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It’s the freakin’ weekend!

No workout for me today. If am having fun doing laundry and getting prepped for the weekend. Heading out-of-town for the night, I have to pick up our race day packets so we used it as an excuse to spend the night in Ann Arbor. I think dinner at Pacific Rim may be in order, and cocktails, Mm-mm drinks. I will get plenty of walking in down there so I won’t feel bad about not walking at home today. The weather is kind of strange today (as well as yesterday) so I had to figure out how to dress and not have to change in the evening. So I am thinking a light dress, belt, tall boots and a jean jacket. That way I can just add or remove the jacket as it gets chilly tonight. The low is in the 60’s brr but is in the 80’s right now. The upper 90’s suits me better, even with the humidity. Cold turns me into a big baby. Why am I in Michigan?

Outfit for tonight, Just bought this dress yesterday, tried on the Large and had to ask for a Medium!! Even the sales girls were shocked. They were used to me going in for XL and L earlier this year.

Saturday I will return home and have Schmitty’s wedding reception. Can’t wait! Get to bed at a semi decent hour then head back out-of-town before the sun rises for The Color Run. I have my race day outfit prepared and ready to go! I am sure that even though I will not be running that it will be a ton of fun and I will get to spend time with a friend I do not see often.

Everything is ready for The Color Run, Ann Arbor!

The knee is feeling even better today, the stairs at home are easier to climb and that is a good sign. I am itching to get back to my workouts. I am not looking forward to seeing where this hiatus has left my fitness level. Getting back to where I was shouldn’t be too much of a problem or take long , well lets hope so.

After the weekend I have 2 nominations/awards to blog about. Vacay, injury and laziness has kept me from keeping up with my blogging duties. :p I have not forgotten and will get it done! Promise!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday!

Getting better..

Well, I think my knee is getting better. It still hurts but I was able to do a little more last night at the gym. It may not be much but I was able to jog for 6 minutes before I had to move back down to a brisk walk and I was able to use the elliptical machine for 20 just fine. Even though I know I still will not be running on Sunday for The Color Run, having the option of short bursts of jogging makes me happier. Maybe by Monday I will be able to attempt starting Pump again. 🙂

And for your viewing pleasure here are some pictures from our trip to Idaho.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am going outside.


It has been decided that if I am going to successfully do The Color Run 5k I should start running outdoors, on the cement. The treadmill was good to get started on but experiencing and getting better a the real thing is probably a good idea. Without the treadmill pulling my feet along lets see how I do today 🙂

Today is day 88 of Les Mills Pump, that means two more days to go! It is almost unbelievable that it is this close to the end the 90 days of Round One! Sometimes it surprises me that I was able to stick it through!  Hoping my hormones don’t mess with my final weigh in, I know, TMI, but for a few days I am always 10 lbs heavier. I am sure that it will work out fine.

I do not think I will be blogging tomorrow (may squeeze in another today though). I have a wedding to attend. It will be the first time I will be wearing my new dress. So excited. I love dressing up. I have to wash and curl my extensions, get ready, you know the usual. Have to get ready early because the wedding is two towns over. I am sure I won’t be home until the wee hours of the morning. So I will see all of you Sunday!

Just a quickie today

It’s Friday!!! Fridays are usually crazy busy around here and today is no exception. Blogging shouldn’t even be on my to do list today but it was decided that it is a must. I was a blogging slacker last weekend and have a feeling this weekend will be the same. Here is todays to do list

  • Workout (Pump Revolution, the squat track is amazing BTW)
  • Lunch
  • Parent Volunteer for Emma’s class ice cream party. They had amazing reading scores and earned a party!
  • Take Emma to Swim Lessons
  • Make dinner
  • Pack Emma for her sleep over and drop her off
  • Pick up Heather
  • Psychic Party (so freaking excited to do something different)
  • Evening out with friends

In a list I guess it doesn’t seem like much. Maybe because some of this stuff is time-consuming. Eh. Whatever. Tomorrow I start getting the garden ready for planting! I can’t wait I love gardening, and with me doing so much better health wise I can really enjoy it for once. So the vegetable garden is going to be nothing short of awesome this year and I am replanting around the pond area too! My DH put in the new pond insert and bought me new trellis so I can put in some beautiful climbing perennials 🙂

Yesterday the carpet order was finalized. Within the next 2 weeks or so my new carpeting will be in and I can start putting things back on the walls. Now just a new chair and media center are needed. I have found a few chairs I love, each one is so expensive. I always gravitate toward the pricey stuff without even knowing it is. Must be my good taste. Also,  Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Upgrade is officially ordered.

9 days of Round one left!! 9 DAYS! The time sure is flying by. I still love doing Pump and am so glad that I stuck to it! Almost time to transition to running outside so I can get used to hitting the pavement. I know the treadmill is not the same. But it has been great for building up my stamina. I still have quite a bit of work to do to be in the cardiovascular shape I want to be in for The Color Run. There are 71 days left so there is plenty of time to get prepared.


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