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Days 38 & 39 of Les Mills Pump

lmp day 38 and 39

Days 38 and 39 of 120 Days of Les Mills Pump are officially completed.

Yesterday’s workout was Pump and Shred. I kind of listened to the doctor and cut out the lunges. I still did the squats just did them with half the weight on the bar as normal and didn’t dig as deep as normal. Modified the plank track and just held plank while they were doing the planks with alternating arm circles. The whole splint thing made those impossible to do.

Hard Core Abs as well as Flow were on the calendar for today. Both went well. The splint is off my hand so I was able to give the alternating push up planks a go. I got a few sets in before it started to hurt my hand, once that happened I held plank. I just can’t wait for this knuckle to heal up so I can get back to doing things properly. Flow went well.  Did not have to modify anything but did not feel as stretched out and loose as i normally do after completing the practice.  Probably because I am a genius that decided that eating spicy Thai soup 20 minutes before abs and yoga was a great idea. Those down dogs were spicy. Not in a good way either. The heartburn is still haunting me!

It was nice being able to workout during daylight hours today though! Housework and things like that were passed on so i could head down while Mr. Baby napped. No biggie, there is always tomorrow. It surely is not happening tonight.  Tonight was Fall Fest at Emma’s school and wearing Mr. Baby around pooped me out!


Days 32 and 33 of 120

87 Days to go!!

87 Days to go!!

Yesterday was day 32 of 120 Days of Les Mills Pump. The good old stitched up hand was throbbing so I swapped yesterday with today. Day 33 was a rest day so I figured why not. So yesterday was deemed a rest day. spent the day at a doctor’s office (always fun), had lunch with a good friend, babysat, cooked dinner and all that fun stuff. And you can’t forget that it was Thursday and Vampire Diaries was on!

Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs and Flow. Got a few of the Plank to Push Ups in then had to drop down to a regular plank. Not that I couldn’t do them but it was hurting the good old hand. This knuckle thing is ridiculous. You never notice how much you need to use it until it is stitched up. I swear the thing looks like an evil smile face. During flow I didn’t get all the moves in for the same reason. My best was put into it and that is what matters.

Had a houseful of kids this evening, it was a lot of fun! Mr Baby stayed up past his baby bedtime relishing in all the fun and excitement. Hoping this means he sleeps good for me tonight! He even took a minute of his time to pinch where my stitches are and rip one of them a bit. OUCH!!

Food wise I have been pretty good at staying clean. Things that are not taste fake now so it is easier to not give into temptation. It will only keep getting easier!

Now it is time to finish watching Silver Bullet and try to get 475 more calories in for the day. Kind of behind!

Day 28 of 120

From the title you would know that today was day 28 of 120 days of Les Mills Pump. On the schedule today was Flow. Flow is a yoga workout. I did my best but was unable to put weight on my hand so it wasn’t the greatest workout. Sticking within physical limitations I did my best and that is what matters right? Please tell me I am right. Medical issues really seem to be getting in the way of getting through this program.

Really hoping I will be able to grasp and hold onto the weights tomorrow. If not the workout will have to be done sans weight. If my fingers are bent or any pressure is put on my hand it pulls at the stitches. Let me tell you. It is quite painful. At this moment it is still bleeding too so who knows. I wonder if she should have put more than two stitches in. Word of advice do not gash open your knuckle. Pain in the butt to do anything!

lmp day 28

Day 18 of 120 FINITO!

lmp day 18

Actually I finished the workout a couple of hours ago, been working on homework with Emma since. I would have never thought that in the Second Grade a child would get as much homework as she does. It is crazy!!

