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Day 6 of 120

Finally finished with today’s workout.  I am a bit disappointed in it though. My copy of Hard Core Abs is MIA so I borrowed a couple ab DVDs from a friend. First I tried her Insanity Insane Abs. The DVD must have been bootlegged, the system was bought off of a guy on Craigslist. After a quick search on the Beachbody threads they said the bootleg Amazon, Craigslist and Ebay copies are often like that and the buyers never know until they try them.  It just skipped all over the place and never actually got to an actual workout. So I popped in a copy of Crunch Abs. It was alright. There was quite of bit of cardio and focus on squats and lunges, so I was getting annoyed. Finally after a while she started on actual ab work and that was good. I just honestly feel like I wasted a bunch of time on fast forwarding through a DVD that was no good and did a bunch of aerobics. Hard Core Abs killed me especially in the beginning of the program and I guess I just expect that.

I had contacted my Beachbody Coach and she could not help me get a new copy of Hard Core Abs but gave me a contact number and email to try to hopefully get help. So after contacting them I was told they DO NOT sell any of the DVDs that come with the Les Mills Pump kits separately and I would have to repurchase the entire system. I already spent $300 on the Les Mills Pump kit along with the Les Mills Pump Extreme add-on. No way I am spending that again for one single DVD. After a few emails back and forth and a few debates they offered to replace it for me if I found my receipt. UGH!!  The system was purchased in February of 2012! I knew I didn’t have it and it more than likely was destroyed in the basement flood. Anyhow after a ton of waiting on hold and emails I found a rep who was willing to look up the order numbers and all that for me! Yay for nice people! After I had the information the people I spoke to before said they would replace it this once for FREE! But never replace part of the system for me again. That’s fine with me. So hopefully it will be here soon and I can do the actual workout I should be doing. YAY!



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