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A little scare


Sometimes we are convinced that this baby is going to be my problem child! He can be a tricky little bugger! Yesterday evening I realized that no fetal movement had been felt after about 10:30 in the morning at the dentist. So another call to the Ob was made. They had us go to the hospital for a non-stress test. Of course it took forever to get there because I had no Idea how long we would be there and had to be sure everything was in order for Emma to make it to school in the morning. We weren’t too worried about getting there quick as the nurse at the OB office was very calm on the phone and told me to get ready then head up. They called ahead so the hospital would be expecting me. After we got Emma in order we pack my and the babies bags in the car and headed in.

After it taking so long to get ready it has come to my attention that I need to have a bag packed for Emma and waiting just in case. So that is now on the to-do list. a good friend of mine is actually going to babysit her here at home and help take care of our zoo too. The cats and lizard would be okay for a day or two but not our Tico. He can’t handle us taking a trip to the local grocery store. He has some anxiety issues as well as the need to go outside to do his doggie business  I do recommend the Thundershirt if you have an anxious dog. It helps him a ton and keeps us from having to medicate him. But for just in case instances I should have a bag ready for Emma.

So we get to the Labor and delivery floor and they are packed. It was a huge day for babies in our town I guess. The nurses said it was non stop and they did not have any room available for us. no biggie. We chilled in the waiting room for a bit and I took the time to text a few people to give them the heads up on where we were and why and all that fun stuff. It didn’t take too long to get into a room. They took me back but made Pat stay in the waiting room while they got me ready. I always think that is so weird. If I have to get into a gown I am perfectly fine if he sees it. He did have to see me in my birthday suit to get into this predicament in the first place!

Within ten minutes of getting hooked up the baby started to move, and boy did he move. I swear he was trying to make a fool of me! So we did counts for a bit, they checked for contractions and then sent us on our merry way. On discharge the doctor suggested that I put a belt or bandage around my belly if I don’t feel him. Maybe the pressure around my big old belly made him want to move. So if we ever deal with lack of fetal movement I will try that first I guess.

So it was a pain in the butt but at least everything is good and we have another day where we kept him in!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


Snow Day!

We had a bit of snow last night. Not a ton really but it was the really wet and heavy kind and school was called off. Of course they waited until 5 am to call and tell us it is a snow day instead of calling it off the night before like every other district surrounding us. So I have been up since then, no biggie but I would rather get up at 6 like I usually do. Four hours of sleep just is not enough for me.  Boy am I tired!

This morning I had an appointment with the dentist for a cleaning. Oh boy were my gums sensitive! The hygienist said it must be from the pregnancy because there is nothing wrong with them. They still hurt. I hope they are back to normal soon! With Emma being off school she got to hang out in the waiting room and find Waldo for 45 minutes. She will not go back with me for some reason. After we got home I went outside and watched her play in the snow with the dog and build a snowman. It was weird not doing it with her but playing in the snow and building things is off-limits. Just about everything is off-limits. It’s so freaking boring! Plus my floors could use a mopping and the carpets vacuumed, tired of looking at them but it will have to wait.

I am thinking of baking a cake later. Not exactly what the doctor would want me to do seeing I am pretty much at the weight limit they wanted me to gain. But angel food cake and raspberries can’t be that bad. Right?

Emma and her snowman

Week 33

Looks like we made it to week 33. Honestly there were not many doubts with the doctor saying there was only a 5% chance of anything happening in the two weeks after the Fetal Fibronectin test. So no baby yet thank goodness. To be totally honest I am so over being pregnant but not to the point I would want to have him join us yet. So I have been avoiding anything that could trigger labor, soften the cervix or basically speed up the process  Not taking any chances.

So this is what is going in utero this week:

  • Baby weighs around 4 pounds and is about 17 inches long. About the size of a pineapple. 
  • His skin is starting to be less red and wrinkly
  • Baby’s bones are hardening except for the skull
  • My belly has dropped quite a bit this week
  • Total weight gain for me is now 31 lbs. Only 4 lbs under what the doctor expected me to gain. I really should be watching the weight, yikes!

We are officially 49 days away from the due date. Such a short time! If we can keep baking until then it may be a miracle but here is to hoping. I have another Fetal Fibronectin test next week as well as an ultrasound so we will see how that goes.

As for today’s happenings Emma has her Advanced Placement Test for the gifted and talented school. We agreed to the testing but I am still not sure that we will even send her if she gets in. Who knows. There is time to decide. I am going to spend some time sitting on my bedroom floor sorting through mountains of clothing. I need to get it done. Last room in the house that needs to be organized and I need to get the bassinet in there.

33 weeks, belly definitely hanging lower. Don't mind the messy closet in the background today :)

33 weeks, belly definitely hanging lower. Don’t mind the messy closet in the background today 🙂

May Have Been the Last..

