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The Color Run Ypsilanti, MI Recap

They call it The Happiest 5K on the planet. I would like to say they yes, in fact it is. Granted it is not a balls-to-the-wall run your heart out 5K but a frolic and skip kind of 5K.

As my regular reads know I came across The Color Run quite some time ago and decided that would be my first 5K and that I was determined to rock it. I had no idea that it would be so laid back, that in turn was a good thing because I bummed my knee and couldn’t do much running come race day. I ran, walked, skipped and rolled around on the ground and left dirtier than I ever had been in my entire 31 (not so long) years on this planet. The experience was one of a kind and I felt like a little kid, with the stupid grin on my face and all.

What is the appeal? Honestly, for me, it looked fun. why I don’t know. People were confused that I would pay to get doused in colored cornstarch and pay to run. I liked the whole whimsy of it, the fact that I never let go and get too dirty. Except in the garden, but that is different and less like prancing through a rainbow. All that I know is that it was a blast and they announced The Color Run is to be held again in Ypsi next July so I am there!

The premise of The Color Run is to show up in white and get doused with color at each checkpoint. Then after they have a gathering of 15,000 of your closest friends where they play music, have contests and everyone throws their color packets in the air all at once.

All in all Ypsilanti, MI did a great job hosting the run, even with the short notice that was given. The Color Run was originally supposed to be held in Ann Arbor, MI but for some reason it was moved. I heard that it was a permit issue as well as the fact that is the weekend of Ann Arbor’s Art Fair. Either way they did a bang up job and kudos to Ypsi!


My Husband Pat and I prerace

Sarah and I are all clean and ready to go!

This is what 15,000 Color Runners look like before the start


We were in the first wave of runners but pretty far back.

We found an opening and got even closer to the Start Line

Heading into the Yellow Zone

Post Yellow Zone

The cutest little volunteer 🙂 He did a great job getting us all! I wish I would of gotten his name so I can credit him in the pic.

Lots of orange 🙂

Here comes the Blue!

We decided to make blue cornstarch angels

The aftermath of the Blue Zone.

Yay Pink!

Us at the finish line!

We did it!

The Color Party!

After the Color Party. We look like a Unicorn Pooped on us!


















Preview – The Color Run!


I did it! I used a disposable camera so hopefully the pics get developed quickly. Also I can’t figure out how to rotate that pic 🙂

Thanks for the photo help Enter Fitness!

Fluffy Runner’s Tutu a No-Sew Tutorial

So I am a day late on this. Keeping track of time/dates/ anything has not been for forte’ lately. Life has been crazy, thanks to allowing myself to get dragged into other people’s issues. I like to help and it can kick me in the rear sometimes. At least my workouts were charted out for me so I didn’t mess those up!

Anyhow the other night I finished my second tutu for The Color Run in Ann Arbor, MI. Pictures of each step were taken so I can do a tutorial. I based this on Idiot Runner Girl’s tutorial. You can check it out here.. click me

First thing first you need supplies. I am sure you already knew that though!


  • Tulle (125 yards were used to make this tutu)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Measuring Tape
  • Plenty of Time
  • You!

First things first gather up your supplies. I used five colors of 6 inch tulle they came in 25 yard spools. You can buy the wider bolts of tulle also and just cut the strips to make them 6 inches wide. Tulle can be purchased in fabric and crafting supply stores or even online. You can use less for a not so full tutu or more for an insanely full tutu I will assure you that 125 yards will make a pretty fluffy and full tutu.

Supplies.. Measuring tape as well as the pink and purple tulle not shown.

Now that you have your supplies together it is time to turn those rolls of tulle into strips of tulle. I wanted my tutu to be a little bit on the longer side so the tulle was measured and cut into 30 inch strips. This will give you a tutu that is about 14 inches long. This also takes forever. While I measured and cut I watched (well more listened to) a movie. I don’t even recall what it was so it must have not been that good.

The white sheet of paper was to help me see the tulle better while cutting.

Now you need something to put the tulle on, this is where the ribbon comes into play. I cut a 7 foot length of ribbon. It will be too long but it best to cut it longer then trim after you are finished and tie the bow in the ribbon.