This afternoon while Ian napped I went to lunch with my Mother-In-Law. It is always nice to get a chance to catch up. Also had to break down Ian’s schedule. Her and my FIL are postponing their trip back to their winter home to watch the kids while I am fulfilling my Matron of Honor Duties. This will be the first time anyone other than myself or my husband has had Ian overnight. CRAZY! A friend of mine is coming to stay at the house to watch my zoo. She is bringing her dog so Tico should have a blast. he loves little dogs. Anyhow back to lunch, even though we were out I ate healthy, a steak, salad and sweet potato (sans the sugar) and washed it down with some lemon water. She wanted Olive garden but was nice enough to not take me to the sweet, sweet land of cream sauces, white pasta and delicious breadsticks as far as the eye can see. Good thing too given my hormones are a raging I would’ve given in and eaten all the breadsticks in the place! I love me some Olive Garden breadsticks! 

Yep, this would have been me!

Today’s scheduled workout was a combination of Hard Core Abs and Flow. Still feeling like my form is bad during the planks. I definitely need to invest in a mirror. It could be correct and I just feel awkward because I am in terrible shape right now. Who knows? All in all it was a productive workout and I feel good about it. Tomorrow is a rest day so there may not be a new blog. We will see. Happy Thursday all! 



Arrrrgh! Day 11 of 120 Finished.

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day! I seriously thought about doing this entire post in pirate speak. Just because I can and I would find it to be very amusing.

So today was Day 11 and Flow was the scheduled workout for the day. That is finished, it went well. I almost biffed it once and that was it. Not to shabby! The only frustrating things is some of the poses literally make my fat rolls pinch me and my big freaking chest get in the way.  At least those are issues that will improve over time. So no need to worry about it. I have to pick my battles.

Along with it being Talk Like a Pirate Day it is Pat’s birthday. Emma choose for us to make him the Chocolate Chess Pie I mentioned in yesterday’s blog (here). I am not allowed to cut into it. Emma said that I can’t touch it until after her and her dad have dessert together.  So the pic and recipe will have to happen either tonight or tomorrow. The dinner she chose for the evening is creamy chicken enchiladas. I have never made them before and literally eaten them twice in my life. When I make enchiladas I make them authentic. After looking up a recipe I saw that they are basically made up of a bunch of processed food thrown together. I went and bought everything I could to make them as clean as possible.

So for dinner I will not be eating exactly 100% clean but it is a birthday and my DD really wanted to make these things for him. I will be okay with 80% clean. After dinner I am attending a wine walk. The wine will of course not be clean. I don’t care. I haven’t had a glass of wine in forever it seems. So I will have 16 samples tonight on the walk. If I am walking while drinking wine does it count as exercise??

And in pirate…….

So this day was Day 11 ‘n Flow was th’ scheduled sword fight fer th’ day. That be finished, it went well. I almost biffed it once ‘n that was it. Not to shabby! th’ only frustratin’ thin’s be some ‘o th’ poses literally make me fat rolls pinch me ‘n me big freakin’ chest get in th’ way. At least them be issues that gunna improve over the hour. So no need to worry ’bout it. I have to pick me battles. Along wit’ it bein’ speak Like a scurvy pirate Day it be Pat’s birthday. Emma choose fer us to make him th’ Chocolate Chess Pie I mentioned in yesterday’s blog (here). I be not allowed to cut into it. Emma said that I ain’t touch it ’til after her ‘n her salty sea-sea monster ‘o a dad have dessert together. So th’ pic ‘n recipe gunna have to happen either t’night or to’morrow. th’ dinner she chose fer th’ evenin’ be creamy chicken enchiladas. I have never made them before ‘n literally eaten them twice in me life. When I make enchiladas I make them authentic. After lookin’ up a recipe I saw that they be basically made up ‘o a bunch ‘o processed grub thrown together. I went ‘n bought everythin’ I could to make them as spit shine as possible. So fer dinner I gunna not be eatin’ exactly 100% spit shine but it be a birthday ‘n me DD really wanted to make these thin’s fer him. I gunna be okay wit’ 80% spit shine. After dinner I be attendin’ a meed swim. th’ meed gunna ‘o course not be spit shine. I don’t care. I haven;t had a glass ‘o meed in forever it seems. So I gunna have 16 samples t’night on th’ swim. If I be sailin’ while drinkin’ meed does it count as exercise??

