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Lunges Suck

lmp day 36

Well not really. I just don’t like them. It hurts and I swear through the entire track. In between the billion lunges that you have to do during the leg track on Les Mills Pump, Pump & Shred there is a short burst of squats. Those squats are like heaven. Because they relieve the pressure from my calves and knees and because they are not lunges. I may not like them but I still push through them every time. I’d rather do anything else. Really hoping I can build up to doing them without it sucking so bad and not have to yell at the trainer on the DVD and call her horrible names while dropping the F-Bomb in between that. One of these days. Right? It is a good thing it is a DVD because the foul language spewing from my mouth would get me banned from any public place for sure. I could totally make a sailor blush.

So today was the first day of Phase Two and Day 36 of Les Mills Pump. So that leaves 86 days until Round One is completed. Today’s workout was of course Pump and Shred as I stated above. It went well. During the squat track I was able to double the weight on the bar this time. Super exciting! Thinking for the back track I will up the weight once these darn stitches are out and the Clean and Presses can be done with a full on grip. During those I have been holding the bar with my bum finger extended instead of gripping the bar. To much pressure on the stitches. The stitches come out tomorrow afternoon. Hoping the gash is closed up enough to return to life as normal.


Now It is time to have a healthy snack and focus on watching a movie. Halloween II started right when I started blogging! Love, Love, Love all the horror movies that are on in October. If my family weren’t a bunch of scaredy cats they would be on 24/7!



Goodbye Te Wero, Hello Panoni

lmp day 35

Phase One of Les Mills Pump is officially completed. Tomorrow is the beginning of Phase Two. Phase Two really steps things up. No more Pump and Burn with the exception of 1 day that it is paired with Hard Core Abs, no more 30 minute workout days. Hoping that Phase Two revs up the results. Honestly there are no complaints to be made as far as results go as of yet. Was losing on average 1.35 pounds per week. Not too shabby if i do say so myself.

Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs along with a 45 minute walk. Opted for the 45 minute walk today. Most of the day was fairly rough. Woke up feeling terrible and had some sulfur esque issues. Most of the day was wasted in bed. I am positive that it was due to my poor food choices yesterday. Lesson learned. Sure indulging in something within reason is not a terrible thing to do. But overindulgence is not good.

Day 30 Progress Report (Weigh in)

lmp day 30


30 days down and 90 days to go! 90 sounds so much better than 120, that is for sure. Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs as well as a 45 minute walk.  Hard Core Abs went well. I gave the planks a try and got a few in before my hand was telling me that it was a bad idea. At that point it was taken down to a plain old regular plank resting on my forearms. At least I tried! The the 45 minute walk I hopped on the treadmill. I warmed up, then jogged until my knee was mad at me then walked briskly until I did a cool down. Was able to go at 6 mph for a mile and a half before slowing it down. That is actually pretty good for me lately. The old creaky knee likes to give me a hard time. I really wish I could go that long outside without having to pace it back to a power walk.

So today was the day to weigh and measure myself to see where I stand after these first 30 days. I was actually quite pleased with what the scale and measuring tape had to say. As far as the progress pictures go it doesn’t look like there was any change. I think I have a bit before any results obviously show.

  Day 1 Day 30 Day 60 Day 90 Day 120 Total Loss
CHEST 36” 35.5”       .5”
WAIST 42.5” 40.75”       1.75”
HIPS 45.5” 45”       .5”
BUST 42” 40”       2”
NECK 13” 13”       0”
R. FOREARM 9.5” 9.25”       .25”
L. FOREARM 9.5” 9.5”       0”
R. UPPER ARM 13” 12.75”       .25”
L. UPPER ARM 12.75” 12.5”       .25”
R. THIGH 27.75” 27”       .75”
L. THIGH 27.5 27.25”       .25”
R. CALF 15.75” 15.5”       .25”
L. CALF 15.75” 15.25”       .5”
WEIGHT 189.7 lbs 184.2 lbs       5.5 lbs
BMI 30.6 (obese) 29.7 (obese)       .9
PANT SIZE 14 14       0
TOTAL INCHES           7.25”

5.5 lbs and 7.25 inches.. not too shabby! Surpassed my goal of 5 lbs and 5 inches!







So I suppose a goal should be set for the next 30 days. I think I will stick with 5 and 5. 5 more pounds and 5 more inches. Got to keep it realistic.


Measurements and goals

I am finally getting to the part I hate the most about blogging about weight loss and such. Telling the world just how heavy and round I am and them showing terrible pictures of myself in a sports bra. But accountability is accountability and what is the point of all this if I don’t make my self accountable? There really isn’t a point if I don’t.

