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Nice weather = walking!

Now that the weather is nicer it is time to get to walking daily. we have ventured out a couple of times but this Michigan weather keeps flip-flopping around on us. Not that it is a shocker, that’s just how things go here in the Mitten. It seems that we are going to have a nice streak of warm weather and given the time of year I am hoping that it doesn’t cool down to much anymore. Starting today Ian and I started our daily walks. We made it just over a mile today. When we were about to start another loop around the subdivision someone revved up his motorcycle as he rode past us. Ian was not a fan of the sound and so it ended our walk. He decided he was done. But for our first official day it was a decent distance. Hoping for double tomorrow at least.

Relaxing in the stroller enjoying some fresh air :)

Relaxing in the stroller enjoying some fresh air 🙂

Mother Nature

Leave it to her to rain on my parade! Well, rain on my “I am going to try to walk/run/whatever this morning” idea. Oh well, there  is always tomorrow. I need my workout area finished so I can just use the treadmill and my DVDs. If this baby gives me a moment of relief I am thinking that I will go to the gym for a little bit later. We will see how that works out.

Today was Emma’s first day of the First Grade. She was surprisingly  this morning. But alas, she is off to school and all is well. There were tons of friends from last year in her class, so I am sure she will lose those butterflies quickly. I can’t wait to see what she has to say about it this afternoon!

I did eat a yogurt parfait from McDonald’s  this morning without an issue (other than nausea so I will take it) so I am thinking I should go get the stuff to make and have them at home. Yeah, yeah, McDonald’s is bad but we were out and about and I needed to eat now!! Could have been a value meal.

Emma on her first day of First Grade. Not sure why she chose to have her picture taken while standing on the dog bed, but hey, whatever. Kids are strange!

Time to pack!

We leave tomorrow for vacation. So today I need to do laundry (2 loads), sweep, clean cat boxes and get snacks and stuff in the house for our house sitter and pack. Exciting stuff. So all in all there is not much to accomplish. Thank goodness. We were up LATE last night. I checked the weather and the temps will be cooler than what is forecasted here in MI. Still not sure if that is good or bad. it has been easy to get used to this 90 degree plus weather we have been getting every day. Call me crazy but I enjoy sweltering temperatures. It will probably be better for the runs though!

While on vacation the plan is to work out a five times, interval run three times,  eat 85% clean and not gain a pound or inch in that week.

I better get packing. At some point I am sure I will do a little post here and there, nothing long, fantastical or anything amazing. But for the most part the Robinson’s will be MIA until the 10th.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

I’m Back! Here is how week 11 measured up!

Wow, it was strange not writing blogs and reading blogs for a few days. Blogging has become a habit, maybe even a ritual for me. I missed it. I spent the entire weekend painting. When we bought out house every inch of it was brown, every wall, every floor and even the outside is brown (except one bathroom they never bothered painting and the laundry room). The people who built this must have had a brown obsession. The only lived here six months after they built it so they didn’t have a chance to realize that they made a bad choice with all the brown. Upon buying it we knew we didn’t like the brown but would change it over time. We have now rid, 4 bedrooms, the living room, sitting room, kitchen/dining rooms, the upstairs hallway and the foyer of the brown. All that there is left is 2 bathrooms and the carpet. The Carpet guys were supposed to come measure yesterday but did not and will be here tomorrow. Hopefully the new carpet will be in soon! I did not take before pictures just because I was in the let’s do this zone and didn’t think of it but here are the pics I have. The pics are not the best because I am still waiting for Canon to actually do their job.

There you go, that was my weekend in a nutshell. We did also do some shopping around for all mounts for the TV and a new media center. No luck finding what I have in mind. I am very picky I guess. I am hoping to have everything done by the last weekend of the month. I am hosting a jewelry party here and it may be a good thing to not have the house a disastrous mess.

I did well with my food intake over the weekend even with keeping busy. I would have rather had take out all weekend just because it would have been easier. but once I actually made an effort to cook, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was so close to falling into  my old mindset of being busy means that you should just eat what is quickest and came in a take out box. Whew, crisis adverted. I did get a bit of exercise in but not as much as I would have liked. but painting was pretty hard on my hands with the dip in the weather this weekend. My body hates temp changes. Especially when it drops down like it did. I froze my rear off at Emma’s game on Saturday morning. It was so freaking cold! I wish Michigan weather could make up its mind! Anyhow, I rambled off there for a minute. back on topic now. Exercise.  I didn’t put in as much effort as usual. But painting had to be done and it was work so it counts as a bit of my missed workout. All, in all I still was active. The main thing that I was lacking in was my Les Mills Pump. I missed one session of Extreme. Just did a quick Challenge session instead. I skipped Flow, but no biggie, it’s just a 20  minute yoga workout. All in all I think I could have done worse so I am okay with it.  Got back to it full force yesterday.

I suppose you all want to know how I fared with week eleven, here are my stats for the week:

  • Chest: 32 inches  (- 1.5 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches  (- 0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 11.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (- 0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Weight: 171 pounds (-0 pounds)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5

Minus 1.5 inches this week. Not too shabby. I would still really love to see the scale start moving though.

It is so very nice out and….

I have been stuck inside, sick. So, I figured out what made me so down and whiny and workouts far more exhausting, I was sick! After my Tuesday workout I had zero energy, but did not think much of it. a few moments later I was putting something away and saw the thermometer and decided to randomly take my temp.. It was over 102!  I still went and got my chicken wings though 🙂 Yesterday I still had a fever over 102 so decided to skip the workout and sleep all day.  But it was the first day with 70 degree weather here in Michigan so I was unhappy to be sick. Today I still have a fever but it is manageable, I am thinking I should go for a walk or do something else low impact. It is almost 80 degrees today! I feel like I am wasting it because soon it will snow or something. It is Michigan and that is how it works around here! Plus I really do not want to miss a second day of exercise.


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