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Goodbye Te Wero, Hello Panoni

lmp day 35

Phase One of Les Mills Pump is officially completed. Tomorrow is the beginning of Phase Two. Phase Two really steps things up. No more Pump and Burn with the exception of 1 day that it is paired with Hard Core Abs, no more 30 minute workout days. Hoping that Phase Two revs up the results. Honestly there are no complaints to be made as far as results go as of yet. Was losing on average 1.35 pounds per week. Not too shabby if i do say so myself.

Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs along with a 45 minute walk. Opted for the 45 minute walk today. Most of the day was fairly rough. Woke up feeling terrible and had some sulfur esque issues. Most of the day was wasted in bed. I am positive that it was due to my poor food choices yesterday. Lesson learned. Sure indulging in something within reason is not a terrible thing to do. But overindulgence is not good.

Day 30 Progress Report (Weigh in)

lmp day 30


30 days down and 90 days to go! 90 sounds so much better than 120, that is for sure. Today’s workout was Hard Core Abs as well as a 45 minute walk.  Hard Core Abs went well. I gave the planks a try and got a few in before my hand was telling me that it was a bad idea. At that point it was taken down to a plain old regular plank resting on my forearms. At least I tried! The the 45 minute walk I hopped on the treadmill. I warmed up, then jogged until my knee was mad at me then walked briskly until I did a cool down. Was able to go at 6 mph for a mile and a half before slowing it down. That is actually pretty good for me lately. The old creaky knee likes to give me a hard time. I really wish I could go that long outside without having to pace it back to a power walk.

So today was the day to weigh and measure myself to see where I stand after these first 30 days. I was actually quite pleased with what the scale and measuring tape had to say. As far as the progress pictures go it doesn’t look like there was any change. I think I have a bit before any results obviously show.

  Day 1 Day 30 Day 60 Day 90 Day 120 Total Loss
CHEST 36” 35.5”       .5”
WAIST 42.5” 40.75”       1.75”
HIPS 45.5” 45”       .5”
BUST 42” 40”       2”
NECK 13” 13”       0”
R. FOREARM 9.5” 9.25”       .25”
L. FOREARM 9.5” 9.5”       0”
R. UPPER ARM 13” 12.75”       .25”
L. UPPER ARM 12.75” 12.5”       .25”
R. THIGH 27.75” 27”       .75”
L. THIGH 27.5 27.25”       .25”
R. CALF 15.75” 15.5”       .25”
L. CALF 15.75” 15.25”       .5”
WEIGHT 189.7 lbs 184.2 lbs       5.5 lbs
BMI 30.6 (obese) 29.7 (obese)       .9
PANT SIZE 14 14       0
TOTAL INCHES           7.25”

5.5 lbs and 7.25 inches.. not too shabby! Surpassed my goal of 5 lbs and 5 inches!







So I suppose a goal should be set for the next 30 days. I think I will stick with 5 and 5. 5 more pounds and 5 more inches. Got to keep it realistic.


Day 16 of 120 Completed

Okay so I figured out today that I am NOT halfway through Phase 1.  When marking off todays workout on the calendar I noticed that there are 5 weeks in Phase 1 consisting of 36 days. So the halfway point is not until Day 18. So in 2 more days the halfway point will be reached.



Tonight’s workout was another late one. Decided to wait until the kids were in bed. Tonight Mr Baby had no interest in going to bed. It took a few tries. I think he was over-tired from playing so hard and scooting himself across the living room on his tummy a hundred times this evening. He is really moving! Thinking he may be crawling sooner than later.  Soon we need to get some baby proofing done!

On the schedule today was Hard Core Abs as well as a 45 minute walk. During the workout I got the feeling that my form is poor during the plank to push-up portion. It may be time to consider putting a mirror in the workout area of the basement so I can check my form. But all in all it was a good ab workout. The 45 minute walk was replaced with 35 minutes of aerobics. Much more of a workout than a simple walk and I felt like I could do more than just simply walk.

October 12th is the Run Scream Run 5 k, I doubt I will run much of it at all. Getting regular workouts in has been tough enough. My fibromyalgia has been flared up like crazy lately. It may be what is causing my extreme knee pain. I am not exactly sure but I would rather not hurt myself so I will do what i can and just do better the next one I sign up for. Baby steps.

also I broke my own rule of only weighing every month. YIKES! i did not like what I see. Up 6 lbs! it better be water weight from my upcoming “visitor.” Granted I did eat poorly a couple of times this past weekend and had a decent amount of beer but 6 lbs worth? No way! I’m talking 6 lbs above my beginning weight. I am in a wedding next weekend and really can’t fit an extra 6 lbs into my dress albeit from water or from fat.

Measurements and goals

I am finally getting to the part I hate the most about blogging about weight loss and such. Telling the world just how heavy and round I am and them showing terrible pictures of myself in a sports bra. But accountability is accountability and what is the point of all this if I don’t make my self accountable? There really isn’t a point if I don’t.

So here is my plan. Prepregnancy when I was blogging my weight loss I weighed and measured in weekly. This time around the plan is to do it at the end of every 30 day phase. So every 30 days an updates set of measurements, updated progress photos as well as current weight. The plan was to do it weekly but this time around I just want to do it differently and to stay away from the measuring tape and scale as much as possible. Honestly I am not mentally prepared to put myself out here like this. The will probably be a meltdown as soon as the Publish button is hit.

So here are my stats for the beginning of Phase One:

Day 1 Day 30 Day 60 Day 90 Day 120
WAIST 42.5”
HIPS 45.5”
BUST 42”
NECK 13”
L. UPPER ARM 12.75”
R. THIGH 27.75”
L. THIGH 27.5
R. CALF 15.75”
L. CALF 15.75”
WEIGHT 189.7
BMI 30.6 (obese)

And the always dreaded and super terrible Day 1 pics:




My goal for the first 30 days is to lose 5 pounds and 5 inches. But if I lose more that would be great 🙂

The Difference A Year Can Make!

