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Day 37 of 120 & Doctor Visit Day

lmp day 37

The stitches are officially out! And that is the only good news I got today. So at the visit she decided the stitches definitely needed to come out because they were tearing the skin a bit and causing quite a bit of discomfort.  But here is the kicker. the wound still needs a little time so I get to wear a sexy splint on my finger with a tongue depressor behind it to keep my finger and knuckle from bending, a lovely butterfly closure and some tape over that for at least the next 24 hours. YAY! *note sarcasm.  So workouts were and will be affected by that.

She also took a look at my knee. It constantly sounds like two stones rubbing together. Her thoughts are either the kneecap is slightly off or Osteoarthritis. Neither would be serious so I am not too worried if either is the case. I am scheduled for an x-ray and have a follow-up on November 8th and will know for sure what the issue is. The part that gets me is that she said no running, no jogging, no aerobics, no lunges, and no squats until after my follow-up appointment and we know for sure what is going on. Honestly, the no lunges part did not bother me at all. Everyone knows I loathe lunges. Thinking I am going to keep the squats but just not hit them as hard. Time to be a rebel. Plus I just don’t see how it can hurt doing it for a couple of weeks more. I would miss out on so much of the Les MIlls Pump program if I cut everything out. I will not run, jog, do aerobics or lunge and will cut back on the squats.  Going to do my best at sticking with the program as much as possible and just modify the hell out of certain things for now.

Today’s scheduled workout was Hard Core Abs along with a 40 minute walk. Got through hard core abs minus the last track. No way i wan balance myself on my hand with this darn splint and tongue depressor on it. For the walking portion I hopped on the treadmill and just walked at a fairly brisk pace.


You can’t see it but the tongue depressor shoved behind the splint it not comfortable. Doesn’t this just look super fun?!

Goodbye Te Wero, Hello Panoni

lmp day 35

Phase One of Les Mills Pump is officially completed. Tomorrow is the beginning of Phase Two. Phase Two really steps things up. No more Pump and Burn with the exception of 1 day that it is paired with Hard Core Abs, no more 30 minute workout days. Hoping that Phase Two revs up the results. Honestly there are no complaints to be made as far as results go as of yet. Was losing on average 1.35 pounds per week. Not too shabby if i do say so myself.

Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs along with a 45 minute walk. Opted for the 45 minute walk today. Most of the day was fairly rough. Woke up feeling terrible and had some sulfur esque issues. Most of the day was wasted in bed. I am positive that it was due to my poor food choices yesterday. Lesson learned. Sure indulging in something within reason is not a terrible thing to do. But overindulgence is not good.

Day 34 of 120 – Totally Messed Up

Well it is Day 34 of 120 Days of Les Mills Pump. Tomorrow is the final day of Te Were – phase 1 then onto Panoni – phase 2.

lmp day 34

Today we took the kids along some extra kids to the pumpkin farm. Everyone had a great time. It was a wonderful day to share with our family and friends! I do have a confession to make while we were there I ate like total CRAP! I had a doughnut, some fries and a soda. Yikes. Honestly packing something healthy did not even come to mind. It was dumb to assume that there would be a healthy option at a pumpkin farm. To top if off when we got home I had a slice of pizza. Granted I only went approximately 200 calories over my daily set amount. But I did it by having a little junk and not enough good stuff. The only healthy thing about today was my breakfast and I had a bunch of water.

Once we got home and all of the kids that do not belong to me went home it was fairly late. Not to far after Mr. Baby’s bedtime routine needed to get started and then Emma decided to go sleep over somewhere so I had to pack her up. Once she left I was pooped. DH wanted to rent a movie and veg out so he ran put to pick up a flick and i went and got my pjs on. Then it was time to join the real world again and tell myself that I ate like crap and did not workout. A couple hours of walking around while baby-wearing doesn’t count as an actual workout. So Immediately I went downstairs and did my daily workout. In my pjs mind you. Had to do it and right at that moment because if i sat down it would not happen. So here I am after 45 minutes of Pump and Shred. Sore and tired as hell. But I did it. May of been reluctantly but  it still counts. It was not done half assed either.

Now it is time to veg out and watch our movie. Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!!

