good,” says Jane Martin, MD, director of the Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation Center at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center.  “You are not cognitively sharp when you haven’t slept well.”

Surging hormone levels and new priorities may explain why pregnancy brain happens.

“There are 15 to 40 times more progesterone and estrogen marinating the brain during pregnancy, and these hormones affect all kinds of neurons in the brain,” says Louann Brizendine, MD, director of the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at the University of California, San Francisco.

“By the time the woman delivers, there are huge surges of oxytocin that cause the uterus to contract and the body to produce milk — and they also affect the brain circuits.”

Pregnancy also shuffles what gets your attention. Your IQ doesn’t change, but your priorities do.

“You only have so many shelves in your brain so the top three are filled with baby stuff,” Brizendine says.

Hormones may also affect spatial memory — which includes remembering where things are — in pregnant women and new moms, a recent British study shows.


I’m Zombie Bait – The Zombie Dash Grand Rapids, MI

Only four days left until The Zombie Dash! Being given the okay to participate by the doctor made me happy, but actually running this race is not going to happen. That is my restriction. No running, a brisk walk or leisurely jog is all that is allowed. So, let’s just say my time will be embarrassing, but it is okay. Honestly I am far from ready to full on run anything. Over the past few months being sick and sedentary has been my thing. I am just happy that I can participate and do something other than sit around and moan and groan.

We registered before the pregnancy and everyone has been so excited to do this. Other than working on our running we have done the fun stuff to prepare. Rooms are booked, we are about set to hit the road, and tutus are made. For this race I choose to do camo colors. Seems suiting for trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The girls came over and we had dinner, snacks and I introduced everyone to the art of tutu making. It made for a fun night. Of course we had a Walking Dead marathon playing in the background to get us in the survivor spirit.

Want to make your own running tutu? Check out my tutorial! Click here for tutu making fun: Fluffy Runner’s No-Sew Tutorial

Team Zombie Bait rocking our tutus! Don’t mind our dinner and snack mess , pretend you can’t see my kitchen 🙂

Today, I am going to do some more walking to prep myself for Saturday, we will have an hour to clear the course and it is a bit over a 5k, 3.5 miles to be exact. So even if I walked the entire thing without a jog (I will jog some though) I can make it through. All of the girls are going to stick with me so we will all be pokey together. It is going to be so much fun. The zombies will get out life strips and make us zombie bait!

For more info on the race you can check them out here…

My Pregnancy: Week 15 (Bump Pic)

Today marks the first day of week 15 of pregnancy. Only 25 weeks to go, 25 weeks seems like FOREVER!

The internet has all kinds of fun, interesting and even some questionable information to offer. I read up on each week each Monday. How is it that so much has changed since being pregnant with Emma? It seems like there are so many more rules and so many strong opinions now that seem to cause a ton of anxiety for expectant moms. I have read that some mothers-to-be are freaking out over having mints because they didn’t know until they read an article online that they couldn’t have them and are now panicked that they have done something to harm their unborn child. Pure mint oil is thought to be a uterine stimulant and this is what is left out of the information these women are given. Who the hell just sits around sipping or consuming large amounts of pure mint oil? No one I know of. Most mint gum, breath mints, mint cookies and such don’t even have mint oil and are artificially flavored. And if they are flavored with mint oil how much could possibly be in one tiny mint or piece of gum? I drink lots of organic mint tea, it helps with my nausea and helps clear my sinuses (Allergy season has me all clogged up) peppermint leaves have been deemed as “likely safe”, good enough for me. And my doctor doesn’t seem to have an issue with it. I think more women need to not get their information via the internet and take it word for word. If you really want something that random website #53 says is bad just ask your doctor. Not everything on the internet is true, or is just over-exaggerated.

Any-who, let us move on to some week 15 information:

  • Baby is about 4 inches long, so about the size of an apple.
  • Approximate weight is 2.5 ounces, the approximate weight of a jumbo egg
  • Lanugo growth has begun (a very fine hair)
  • Baby can sense light but the eyes are still closed
  • Taste buds are forming
  • Babies this age start sucking their thumbs

As far as exercise today I got a bit of walking in. Better than nothing J, I have not eaten much but not feeling to great today. Sometimes it is a task to eat, I had some cottage cheese, string cheese and a corn muffin. Don’t worry though I am making pork medallions with roasted red and yellow peppers, cucumber salad (not the mayo kind) and herbed mashed potatoes for dinner.

