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Feeling like Jello on Day 8 of 120

The workout scheduled for today was Pump and Burn. It is a really enjoyable one due to the lack of lunges. Lunges are my mortal enemy along with my undying need for cheesecake. But avoiding cheesecake is easier than avoiding the lunges.  I don’t have to make or buy cheesecake but many of the Les Mills Pump workouts have lunges and I wouldn’t be trying if I skipped them.

After finishing Pump and Burn half of my body feels like Jello. Typing this feels awkward because my arms don’t want to be held up. I guess they go the burn part right 🙂

As of today I decided I need to be more mindful of my water intake. Some days go great and on others it is like I forget to drink. No more of that! I understand the importance of drinking enough water and have blogged about it in the past, should take my own advice. Even if it was something from over a year ago!

Anyhow to sum it up. Good workout today, need to drink more water and it’s time to hop in the shower so I can go to the fitting for my bridesmaid dress.

Can’t get enough


There are a few things that always seem to be lacking in my life lately.


Lately I have been running on only a few hours of sleep a night but could nap all day. It is making it hard to be productive. I have been forgoing naps and trying to reset myself so sleeping at night is something that happens again. Too many months of constantly being woken up due to bathroom trips and feeling extremely ill ruined my schedule. Not that sleeping has always been something that I was good at but dang, it is getting worse! The plus side is that if I don’t reset to a better sleeping schedule I will already be used to constantly being up when the baby gets here.


Why the constant feeling of dehydration? Is it even possible to consume any more fluids than I already do? On a daily basis I have been consuming 14 to 18 servings of water a day. It would not be hard to drink more. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing though. Anymore I just might float away! My glucose test results were 101 so pretty much perfect so my OB is not worried and neither am I. Each morning when I get up I must have 3 16 oz glasses of water just to feel like my tongue isn’t covered in sand. It is so weird!

Limbs that work properly:

Sitting, standing, laying and even walking my legs and feet will randomly fall asleep. The Ob said that Male fetus is on my sciatica and that all of my organ and muscles got lazy due to pregnancy. She said that everything in your body relaxes to get ready for delivery but my body decided it was going to get all relaxed and ready early and there is nothing to worry about. But dang is it annoying. Nothing is more fun than walking through the grocery store and having my legs basically give out on me. This is one of the  reasons I can’t exercise, too much risk of getting injured.


As it stands I am not allowed to. No other restrictions though so it is better than being on bed rest. After my next visit in 2 weeks I am hoping to get the okay to do some light walking and/or maybe some prenatal yoga. I personally feel that if I can get a little more activity in it will improve my mood, help me feel more motivated during the day, maybe help with sleep a bit and get my endurance up just a little bit so labor goes smoothly. I just need my treadmill moved to the basement so I can use it. It has been in the foyer forever!


I can’t get enough..

This picture sums up how I feel right about now... DRY!

Water. still feeling dehydrated. I am so tired of water, I feel like I have drunk so much I may drown. Getting re-hydrated is really important though. I started craving soda, something I gave up months ago. Something I have not wanted in so long. So I had some sparkling water with some cherries. It was yummy, quenched my craving and was not a soda. Why would I crave something that would dehydrate me more? maybe my body wants sugar? Meh, who knows. I think I am going to have a cup of tea with some honey and lemon then hit the hay early. I usually do not go to bed until well after midnight, Maybe going to bed at 9:30 will reset me. I have one heck of a workout tomorrow, Pump and C25K tomorrow and contemplating doing so extra abs.

Shopping tomorrow for a new bat for Emma, she has been using her wood bat from T-Ball and I think it is a bit too heavy for her with Coach Pitch. She just isn’t getting any speed in her swing. She wants a pink one to match her cleats and glove. I don’t get my opportunities to get her girly things so this is exciting for me.

Well, I am off to the kitchen to make my tea then heading to bed. Have a good night everyone! See you tomorrow!


Dehydrated is my word for today. We went out for a friend’s birthday last night. I had a little too much fun, granted I fell fine (thank goodness) but I am so incredibly dehydrated it is ridiculous. Was it worth it? Yes, I had a blast, had some great craft beers and spent time with awesome people. Now I pay the price, this is far better than a hangover though. I need to get my workout in for the day but there is no way I am willing to try until I am properly hydrated. Getting dizzy or passing out won’t do me any good, and I doubt it burns any calories. I’ll pass on that. 🙂

With all the fun… errr drinking I have done lately I think it is time to detox a bit. No booze until the 19th, I have a wedding to attend that day so I’ll come off my break that night. It is also the day of the World Expo of Beer. I can’t believe I am missing it this year. It is one of my favorite annual activities. There is always next year!

Six Confessions

1. I did not push myself as hard as I usually do workout wise this weekend, I did at least exercise though so it could be worse.

2. I slept more this weekend than I have in months

3. I was lazy with hydration.

4. I cheated and got on the scale a day early. I am very happy with what I saw and can’t wait for results day tomorrow.

5. My week starts anew today with regular life stuff but my health and fitness week starts on Tuesdays. I started on a Tuesday so now that is set in stone.

6. I had a cheeseburger yesterday on a WHITE bun. Gulp. We went out for lunch and the burgers are preservative free and all natural but they do not offer whole grain buns. I went for it. It was yummy. It was also about 3 oz bigger than any beef serving I am used to eating, I did get a bit of a bloat from it.


So now today I will be sure to:


1. Push myself harder.

2. Continue sleeping.

3. Water, Water, Water!! And then some more water!

4. Not get back on the scale until my Tuesday weigh in tomorrow.

5. Enjoy my week.

6. Well, I don’t think there is much to change about 6, I won’t be eating anywhere but home this week so not having too much beef or bleached flour won’t be an issue. So I will be a good eater.

Dialing it back a little..just for today.

I am S.O.R.E as all get up, I have been keeping up with my daily Les Mills Pump workout schedule and added extra abs, yoga and/or cardio in on some days. Yesterday’s workout was a bit rough and I had some cramping issues during the billion lunges you do during Pump and Shred. So today I am going to up my water and potassium a bit and skip the lunges and squats. I think I will just do an hour of yoga to stretch everything out then just chill. No cardio, no abs, no Pump (too many lunges and squats, which I usually love!). My body said it needs a break, so I guess I will allow it today.

I wish I looked like this while doing Yoga!

I will get a bit of walking in today, I have to go shopping. Tomorrow is my daughters first Coach pitch practice of the year and swim starts soon after. It is about time we get her suited up for her summer sports. She is the ONLY girl on her baseball team this year and is very excited about that. I wonder how rough the boys are going to be on her. She can take it though.


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