Day 7 of 120 & Going Shoeless

Today is Day 7 of 120. That means only 113 days to go. At the end of week 1 I really do not feel any different at all, honestly there was no expectation to.  Well there is soreness and exhaustion but should we really count that? Hoping my energy level goes up next week. Today is a rest day but more than likely I will end up in the Basement of Doom and do a little something that is low impact and that will help stretch and lengthen the muscles. Flexibility and I do not belong in the same sentence as of now.

After doing some reading and research working out barefooted sounds like something to try.  Many people swear by their shoes but I see many points of going shoeless. Granted anything outdoors I would always wear shoes. Being barefooted outdoors freaks me out. On the beach in the sand is the only place you will find me outside without shoes on.  Yoga is already done barefoot or in a pair of yoga socks so I have that down already.

Athletic shoes can change your center of gravity thus making your weight shift forward. Your body will compensate and in turn exaggerate your lumbar curve and overextend the back. I really think this would make lifting a bit more comfortable. Especially on days where my Fibromyalgia is acting like a jerk.  it is said that barefoot exercise helps strengthen the feet, improve balance, muscle alignment, reduce foot and ankle pain as well as reduce the chance of injury.

I don’t feel like there is any harm in trying. If I don’t like it I can always put my shoes on. Simple as that.


If Arnold did it can it really be that bad of a thing to try???

Working out without shoes is far from a new concept and may not appeal to everyone. By no means am I a doctor and all around orthopedic know it all. So you should do your research and talk to a doctor before starting a workout.

Day 4 of 120

Four days in and I haven’t keeled over and died of a heart attack or anything so you could say things are going well. On the schedule for today was a 40 minute walk and Flow. The 40 minute walk turned into a 65 minute walk and a 5 minute jog. Someone was being crabby today so we had to stop too many times so I figured that I should tack on some time as to not cheat. The 5 minutes of jogging was as much as I could do. Seriously. I think I am in worse shape this time around than when I started blogging last Feb! The months of being on bedrest killed me. Being 100% sedentary can’t be good for anyone (except little babies that need to stay in).  No worries though. I will get there one of these days. Just got to keep moving along. All in all it was a good walk.

Flow provided an awesome stretch but showed me how much work is needed in the flexibility department. It sure moved faster than the stuff I have been doing the past week and a half! Broke a good sweat, that’s for sure! I felt pretty good after so I did a few crunches and stuff. Not too much.

Eating clean is still going well. Kind of overdid the cheese today so I may have went over my calories. Trying to stay at 1200 per day. Guessing on portion sizes because I am super-duper awesomely smart and melted my digital kitchen scale to the toaster over. And yes, that is a totally possible thing to do. Word of advise, do NOT forget that you have it on the toaster oven and then broil something in said toaster oven. You will have a kitchen scale fatality.

Thinking of hitting up the Downtown Saginaw Farmer’s Market tomorrow and looking for something for Mr. Baby to wear for our family pictures and I will need a pair of skinny jeans to wear too. been avoiding buying clothes due to the fact that I do not plan to be this size for to long.  But I need to look decent for our pics! Doing them at an apple orchard this year, it should be tons of fun! Kind of early to get pictures for Christmas cards and such but when our girl is in town I have to scoop her up! You can check her out here Ashley Nichole Photography. She is amazing! If I ever move I have to take her with me!

Anyhow… 116 days to go!

Day 3 of 120 – Ouch!

Day 3 – Les Mills Pump.

Today’s scheduled workout was Pump Challenge. It certainly is a challenge, I am still sore after doing it on Day 1 of 120. Sore to the point where getting out of a chair or ascending and descending stairs feel like a form of torture. Right now the pain sucks but given a little time I will go back to finding it more refreshing than tortuous.  It has been a year since I last worked out like this so forgive me for being a big whiny baby for a couple of weeks,

After Pump Challenge I did an Energizing Yoga practise. Having fybro issues lately I don’t think I could attempt to workout without the yoga.