Day 30 Progress Report (Weigh in)

lmp day 30


30 days down and 90 days to go! 90 sounds so much better than 120, that is for sure. Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs as well as a 45 minute walk.  Hard Core Abs went well. I gave the planks a try and got a few in before my hand was telling me that it was a bad idea. At that point it was taken down to a plain old regular plank resting on my forearms. At least I tried! The the 45 minute walk I hopped on the treadmill. I warmed up, then jogged until my knee was mad at me then walked briskly until I did a cool down. Was able to go at 6 mph for a mile and a half before slowing it down. That is actually pretty good for me lately. The old creaky knee likes to give me a hard time. I really wish I could go that long outside without having to pace it back to a power walk.

So today was the day to weigh and measure myself to see where I stand after these first 30 days. I was actually quite pleased with what the scale and measuring tape had to say. As far as the progress pictures go it doesn’t look like there was any change. I think I have a bit before any results obviously show.

  Day 1 Day 30 Day 60 Day 90 Day 120 Total Loss
CHEST 36” 35.5”       .5”
WAIST 42.5” 40.75”       1.75”
HIPS 45.5” 45”       .5”
BUST 42” 40”       2”
NECK 13” 13”       0”
R. FOREARM 9.5” 9.25”       .25”
L. FOREARM 9.5” 9.5”       0”
R. UPPER ARM 13” 12.75”       .25”
L. UPPER ARM 12.75” 12.5”       .25”
R. THIGH 27.75” 27”       .75”
L. THIGH 27.5 27.25”       .25”
R. CALF 15.75” 15.5”       .25”
L. CALF 15.75” 15.25”       .5”
WEIGHT 189.7 lbs 184.2 lbs       5.5 lbs
BMI 30.6 (obese) 29.7 (obese)       .9
PANT SIZE 14 14       0
TOTAL INCHES           7.25”

5.5 lbs and 7.25 inches.. not too shabby! Surpassed my goal of 5 lbs and 5 inches!







So I suppose a goal should be set for the next 30 days. I think I will stick with 5 and 5. 5 more pounds and 5 more inches. Got to keep it realistic.


Day 21 In the Bag

lmp day 21

I am sure you figured it out by the title that today was day 21. So there are 99 days left to go and 9 days until I weigh and measure in. Kind of feeling torn about that, I am excited to see how I have progressed but am a little scared that I haven’t. There should be no way that I have not made any progress. But weigh ins always give me a bit of anxiety. That is why I choose to do it monthly instead of weekly.

Today’s scheduled workout was Hard Core Abs along with a 45 minute walk. I still feel like I am struggling with form with those plank to push-up thingies but I am at least conscious of my mistakes so it will be easier to work my way to getting them down. As far as the 45 minute walk i choose to do something else. It seems I always choose to do something else. The thought of a 45 minute walk kind of bores me and seems unchallenging. The 45 minute walk was replaced with a 5 milk walk video. It is a combination of walking, jogging, aerobics and resistance band training. Even during the resistance bend miles you are still moving. I did the entire 5 miles plus warm up and cool down so it equaled out to 75 minutes of cardio. Whew! I am tired now! It was a fun video. It was the Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home – 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk. Quite an enjoyable workout! The 75 minutes goes shockingly fast.

As far as food intake that is still going pretty well. I went a little over calorie wise today due to too many nuts but it wasn’t junk food so no need to feel guilty or beat myself up. It was worth it. I wanted a brownie and ate those instead. Good trade-off I think 🙂

Day 14 of 120 Completed!

It is a bit late but day 14 is finally finished. We had another busy day! Today we had our family photos taken, I did not want to workout before they were done this evening because I didn’t want to have to rewash and reset my hair beforehand. So when we got home we had a late dinner, got the kids off to bed, then watched Dexter. That was a must it was quite the finale. Very sad, but it wrapped things up really well. After 7 years of watching Dexter it will be strange not to ever have new episodes. Anyhow after watching Dexter I headed down to the basement and completed Day 14’s scheduled workout. Hard Core Abs along with a 45 minute walk. I am officially pooped out and ready for bed!

Oh and I am definitely back on the wagon food wise. Ate clean today and chugged down some extra water. I still always feel thirsty so finding a way to get more water in without feeling like I had too much is a must. Right now I am getting about 80 ounces of water in a day. Why am a still freaking thirsty??

