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Tomorrow is the Big Race!

Today marks the last day before I become zombie bait! I can’t wait! I am a little scared because the announced that there will be a huge hill to climb as well as rounds of steep stairs to maneuver while being chased by the zombies. So I am sitting here eating my yogurt and wondering. “Am I really ready for this?” Hell no! I am not ready for this race! If I were to be running the entire thing I would die! But I know I can handle a mix of walking and jogging and the doctor has given me the okay to do it

The dreaded hill!


I already stated before that the race is not 3.1 miles but 3.5. They announced the huge hill and stairs the other day. And today it was officially announced that there will be 1,140 runners and 443 zombies. That is a lot of zombies per survivor. Let’s say goodbye to my life strips now! Even though the stats are a bit intimidating and I know my strips will be all gone and I will be deemed a zombie at the end I am really looking forward to this. My friends will be there and it is going to be a blast no matter what. I am excited to see how everyone does.

Afterwards there is a awards ceremony, costume contest and concert at the finish. Of course beverages for those who can have them. I think I will bring a thermos of hot tea. I hear fetuses don’t care for beer so much. LOL. I am totally kidding. I know they don’t!

The race shorts are pretty friggin’ sweet!

Today I HAVE to find some running pants and a sweat shirt that will fit me properly. I am kind of kicking myself in the butt for not keeping any of my larger sized clothes from my weight loss. But, their presence could have been a crutch that would make it okay to gain once again. I really can’t say anything bad about my gain now. It’s just what happens when you grow humans. Can’r forget to get batteries for the headlamps either! Can’t race without a flashlight or headlamp.

We are leaving town early in the a.m. and we are all meeting up for breakfast and driving down. There will be plenty of time to grab lunch in GR, check into our hotel, check out the area and head to registration for bib/shirt pick up. I will not be blogging tomorrow but you can look forward to reading all about it after I am back in town.

Have a fantastic Friday and a Super Saturday! Wish me luck! I may not be the best there but I will try my best!

Have a Haunted Halloween Weekend!

I’m Zombie Bait – The Zombie Dash Grand Rapids, MI

Only four days left until The Zombie Dash! Being given the okay to participate by the doctor made me happy, but actually running this race is not going to happen. That is my restriction. No running, a brisk walk or leisurely jog is all that is allowed. So, let’s just say my time will be embarrassing, but it is okay. Honestly I am far from ready to full on run anything. Over the past few months being sick and sedentary has been my thing. I am just happy that I can participate and do something other than sit around and moan and groan.

We registered before the pregnancy and everyone has been so excited to do this. Other than working on our running we have done the fun stuff to prepare. Rooms are booked, we are about set to hit the road, and tutus are made. For this race I choose to do camo colors. Seems suiting for trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The girls came over and we had dinner, snacks and I introduced everyone to the art of tutu making. It made for a fun night. Of course we had a Walking Dead marathon playing in the background to get us in the survivor spirit.

Want to make your own running tutu? Check out my tutorial! Click here for tutu making fun: Fluffy Runner’s No-Sew Tutorial

Team Zombie Bait rocking our tutus! Don’t mind our dinner and snack mess , pretend you can’t see my kitchen 🙂

Today, I am going to do some more walking to prep myself for Saturday, we will have an hour to clear the course and it is a bit over a 5k, 3.5 miles to be exact. So even if I walked the entire thing without a jog (I will jog some though) I can make it through. All of the girls are going to stick with me so we will all be pokey together. It is going to be so much fun. The zombies will get out life strips and make us zombie bait!

For more info on the race you can check them out here…

Today I Rejoin the Living.. Kind Of

Well, it is Thursday morning and I have been up and moving for a while now. So glad I don’t feel like a zombie or on my death-bed

Me donning my Zombie Chic look

anymore. I can’t stand being out of commission, or not being able to eat. I did manage dinner last night. Found a Chinese place that let me custom order the bloody hell out of my dinner. Maybe they missed our business seeing we no longer regular the place. I asked for Szechuan Beef, no MSG, no salt, no sugar, the veggies to not be sautéed with soy sauce and use as little oil as possible, half meat and double veggies. They made it with no problem. Granted it didn’t taste like the Szechuan beef I was used to having but this lighter version of it was really good and I was so happy to not cook and actually eat something. By 6pm the lack of eating really got to me.