Yay ribbon!

It is time to get this tutu going! I used two of the 30 inch strips of tulle and folded them in half. One on top of the other, then made an upside down “U” shape with it, this is the beginning of our loop.

easy peasy

Take your tulle and place it under the ribbon with the top of our loop above the ribbon line.

This is about to get exciting 😛

Fold the top of your loop over the ribbon like so making a closed loop with the ribbon being the top and the tulle being the bottom you should have a “U” shaped hole (loop):

You still with me?

Here is the trickiest part. It is actually pretty simple. Take the two tails (loose ends of tulle on your loop) and pull then through the loop.

There you go!

Now grab the ends and pull into your loop turns into a knot.


And there you go, you have your first knot finished!

1 down, 1 billion to go 😛

Just continue this process in whatever pattern you would like for your tutu. You can even just do it in a solid color. But what fun would that be?

I think you get the point here. Just keep going, and going, and going!

I did not pull my knots tight I left them loose (well, just not super tight)so I could push them together easier to get my proper size for me. I wanted to be sure I used the entire lot of tulle. So as I am looping and knotting away the teasing started. “That is a lot of tutu I thought you were trying to get thinner not fatter.” “How much weight do you plan to gain by July?” ‘Are you and your friend doing a three-legged race and you both need to fit into the same on?” Ahh men, can’t kill them……….. Don’t worry they got it right back. I can be a bit sassy at times. HA!

It was HUGE! Tico also wanted to be included in this post too. Look how cute he is hanging out with mom and supervising the tutu making process.

Next I grabbed the ribbon ends and started to push the tulle knots together pulling any of the knots tighter that looked to big. After it started to shrink in size I put it around my waist and continued to pull until it was the appropriate size for me.


All you have to do now is tie your ribbon in a bow, trim the ends of the ribbon to make them the length you like and get out there and run.  Can’t wait to wear mine at the color run. I have two more after that so I am going to start planning colors and kick out some tutus!

It is full enough to stand on its own!

This was my first tutorial post so I hope that everything was explained well and coherent. These are easy to do and just consume quite a bit of time. So be sure you plan to have an evening free or do it in intervals. Have fun making your tutus!

Me in the latest tutu. it is too full to fit in the mirror. I think I need someone around to be a personal photographer for when I blog.

Running Tutu and Final Decision!

I just finished my first no-sew tutu ever! It turned out really cute. I would have taken pictures and did a tutorial style post but I just didn’t feel like it at the moment. I have to make more of tutu’s anyhow so I will do a tutorial style post with the second tutu I make. Idiot Runner Girl posted a tutu how to on her blog. You can click here to see it.  My husband and friend Jim are already making fun of me. Adult tutu’s are sexy so they can shut up! haha!

I can not wait for The Color Run to wear this! it is going to be super awesome!

I finally got my pictures and stuff on my living room wall last night too! It only took me about 3 days to make a final decision. Hey, I will have to look at it everyday and if I don’t like it I would have to patch and touch up paint and who want’s to patch and touch up paint? No one, that’s who! So, it is done, I love it and just need to straighten out a couple of things today that are a little crooked. That will take about 30 seconds, so no biggie there!

Love it!

Getting the hang of this and loving it.

What I look like running now!

So as you know I have been doing the C25K program, I have switched up the intervals a little bit just because my treadmill is a huge pain to program, but once the intervals are longer I can do it manually with ease so it won’t be so bad. My treadmill has an interval program so that is what I am using as of now. I have gotten faster in the past two weeks, adding an entire mile to my 30 minute time, that puts me at 2.5 miles. Next stop 3.1! And after that no intervals! Yep, I got this.

It is surprising to me how quickly I am able to pick this up. Especially seeing I am still overweight and not in suburb shape. I forget how much strength I have gained doing Pump, it has made trying so many new things

What I will look like running in July, maybe not that thin but that poised!

so much easier! I was able to do some yoga poses today that I have never been able to achieve, do 3 non-girly push ups (had to go to knees after but hey, it is huge for me!), and my hovers are greatly improving. Granted I am not near what I want to achieve but I am doing it! I know it takes time, I know I didn’t fall out of shape overnight.