So here is my plan. Prepregnancy when I was blogging my weight loss I weighed and measured in weekly. This time around the plan is to do it at the end of every 30 day phase. So every 30 days an updates set of measurements, updated progress photos as well as current weight. The plan was to do it weekly but this time around I just want to do it differently and to stay away from the measuring tape and scale as much as possible. Honestly I am not mentally prepared to put myself out here like this. The will probably be a meltdown as soon as the Publish button is hit.

So here are my stats for the beginning of Phase One:

Day 1 Day 30 Day 60 Day 90 Day 120
WAIST 42.5”
HIPS 45.5”
BUST 42”
NECK 13”
L. UPPER ARM 12.75”
R. THIGH 27.75”
L. THIGH 27.5
R. CALF 15.75”
L. CALF 15.75”
WEIGHT 189.7
BMI 30.6 (obese)

And the always dreaded and super terrible Day 1 pics:




My goal for the first 30 days is to lose 5 pounds and 5 inches. But if I lose more that would be great 🙂

First Round 1 Thursday Weigh in & Vacation Workout Plan

To commemorate the end of Week 1 of Round 2 of Les Mills Pump today I weigh and measure in. This week was a rough week so my workouts were not on PAR I missed a workout and two I only did my basic Pump portion. I did make up for it by doing a billion loads of wash and purging the house of a bunch of unneeded clothing so they could go to others who are in need. I have 4 bags ready to go and will have 4 more by tomorrow.

I leave for vacation on Sunday. Gozzer Ranch here we come 🙂 My Mother in Law emailed me and had me send her my “diet” aka just how I eat now so I can’t call it a diet anymore, and is graciously providing me with the foods that I need. So food won’t be an issue, I am  glad not to have to worry about that. As far as workouts go, I think I will take my Jillian Michaels Yoga meltdown and Les Mills Pump Hard Core Abs just in case finding someone to watch Emma does not work out. I can lock my self in a bedroom and do those and Yoga Meltdown offers challenging body weight exercises. The boys will golf early mornings so my runs are out in the a.m. So after dark is when those will have to happen. Yes, I will have cocktails in me but it’s all good. It is a vacation right? I want to try to get three runs in while I am there, for 7 days I figure that will not be so bad. I will be gone 9 but will be in Idaho for 7. I plan to blog a little while I am there but am making no promises. I do not want to take my lap top and I am not sure how the internet on my phone will run. Last year I had voice service but no data there. It is fairly remote so I didn’t really expect it to have data.

So here is what you all came here for:

Drum-roll please…..

  • Chest: 31.0 inches (- 0.5 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches (- 0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (- 0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Weight: 163 pounds (-2 pounds)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.4% (- 0%)

Not to shabby!  Maybe this is marking the end of my plateau!

Tuesday Weigh In

Today is day 30 of my 30 day Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training and Day 130 since I started Les MIlls Pump. this past 30 days so far have not been as heavy on results as I would have wished. But there was a little progress.

Here are this weeks results:

  • Chest: 31.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • Weight: 165 pounds (-1 pound)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.4% (-0 %)

Not a ton of change but I will take what I can get!!

This is where I started the 30 days at:

  • Chest: 32 inches
  • R Arm: 12 inches
  • L  Arm: 12 inches
  • Waist: 32 inches
  • Hips: 41 inches
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 168 pounds
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5%

So the over all change for the past 30 days is:

  • Chest: – 0.5 inches
  • R Arm: -0 inches
  • L  Arm: -0 inches
  • Waist: -0 inches
  • Hips: -0 inches
  • R Thigh: -0 inches
  • L Thigh: -0 inches
  • Weight: -3 pounds
  • Pant Size: -0 sizes
  • BMI: -0.1%

Since I have started Les Mills Pump results:

  • Chest: -6.5 inches
  • R Arm: -0 inches
  • L  Arm: -0 inches
  • Waist: -11 inches
  • Hips: -4 inches
  • R Thigh: -5.5 inches
  • L Thigh: -6 inches
  • Weight: -15 pounds
  • Pant Size: -2 sizes
  • BMI: -22.6%

Tomorrow I start Round Two of Les Mills Pump. I hope it goes much better than these past 30 days.

Finally Friday!

What a crazy week! House guests, bonfires, new workouts, change in diet, dog puking all over my week old carpeting, lunches with friends, lost glasses; you know the usual! So now it is time to get the house back in order and relax before the fun starts again tomorrow!