I am also glad to get back to my workouts, I feel weird on a day when I can’t. It’s part of my daily structure and a habit now, so not exercising throws things off. I also get really paranoid if I miss a day and have to hop on the scale the next day to see how bad the damage was. I know it sounds crazy but I always end up heavier the day after I skip. I always seem to retain water the day after I miss. I am sure it is from being ill the day before and not eating or hydrating the way I should, plus so many meds make me retain it is crazy. I always go back to normal the day after get back to the grind.

Yesterdays missed workout was Pump Extreme and today’s workout is Hard Core Abs and Flow and tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day. So, I am thinking I will do Extreme and a bit of cardio today and move hard Core Abs and Flow to tomorrow, those are super easy workouts anyhow and I usually do light cardio or low impact aerobics on my rest days anyhow. It will be easy to not fall behind and      have to start the workout week over. My 90 days will end as planned still, so glad! I really need to start the C25K too so i am ready for the run in July. It is looking like pretty much everyone who said they wanted to join my team are dropping like flies, I am getting the I can’t run, or I have something to do for 2 hours the morning before, or I didn’t plan on having to register yet. Registration was pushed back 2 weeks so you actually had two extra weeks. But oh well. I will have enough to get my minimum plus one or two, so it is all good. It isn’t up to me to make someone do this 5k, it is a walk-able one so it isn’t like there are these huge expectations, even fat and out of shape as all get up I could walk three miles when I wanted to. I just rarely did. I am also making runners tutus for it using Idiot Runner Girl’s tutorial on her blog. I am super excited. I am trying to decide if I am going to wear all white with a rainbow tutu, all white including the tutu, or just white on top? I am thinking that this run I may even brave wearing real shorts for the first time in three years. I’ve been really self-conscious of my chunky legs, and didn’t want to be “that fat girl” wearing something she shouldn’t be wearing. We will see, because I still at this moment am not happy with the size of my thighs, but I am working on it, and they are toning up and thinning out bit by bit. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be closer to where I want them by July.

Today I have the house to myself, this is an extremely rare occasion. My dear husband works from home and insists on doing 99% of

If only I had a dinosaur to jump rope in my living room with!

his work from the couch. He is out-of-town for the day and the kiddo is in school. You have no idea how big of a deal this is. I can have the TV on what I want to watch, or listen to MY music, I don’t have to tip toe through the house because DH thinks conference calls should be done from the couch (I still love him to death, I just don’t understand some things he does, Mars and Venus right?) and if I even breathe to loudly I get “the look” or he runs off to the garage like a bat out of hell, then I get to feel bad (only for a second though). So now I have to find a way to take advantage of the next seven hours with no other humans around. i think i may start it by shutting off the phones so i am not bothered all freaking day. I think I will get two hours of workout in, try to make up a recipe for quinoa no-bake no added sugar cookies. Maybe I will jump rope in the living room just because I can!

No doughnuts but…..

Happy Friday everyone!

Just so you know. I did not have a doughnut last night! Go me! I did melt some cheese with sriracha sauce on    some whole grain baked tortilla chips. A whopping 310 calories worth. So I feel guilty this morning and am fighting the urge to step on the scale.! i haven’t been eating enough over the past week so I am sure my indulgence will not hurt me. On the other hand the not eating enough calories for the week may. I have had a small appetite all week. Still eating all my meals, just not much of them. Getting lots of my veggies in at least. I am sure that will bounce back after I get sleeping  again and this Fybro flare passes. After this and Emma gets on the bus I am going back to bed for an hour and hoping it refreshes me a little. I am sleeping in until 9 tomorrow, I’ll just have to threaten some lives before I go to bed, both human and pet.

I wanted to start Couch to 5K  yesterday. But I did not. Too tired. I sis get my scheduled workout in though. Pump and Shred, I killed it.   I may give it a try tonight if not for sure tomorrow.

I found another 5k that I really want to do. My friends and I dress up and go out for Halloween for mine and one other friends birthday every year. But I am thinking it is time to change it up a bit. There is a zombie 5k The Zombie Dash this April but now they are going to plan a Halloween Weekend one! It is a 5k plus Zombie Apocalypse. And if you know me you know I love me some zombies. You start at a cabin in the woods and have to make it to safety without being caught by zombies, So in a way capture the flag/race/awesomeness.  If no one else wants to do it I may just have to ditch everyone for the Halloween Birthday Extravaganza Weekend that I plan every year.

And to round off this post here is a picture of what I made for dinner last night. Udon Noodle Soup with Shrimp, Crab and lots of veggies. with a spinach salad. Have a nice day 🙂 Time for my nap then onto hours upon hours of neglected housework to catch up on.


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