This may have been our last kid-free weekend for a long time so we did what we could to take advantage of it without overdoing it. Now is not the time to break the rules the doctor gave me. Hoping to keep this baby baking for a while longer not encourage his behavior and let him out just because he thinks he can hurry things up. Already a rebel.. Oh boy are we in trouble. Better show him who is boss while he is still in the womb. No better time to put my foot down than now. Who is in charge here? Okay, okay we all know it isn’t me but I will pretend to have some sort of control while I still can.

Emma spent the weekend at her aunt’s house so we decided to take advantage of it. Friday night we went and bought some baby items, a couple left on the registry and just some cute little random things that I liked. Pat made a point to make fun of my obsession with tiny socks. I don’t know what it is about little bitty socks that I love. I generally hate feet, they gross me out like nothing else (minus spit but we won’t get me started on that) but little baby feet. I love little baby feet, and their tiny socks and itty bitty shoes. Maybe because they don’t walk around and get sweaty, callused and stinky yet. Maybe it is the size? I don’t even know. After that we went and had dinner then rented a couple of movies. I wanted to watch Sinister so I picked that then I decided to get Pat a palate cleanser and rented Here Come the Boom. Both movies were good especially with the soft pretzels and cheese I made to go with them. We stayed up to late lying around on the couch but with no kid at home it did not matter what time I got up so why not?

Saturday I got up to darn early so I sat around and did nothing until Pat got up. We decided to go to Midland (just a town over) and go to Marshalls, we got Emma a super cute outfit then went and had some Japanese for lunch. With full bellies we checked out the new Cabela’s in town then went home and relaxed then went to the theater and saw Warm Bodies. This was the first movie we saw in theaters without Emma since He’s Just Not That Into You. So maybe 2009! It was almost strange to get to hold the huge tub of popcorn! The downside to that is I ate a TON of it. Alright let me correct that.. I ate all of it and washed it down with a huge soda. Oh well, it is hard not to when you have a fetus telling you it is a great idea. No regrets either. It was our pseudo weekend away without being away. After the movie we went and visited with some of my besties Sam and Heather. Finally got a peek at her amazing wedding gown, ordered pizza with pepperoni and feta and watch He-Man cartoons. After we went home and passed out!

Today I made brunch then we went and picked up Emma. we went and let her pick out a new outfit, she bout a new Hot Wheels set and got her Club Penguin card. Then of course got dad to get her some McDonald’s. Spoiled much? Nah!

So now Pat is napping on the couch, Emma is watching Star Wars the Clone Wars and I have the oven preheating for our roast beef dinner. No school tomorrow so a later dinner tonight. Ms Emma does have an advanced placement test tomorrow afternoon but other than that nothing so a big dinner followed by a later bed time works for us.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I love this even though it makes me just about correct on what I told my DH it will be like after the new baby comes. It is kind of scary, I haven’t had a newborn in 7 years either! Oh my!

Person In Progress

*From the point of view of a mother of a 7 year old son experiencing life as a new mom (again) to an infant daughter

Weeks 1-2:
Oh yes, I vaguely remember what this was like… feed, sleep, change, repeat.

Automatically talk of poop and pee starts… and doesn’t stop even until years after your kids are potty trained

Recovery from C-section… ugh, worse than I remember

Living on what I call “newborn adrenalin” – you have every reason to be the most exhausted you’ve ever been in your life, yet somehow 1 hour of sleep lasts you for at least 6 hours and you can perk up and be awake at the first cry and not feel too tired to deal… energy and patience seems to just come out of your ass

Breast milk jaundice?  What the hell is that?  Yet another prick on the poor heel of my baby…

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Test Results

In yesterday’s post I told you about how I possible could be having the baby soon and had a Fetal Fibronectin test done. Last night I had some minor cramping 3 of them about an hour and a half apart, they felt like menstrual cramps but were not terribly painful. Because of this I called my OB and asked him what they would like me to do next. The office had not received the test results as of yet but luckily the lab is in the same building so he wandered down and was able to get them. The test revealed that nothing should be happening labor wise for what he said would be two more weeks. So we have at least two more weeks before Ian is here. Two more weeks would put me at 34 weeks and 3 days gestation. He said it is not a guarantee but the chance of nothing happening for that period of time is 95%. We will take it!  He just said to take it easy and go to bed and if the cramping gets closer, stronger or makes it so I couldn’t sleep to call back. So I sat in my chair with my feet up, watched The Walking Dead in black and white then wandered to bed and watched The Haunting. The cramping continued until I fell asleep but did not wake me up. The only thing that got me up is having to pee ten-thousand times, but that is normal. As of this morning I have had no cramping, bleeding, leaking or anything that would show a sign to worry about. So unless things change and it starts again I won’t go back to the doctor until the first week of March. They will do another Fetal Fibronectin and an ultrasound then and go from there.