Look for a post soon that has my before pics, weight and measurements. I will be working on that shortly.  Everything is all measured and recorded. Just have to get typing it out.


Lately I just want to get moving, previously I had posted about a prenatal yoga routine I found and have been waiting for the okay to do it. Finally I have the okay so tomorrow morning it will be added to my morning routine. My mornings consist of getting Emma ready and off to school, taking meds, letting the dog out, feeding pets and vitamins and having breakfast. so nothing fantastic or difficult to do. It will be a nice change.

Honestly I am not looking for it to change my fitness level or get me in shape. There is a ton of work that will have to be done for that. What I am hoping for is a little more flexibility to develop over the next few weeks and some relief for the leg craps I have been experiencing every morning and night. Not sure if it would actually help but my legs not constantly falling asleep would be nice too.

My workout area in the basement is cluttered with stuff that had been moved after the basement had flooded but yoga does not take up much space so to the den I go. It will not take much to clear out my workout area but it will require a good amount of lifting heavy things so it will have to wait until after the baby comes. No biggie, it will give me something to do later on.

I may venture out today to get some of the things left on the Baby Registry. I have 20% off coupons, may as well use them before they expire and maybe grab some lunch with a friend. My neighbor is hospitalized so I have to wander across the street and feed, water and give meds to her kitties. That will pretty much sun up my day today. I lead such an exciting life 🙂


Week 31!

9 more weeks to go! Or less, I am hoping for a little less. So over pregnancy, I just want to get to the end result!

Here are a few week 31 stats:

  • The baby is around 16 inches long
  • Weight is on average 3.3 lbs (about the weight of 3 navel oranges), I am thinking it is actually more because I have consistently measured a few ounces ahead. I haven’t had an ultrasound in a few so who knows.
  • He is about to hit a growth spurt
  • He is very active, they say the head now can move side to side but I think there is a Cirque du Soleil going on in my uterus.
  • I have half of my hospital bag packed (just my clothes so far) I will finish after the shower and registry completion.
  • We picked the name Ian for Male Fetus. Sorry Kurt at Lost it Big no Kurt or MFer.

Yesterday I did a huge grocery shopping trip! Tons of great stuff on the menu for the next week. Pretty much everything is pretty healthy minus the calzone Emma requested I make. I was lazy and bought dough mix instead of just doing it myself. But all in all this will be my first complete week back to clean eating. I am just going to pretend the calzone is clean, or maybe I will make a salad for myself. Tonight Bulgogi, edamame and rice is on the menu. I need to get that started 5 minutes ago but I decided breakfast and blogging would come first, then dinner, then making cookie dough (not cookies for the house)

I am really looking forward to the baby shower this coming Sunday. Everything is set minus the fact that I need to grab gifts for the hostesses and the first place prize for the diaper raffle. Pat and I decided to host the diaper raffle in lieu of having a diaper party. I never know how I will feel day-to-day or if the baby is going to come early so we figured it would just be easier. I am all for throwing a party but I don’t want to clean my house to have a bunch of men and a keg in it then have to clean more when I am at the end of my pregnancy. i do have Emma’s gift, a locket necklace that I will take her in and let her choose how it is engraved and what picture she would like to put inside. She has been wanting a “real gold or sterling” as she says locket and that is quite the big girl gift so it is perfect for her. One of her grandmothers and great-grandmother and going to have gifts to present to her at the shower too. I love how thoughtful some people are. It is really nice! I have an activity bag for after the baby comes but I decided to give it to her when she goes to the hospital to meet her brother for the first time.

I should hear from the doctor’s office about the yoga I found, hoping I get a yes so I can do something. Been missing working out and I am itching to be a bit more active, even if it is only yoga.

I have my 31 week bump pick to post but I will have to do that later. I left my phone upstairs and it needs to be charged so look out for that later today!


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