81 days until The Color Run! All my team dropped but two (bums) but oh well, Sarah, Pat and I are going to rock it! Wondering if I should get different shoes to break in for the race so I don’t chance staining my pretty blue ones I love so much or just running in them and wearing the stains like a trophy? It is almost time for me to order running tutu supplies too! I’m getting excited! Can you tell!

If There Were Healthy Delivery Options, I’d be in Heaven

As I whined about earlier, I don’t feel well. After a day of rest my stomach is okay, but the ear and throat.. Nope. So, now I am hungry and need to be feed, and the kid (who now says she doesn’t feel well) needs to be feed in an hour. I don’t want to cook. I really just started sitting up. So who is coming over and cooking for me?? It was worth a try right? 🙂 I am craving a Vernors right now, first time in months that I have actually wanted soda. Must be because I am sick and here in Michigan we grew up being given Vernors when sick. It’s a Midwest thing. I am not working out today, no way!


On another note, I did register myself for The Color Run 5k yesterday. So that is done and I am officially committed to run my first 5k. Oh my. I better get on the C25K  program so I don’t kill myself! Two of my team members signed up but no one else, so I am hoping they get on it soon so they have a slot. Hint* Hint* People.  I am making tutu’s for the run too so that should be a fun and crafty activity for me to do. I have not crafted in ages, I have been thinking I’d get back into it, for the sake of having a hobby other than fitness and finding the lowest calorie way to make foods I love so I can eat them and blogging about it.  I think I’ll learn how to cross stitch and make inappropriate samplers. It would be funny and I would feel like less of an old lady while doing it. I have mentioned it to some friends and we are thinking of having adult cross stitching nights. Should be fun. I think my first one will sat ” I LOVE then the silhouette of a rooster below that. Get it? hehehe




Gearing up to paint the town, I mean, paint myself, RAINBOW!

I have never been one to run but I figure I would give it a try. I know quite a few people who have been taking up running and getting into many local events. But it all just seems to bore me. I have felt that if I wanted to run or jog in a straight line for freaking ever I could do that on my treadmill. But then again, I get bored so the treadmill never gets much use. I need something new and exciting to draw me in. I have the attention span of a 6-year-old when it comes to straight cardio. That is why I fare better with aerobics or dancing. Less of the same thing for 30 to 60 minutes. I like having different movements and routines. I like for there to be more of an element of fun. Wow I am picky and demanding. But hey, I know what I like and I have been getting in all my workouts so at least I have found a way to make this fitness thing work for me.

Now onto the 5k, this will be my first. I am actually excited for it. Registration is next week on 4/9, the race is on 8/5. and I have already found plenty of first time runners to form a team with me. So I won’t be the only 5k virgin in the group. This is The 2012 Color Run. I am doing the Ann Arbor, MI one. So basically this is what it is. You wear lots of white and start the race looking crisp and pristine. Each kilometer of the run is assigned a different color and there are color zones at the end of each. When you hit the color zone you get doused in a color and you get a new color each kilometer so you end up going from white to having five different colors all over you by the end. This is more of a fun run than a race which I like. Low pressure, so that is good for me being a first timer and it is not timed so no need to rush if I feel a bit winded.

I guess I better start the Couch to 5k program and use that in place of my aerobics for cardio a couple of days a week. I know I will not go balls to the wall with training for this but maybe I can build up a bit of endurance in preparation. Plus I know doing some actual walking, jogging and running would be really good for me seeing I never really do it. Maybe while I am on the treadmill I can think of a name for my team.  and do we want to wear tutus? Rainbow colored ones?

I am glad that I started Les Mills Pump, without it I wouldn’t have even thought to participate in an event like this. I better go switch my laundry so I have some shiny clean workout clothes and then get onto my first go at Pump Revolution.

Anyhow if anyone is a runner or just has tips to share with me leave me a comment. I am new to this whole thing so any words from all you experienced or semi-experienced runners would be great! Have a great day everyone.

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