Just in case my bag is packed, the Nook is charging, the breast pump is with my bag and the baby bag will get packed today. I have so much laundry to do so that is the plan for today. Pat will do all the carrying and is helping out with the folding so there isn’t much I will actually be doing. I should just go to the laundry mat so i can get it all done in one go. But I hate the laundry mat. Now someone needs to come over and sweep, mop and vacuum for me 🙂 Any takers?


It may be baby time VERY soon!

Today we had our 32 week check up, will be 33 weeks on Monday. Everything is good as far as my vitals, baby’s heartbeat and development, But… the pressure issue I have been having has gotten worse and the doctor decided to do a vaginal exam. Well, he is down there doing what doctors do and he says “Oops I just poked your baby in the head!” he is a big joker so I thought he was kidding for a second but nope! Baby Ian is in position, I am dilated to one and fifty percent softened. He then took a swab for a Fetal Fibronectin test, this test checks to see if I am in preterm labor. We will find out either tonight or tomorrow morning if I am. If so we will get a game plan together. He is thinking the first step will be to try intravenous medication to stop the labor process.  Guess we will see how everything goes. I am not really nervous or scared because we knew from day one that preterm delivery was a possibility.

We have some more things to get done around the house to be ready. Not too much, mainly a billion loads of wash. For now I am not on bed rest but I am not allowed to be on my feet for more than 20-30 minutes at a time, no lifting, no pushing the vacuum or mopping or anything like that. Looks like Pat will have to help move the laundry about and he and Emma can do the floors and fun stuff like that. I also have some awesome friends who will come help me out if needed so no worries, things will get done and be great!

I will be sure to keep everyone posted. Wish us luck!


Lately I just want to get moving, previously I had posted about a prenatal yoga routine I found and have been waiting for the okay to do it. Finally I have the okay so tomorrow morning it will be added to my morning routine. My mornings consist of getting Emma ready and off to school, taking meds, letting the dog out, feeding pets and vitamins and having breakfast. so nothing fantastic or difficult to do. It will be a nice change.

Honestly I am not looking for it to change my fitness level or get me in shape. There is a ton of work that will have to be done for that. What I am hoping for is a little more flexibility to develop over the next few weeks and some relief for the leg craps I have been experiencing every morning and night. Not sure if it would actually help but my legs not constantly falling asleep would be nice too.

My workout area in the basement is cluttered with stuff that had been moved after the basement had flooded but yoga does not take up much space so to the den I go. It will not take much to clear out my workout area but it will require a good amount of lifting heavy things so it will have to wait until after the baby comes. No biggie, it will give me something to do later on.

I may venture out today to get some of the things left on the Baby Registry. I have 20% off coupons, may as well use them before they expire and maybe grab some lunch with a friend. My neighbor is hospitalized so I have to wander across the street and feed, water and give meds to her kitties. That will pretty much sun up my day today. I lead such an exciting life 🙂


Happy Birthday Round to Ravishing!

I did not realize it until just now when a notification was received but Round to Ravishing is a year old today! It is not what I thought it would be at this point just because I had no idea the focus would change so drastically. It may be Back to Round Again at the moment but soon it will be back to its roots because this mama is going to have some goals to set and some work to do. Business as usual and more consistent posting are in the near future! 🙂

Here are a few fun facts about the blog.

  • 168 posts have been made
  • Readers have visited from 113 different countries

In this past year I have come into contact with so many inspirational, like-minded and truly wonderful people in the WP community. Who would have thought that blogging would help keep me on track (minus this pregnancy, the fetus didn’t allow it), share my goals and thoughts with others and track my progress with such positive feedback and encouragement. Looking forward to another year and sharing all the big changes life has in store for me.

32 Week Bump Pic

As of yesterday we have reached the 32 week mark. Sometimes it feels like the time is going to fast other times it feel like it is going too slow. To be honest I just don’t think having a proper sense of time happens during pregnancy.

We have an appointment with the OB on Thursday to make sure things are going as they should. With there being no cramping, Braxton-Hicks, fluid loss or anything I am sure we are just fine. Maybe a little TMI but after any decent amount of activity there is a lot of pressure and it feels like he is going to fall right out. I asked the midwife about that and it’s nothing to worry about. So I won’t. It is annoying though. After this appointment I think I will go in weekly. Good thing we only live a hop and a skip from the Ob office. definitely not walking distance but as close to home as a doctor’s office could be from here. Two more weeks and I would of made it longer than I did with Emma. She was in a hurry to break out and party.

The past couple of days everyone in the house has been fighting off a case of the crud. Lots of coughs, sneezes and sniffles. This screwy weather is to blame in my opinion. I know they say weather can’t make you sick and yes, that is true. But being indoors so much and not airing out the place saves germs for us to catch. Everywhere you go germs, germs, germs. It has caused me to be extra tired so there is a bit too much sleeping going on but other than that we are generally okay. Having an excuse to catch up on all the sleep I have missed lately is nice though 🙂

32 Weeks 🙂


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