Day 4 of 120

Four days in and I haven’t keeled over and died of a heart attack or anything so you could say things are going well. On the schedule for today was a 40 minute walk and Flow. The 40 minute walk turned into a 65 minute walk and a 5 minute jog. Someone was being crabby today so we had to stop too many times so I figured that I should tack on some time as to not cheat. The 5 minutes of jogging was as much as I could do. Seriously. I think I am in worse shape this time around than when I started blogging last Feb! The months of being on bedrest killed me. Being 100% sedentary can’t be good for anyone (except little babies that need to stay in).  No worries though. I will get there one of these days. Just got to keep moving along. All in all it was a good walk.

Flow provided an awesome stretch but showed me how much work is needed in the flexibility department. It sure moved faster than the stuff I have been doing the past week and a half! Broke a good sweat, that’s for sure! I felt pretty good after so I did a few crunches and stuff. Not too much.

Eating clean is still going well. Kind of overdid the cheese today so I may have went over my calories. Trying to stay at 1200 per day. Guessing on portion sizes because I am super-duper awesomely smart and melted my digital kitchen scale to the toaster over. And yes, that is a totally possible thing to do. Word of advise, do NOT forget that you have it on the toaster oven and then broil something in said toaster oven. You will have a kitchen scale fatality.

Thinking of hitting up the Downtown Saginaw Farmer’s Market tomorrow and looking for something for Mr. Baby to wear for our family pictures and I will need a pair of skinny jeans to wear too. been avoiding buying clothes due to the fact that I do not plan to be this size for to long.  But I need to look decent for our pics! Doing them at an apple orchard this year, it should be tons of fun! Kind of early to get pictures for Christmas cards and such but when our girl is in town I have to scoop her up! You can check her out here Ashley Nichole Photography. She is amazing! If I ever move I have to take her with me!

Anyhow… 116 days to go!

Reclaiming My Space

As some of you may . know from previous posts made many moons ago the Great basement Flood of 2012 took place in my basement. Darn sump went out and the rest is history. There was no major damage structurally, no molding or any of the real pain in the butt problems that can come with a basement taking on massive amounts of water. Though we did lose hundreds of books 😦 and Pat lost a ton of paperwork. the rest of the stuff that was ruined needed to be purged anyhow. The real issue was the wet basement odor that took months to get rid of. During clean up a ton of stuff was moved to my workout area that I was not using at the time and it never made it back to where it belongs. then the treadmill was moved down there and became a shelf and the Christmas stuff only made it to the bottom of the steps where my workout space is conveniently located. Soooo, I will not be walking the next few days, all of my down time will be devoted to reclaiming what was once mine. Workouts won’t happen unless I have somewhere to do them so it must be done. Plus, with all of the lifting, moving, purging, and putting in new carpet I will get enough exercise to make up for not walking.. right? If not oh well, there are not a ton of moments to do what I want with Ian, Emma, the house, meals, pets and all that fun stuff. Sometimes choices have to be made and I choose to do this for myself so I have an area to get things back to as they were and get back in shape.

Today I have been working on teaching Ian to nap in his crib. He is so used to me always being with him. He naps in whatever room of the house I am in. So the bassinet, swing and bouncer are what he is used to. If he can happily nap in his room in his crib maybe he will nap for a little longer with it being dim, quieter and he can get used to me not being present. even in a dead sleep he knows when I leave the room. That wakes him up more so than light and noise, the little bugger will sleep through the vacuum  tv and the dog barking. I have had to go comfort him quite a bit but the time in between is getting longer. It may sound gross but I placed one of my breast pads in his crib this time so he has my scent there. Maybe that will make a difference and I can gradually move it out of his room later. We will see. I am hoping for more consistent napping so I will have a consistent and fairly set amount of time to squeeze my workouts in.

Workout area before...

Workout area before…


Workout area after… UGH! What a mess!!!

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Nice weather = walking!

Now that the weather is nicer it is time to get to walking daily. we have ventured out a couple of times but this Michigan weather keeps flip-flopping around on us. Not that it is a shocker, that’s just how things go here in the Mitten. It seems that we are going to have a nice streak of warm weather and given the time of year I am hoping that it doesn’t cool down to much anymore. Starting today Ian and I started our daily walks. We made it just over a mile today. When we were about to start another loop around the subdivision someone revved up his motorcycle as he rode past us. Ian was not a fan of the sound and so it ended our walk. He decided he was done. But for our first official day it was a decent distance. Hoping for double tomorrow at least.

Relaxing in the stroller enjoying some fresh air :)

Relaxing in the stroller enjoying some fresh air 🙂

2012 The Zombie Dash Recap

Last weekend was The Zombie Dash in Grand Rapids, MI. It was definitely an experience. Mostly fun, a little annoying. But all in our entire entire group decided we would do it again in the future.