So far I think the newly added workouts are working. I am sore in places I have not been sore at in a long time. Oh man am I sore! Honestly, it is definitely a good thing. It reminds me that changes are happening. It can be so annoying to constantly hear the phrase ‘No pain, No gain” but it is a true statement. So no whining here. It will be exciting to see what the dreaded measuring tape and scale tell me on Tuesday. Some friends of mine have gym memberships at the new Planet Fitness here in town so I have been tagging along. They have a pretty nice facility. I love how everything is so sparkly and new. Joining may be in my future.  That would give me a chance to mix it up more. At the gym I figured out that some of the machines I no longer remember how to use or just kind of suck at, but that will pass once I get used to it and get comfortable. Having options and variety is never a bad thing. Sticking with Les Mills Pump still for sure, I really do enjoy it and so far it has worked for me. Just a few more days and I will be back on the 90 day schedule. Just have to figure out if I want to start at phase one or phase 2.

Tomorrow is Greekfest so I plan on having a Gyro, some Ouzo and beer. No calamari though, no fried stuff (the fried stuff is so good) I don’t think my body would be happy with me if any of that greasy goodness is eaten anyhow. Junk food messes me up. It isn’t worth the cheat anymore. I just can not process it and it is no fun feeling ill over something I can control.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Friday and have a wonderful weekend. I have cleaning and a workout to accomplish. Then I think the sun is calling my name.

Weigh in..

I lost my glasses so I could not post yesterday, due to me being blind as a bat. So I am going to quickly post them today. I am definitely in a plateau. No changes so far this past three weeks really so I think I am going to knock 200 calories of my daily 1700 and replace more of the calories with lean protein and see how things add up next week.

So here are my stats. Absolutely no change this week. But it is better than gaining so it could be worse!

  • Chest: 31.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • Weight: 166 pounds (-0 pound)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.4% (-0 %)

Whew, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.


This marks the end of my second week doing Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training and the beginning of week three. With as many mishaps, a back injury, missed workouts, some ultra-modified workouts (due to my back) and questionable food choices I was considering starting the week over but given my weigh and measure-in not being as terrible as I thought it would be I will let it slide and just keep moving along with the programs schedule.

Yesterday I missed my LMP (I did run, so it is better than nothing) because I went and spent the afternoon and early evening with a friend at the hospital, and that was far more important than my workout. After she stayed here and I made homemade chicken noodle soup and made sure she was okay. Her husband and parents are out-of-state so it was better for her not to be alone. Emma was also under the weather last night and this morning so I have the munchkin home from school. She is feeling better now, but it is the last week of school, no point in sending her in for the remainder of the day. She had a rough couple of days. My food intake was at par for the day though, could have used more water intake but eh, o well.

This week there should be nothing that can keep me from getting at it and  rocking this. I definitely am in far better spirits over my sub-par fitness week. I took some encouragement to get over the fact that things just happen and it is okay and that I can just get back on the horse and fix it. The circle of bloggers I have developed blog-friendships with here on WordPress are awesome.

So here are this weeks results:

  • Chest: 31.5 inches (-0.5 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • Weight: 166 pounds (-1 pound)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.4% (-0.1 %)
So yeah, not so bad! I was pleasantly surprised that there was no weight gain and made any progress at all. Yay! 😀
I was also nominated for a Sunshine Award by Lose it Big, I will post about that shortly.
Also, I saw this today and it had me in stitches.

I love this!


Week One of Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Completed

So, I have made it through the first week of LMP Ultimate cross training. On my last post I reviewed LMP Step. Throughout the week I have also done LMP Sports Attack, it is a high energy cardio workout that incorporates various sports moves including track, football, boxing and basket ball. It is fairly close to a basic aerobic workout but if you really get into it and push hard you get a great workout and work up an amazing sweat. I burned a lot of calories and was drenched after the short 30 minute session and my legs were sore like crazy for the remainder of the day and the following day. LMP Combat was a 45 minute workout. It was a challenge for me. It is based on Martial Arts inspired moves, quite a bit like Kenpo. It drained all my energy in that 45 minutes and there were literally little puddles of sweat on the floor when I was done. my heart rate was up after the “cool down” as they tried to call it so i had to follow it with yoga just to get back to a lower HR.

I know that I have not blogged in a week. Life was crazy this past week, tons of landscaping was done, I got some cardio in uprooting trees (on my own, just me and a shovel), weeding, planting, mowing all that fun stuff. I hosted a jewelry party so one day was shopping and prep, the day of the jewelry party turned into a bonfire and more drinks. Tons of fun! of course the kid had sports, we attended a BBQ for Memorial Day and of course there was the everyday stuff too. I still got my LMP workouts in though.

Now, I will admit that I have not run in a week. Not good. So tomorrow I start back up and I am sure my lack of pushing myself to do it is going to show. Thank goodness there is time to get ready for The Color Run and I didn’t totally screw myself. So I call do-over!

So here is my progress for week one of LMP UCT and the first 98 days in general of Les Mills Pump:

  • Chest: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • Weight: 167 pounds (-1 pound)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5% (-0 %)

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