The Fetus is about the weight of a jumbo egg this week!

I found this image and thought it was super creepy.
Week 15 The Fetus is the size of an apple

Baby Bump week 15.
Still in the cheeseburger stage 🙂


BabyGate 2012/13

Hello there readers new and old! I know I have been gone for quite some time now. Things have been crazy with this pregnancy, not so much in a good way. But just so you don’t worry. I am okay and so is baby lovingly named “The Fetus”.

So here is the pregnancy run down:

  • Tomorrow I will be 15 weeks
  • I have the okay to work out within restrictions
  • The due date is April 15, 2013
  • I have been sick as hell
  • Pregnancy with Emma was all fun and games compared to this one
  • This is considered a High Risk Pregnancy

The morning sickness (who am I kidding ALL DAY SICKNESS) has been getting a bit better. I am still sick as hell at night but I am getting some relief during the day. My appetite is coming back more and I am able to eat more healthy fare. It is not clean it yet, but it will be one of these days! After I got the okay to go back to being active I just was not up to it. No point in making me feel worse and making more stress for the baby.

Just recently I had a bacterial infection that is common and usually no big deal but in pregnancy can be bad ie: cause low birth weight, cause miscarriage or early birth. The doc put me on a killer antibiotic that made me so incredible sick and gave me terrible migraines. The antibiotics are done and finally leaving my system and I am feeling so much better. Of course I am now getting mystery fevers. So if it is not one thing it is another. I can still function with the fever bouts so I can totally handle this for now.

The pregnancy is considered high risk due to the fact that I have Reynaud’s phenomenon and Reoccurring Bell’s Palsy. Apparently there is a slight chance that it can affect The Fetus so I now have to see a specialist for all of my ultrasounds. I am not worried so much about that though just because my doctor is very positive that things will be fine and is assuring me that this is precautionary. My D vitamin levels are dangerously low so they have added a 50,000 unit vitamin D pill to my vitamin D regimen. So much D, it is kind of harsh on the stomach. Yay more things to make me feel like I am going to vomit! For the vomiting I have been on Zofran for quite some time now, but we upped the dosage to every 4 hours and that is making a world of difference. Now I just feel like I am going to puke but actually don’t. Not so comfortable for me but it is better that Fetus gets nutrients from what I consume. I really did not want to be drug dependent for the pregnancy. But, sometimes things just can’t go your way and you have to suck it up and put on your big girl panties for the greater good.

I put on 12 lbs so far with this pregnancy, most of it right away then I quit gaining. The doctor thinks that the quick gain was because I went from being very active to sedentary, food was not the issue, you have to keep food in to gain weight from it. She said once I get more active I may lose a little but to keep an eye on loss. She wants me to gain 35 lbs with this pregnancy.

So all in all things have been rough and I did not have anything fun, workout inspired or related, food related or anything that would be something other than me whining about how sick I was. So I choose not to spread my yuckyness all over WP. Things are starting to look up a bit and I hope it continues so I am back.

During the pregnancy I think that I should alter the blog name, Round to Ravishing doesn’t seem to work when I am getting round again! So I am brainstorming to figure out what to do about that. After The Fetus is born I will be back to Round to Ravishing!

Seeing Monday’s are the official start of a new gestational week I will do Belly Picture Mondays, starting tomorrow. I am definitely showing but still in that “cheeseburger” phase.  You know the stage when you are getting bigger but it looks more like you have been splurging on cheeseburgers instead of growing a human inside you? Included in Belly Picture Monday’s I will give example of what size The Fetus is compared to everyday household items and a few quick facts. It should be fun!

Included in the blog will be updates on physical activity/workouts. No weigh or measure in’s though. You are all well aware that my weight will continue to go up as well as my circumference. As my diet improves you can look forward to more healthy food related posts and also information on physical activity during pregnancy. Of course there will still be my usually pointless ramblings too. Like The Zombie Dash this coming Saturday! Of course some Les Mills Pump too!

I really look forward to sharing the remainder of this experience with you all as well as reconnecting with my fellow bloggers! Have a great week and I will see you all tomorrow!!

Week 9 Ultrasound, I will post my other and more current one soon. I am lazy and take forever to scan this stuff!


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