We got to Grand Rapids pretty early in the day because we were not quite sure where to go, all we knew was that on the map our hotel looked really close to where the race started. It was! It was right across the street. So that worked out perfectly.
After we checked in we hung out for a few then walked across to the park, it ended up being on the grounds of the Gerald Ford Museum so we took a minute to check out the grave site, figured out where check in would be. Found a metal sculpture of a football player and of course that means it had to be climbed on, humped and pretended to ride it like a bull. Unfortunately I just stood by and laughed because I shouldn’t be climbing statues being pregnant and all. Then we found the big button and took fun pictures with that. Finally we decided to do what we went over there for. To find out where registration, the bathrooms and the start and finish line were as well as check out some of the route. After that we went back to the hotel for some lunch and chilled until check in started for the race.

We went to check in as soon as it opened, so there were no lines yet, it took an entire 3 minutes for a group of 9 to get our shirts, numbers and life strips… Not bad! So we wandered to the hotel once again got tutu’ed (I think I made that word up) and numbered up, watched some Harry Potter and wandered back to the park closer to start. We hopped on an earlier wave just in case we needed extra time. I certainly did.
Once the race started I started out at a jog, once the cold air hit my lungs I was done for! I pushed on for a short distance then decided that it was hard to breathe and I should just walk it. I did not want to push myself and hurt myself or the baby. Not worth it, and even walking I knew that it would be fun either way.

So I am walking along (half of my group was really far ahead of me and some were even behind me) and I get to an area that is riddled with zombies. I decided I would do a slow jog and see if I could get through with life strips. I was surprised that I was able to! So I learned that I could dodge a zombie horde if I really wanted to. But then the whole I can’t breathe thing started again so back to walking for me. This lessened lung capacity because of my growing uterus is kind of annoying. Once I get to the bridge there was another horde, I decided I was just going to walk. Life strips are not more important than my personal comfort and safety. Once I am about half way through one of the zombies was a little too grabby. I got angry. There was a very clearly stated hands-off rule. Just said some words and kept going, he surprisingly did not get my life strips though. Then I heard someone yell “Watch Out!” I turned around and he was behind me and got all grabby again and got a strip, no biggie. But I don’t like strangers touching me and I signed up for an event that was supposed to be “flag” style. O well, I didn’t let it ruin my mood. The next part was a stroll through the woods then I came to Kill Hill. You had an option of an easier paved way up or a grassy, steeper shorted way. I chose the hard way. Holy cow was it steep. I stopped for about 15 seconds in the middle and looked to see if I could see any of my comrades and a nice little boy zombie came up and asked if I needed help. He was so cute and thoughtful.

After getting through the hill I was pretty pooped out for a minute, but I recovered quite quickly and went through this cardboard zombie “city” it was pretty neat actually. Then we looped back around to where the first zombie horde was encountered. Once again one of them decided to get rough, really rough actually. Yanking on my tutu and grabbing my arm. I turned around and hand him my life strip. I was over it. Unfortunately I got a little filthy mouthed and said to him as I handed him my life strip “Here, I am to “f***ing pregnant for your bulls***” Not good on my end but once again, strangers should touch me and there was a rule against it. The rest of the race went well, Pat found me and walked with me the rest of the way, I found another person who was walking and chit chatted with her. We decided that as long as we finish we were good. And I did. My time was an hour and 5 minutes, not bad for walking and talking and all. Unfortunately one person in our group was hurt by an overzealous zombie and had to see a medic. They thought her finger was broken but it is looking like it was just sprained. Either way it should have never happened, they should have been hands off. But she still said she had fun.

After the race they had snacks and beverages of course, a beer tent (I didn’t bother with that), live music and it was nice but COLD! And The Fetus was yelling at me to eat so we waiting for everyone to meet back up hung out for a few and then went and had a nice dinner and some delish cheesecake. We all went to our rooms after warmed up and got some sleep. We meet back up in the morning convoyed to a restaurant, had a yummy lunch and headed home.

All in all it was fun and i will do it again. The organizers, Michigan Adventure Racing did a great job with the race. I also don’t blame then for our zombie issues. Some people just don’t listen and how can you monitor everyone where there are 1,100 runners and almost 500 zombies? You can’t. But maybe those zombies will read this and feel ashamed of themselves.


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