Last year when we flew out for our annual 4th of July trip I weighed 220 lbs.. That is a difference of 57 pounds. It just hit me because I did not really think about the weight I lost before my last major plateau and decided on Les Mills Pump.  A friend pointed it out. That leaves 33 pounds to lose to be at the weight I was when I got married 3.5 years ago.

I will be here 25.9% smaller than last year! Nope, I don’t golf either. 😛

Weigh in..

I lost my glasses so I could not post yesterday, due to me being blind as a bat. So I am going to quickly post them today. I am definitely in a plateau. No changes so far this past three weeks really so I think I am going to knock 200 calories of my daily 1700 and replace more of the calories with lean protein and see how things add up next week.

So here are my stats. Absolutely no change this week. But it is better than gaining so it could be worse!

  • Chest: 31.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • Weight: 166 pounds (-0 pound)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.4% (-0 %)

Week One of Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Completed

So, I have made it through the first week of LMP Ultimate cross training. On my last post I reviewed LMP Step. Throughout the week I have also done LMP Sports Attack, it is a high energy cardio workout that incorporates various sports moves including track, football, boxing and basket ball. It is fairly close to a basic aerobic workout but if you really get into it and push hard you get a great workout and work up an amazing sweat. I burned a lot of calories and was drenched after the short 30 minute session and my legs were sore like crazy for the remainder of the day and the following day. LMP Combat was a 45 minute workout. It was a challenge for me. It is based on Martial Arts inspired moves, quite a bit like Kenpo. It drained all my energy in that 45 minutes and there were literally little puddles of sweat on the floor when I was done. my heart rate was up after the “cool down” as they tried to call it so i had to follow it with yoga just to get back to a lower HR.

I know that I have not blogged in a week. Life was crazy this past week, tons of landscaping was done, I got some cardio in uprooting trees (on my own, just me and a shovel), weeding, planting, mowing all that fun stuff. I hosted a jewelry party so one day was shopping and prep, the day of the jewelry party turned into a bonfire and more drinks. Tons of fun! of course the kid had sports, we attended a BBQ for Memorial Day and of course there was the everyday stuff too. I still got my LMP workouts in though.

Now, I will admit that I have not run in a week. Not good. So tomorrow I start back up and I am sure my lack of pushing myself to do it is going to show. Thank goodness there is time to get ready for The Color Run and I didn’t totally screw myself. So I call do-over!

So here is my progress for week one of LMP UCT and the first 98 days in general of Les Mills Pump:

  • Chest: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (-0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (-0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (-0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (-0 inches)
  • Weight: 167 pounds (-1 pound)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5% (-0 %)

I made it through..alive

The 90 day mark has passed. This means I have completed Round One of Les Mills Pump. I know I have been whining about the embarrassment of before and after pictures, and I decided I may as well do it. My pictures are terrible. with my lack of camera (Canon customer service is still on my hit list) they are taken with a phone by a six-year-old. So ya.. bad pics. I was kind of bummed that my 90 days hit when they did. I have some major monthly bloatage going on and it shows. But, oh well, I can’t control nature. Maybe I will redo pics in a few days.

This is where I started at Day 1:

  • Chest: 38 inches
  • R Arm: 12 inches
  • L Arm: 12 inches
  • Waist: 43 inches
  • Hips: 45 inches
  • R Thigh: 29 inches
  • L Thigh: 29.5 inches
  • Weight: 179 pounds
  • Pant Size: 16
  • BMI: 52%

This is where I am at today:

  • Chest: 32 inches
  • R Arm: 12 inches
  • L  Arm: 12 inches
  • Waist: 32 inches
  • Hips: 41 inches
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 168 pounds
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5%
So if we do the math this is my loss:
  • Chest:  -6 inches
  • R Arm:  -0 inches
  • L  Arm:  -0 inches
  • Waist:  -11 inches
  • Hips:  -4 inches
  • R Thigh: -5.5 inches
  • L Thigh:  -6 inches
  • Weight:  -11 lbs
  • Pant Size: -2 sizes
  • BMI: – 22.5%
That is a total of  32.5  inches, 11 pounds, 2 pant sizes and 22.5% body fat lost.



Tomorrow I start Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training.  It is a 30 day workout schedule. Still debating on what is after that, either a Pump/Turbo Jam hybrid or a Pump/Insanity hybrid. We  will see. I have 30 days to figure that out.

Weigh In and Shopping for Cardio

Is it possible to consider five hours of walking around shopping as cardio? After returning home I was pooped, and broke. But, I need clothes to wear that fit. No one works hard to lose weight just to keep wearing the clothes they wore when they were larger. Also I prefer the term “get rid of weight” over “lost weight” when something is lost you tend to look for it. I really don’t want any of my size back. so whoever finds it can keep it! So yeah, I shopped ’till I dropped once again. For quite some time I have been saying I want to wear shorts again, and I ending up braving trying a pair on, I wasn’t too turned off by them but didn’t like the style, so I loaded up the dressing room and left the shop with two pairs of shorts!! I have not worn shorts in three years or more so this is a big deal. I also bought two dresses that are wait for it… wait.. MEDIUMS! So exciting.  It has been a long time since I have fit into a medium dress. No more clothing shopping for a while I will wait until this set is too big, I now have enough pieces to get me through some time mixing and matching. Well, I do need some jean Capri’s but that is it. So here were my finds from yesterdays shopping extravaganza:

Oh and I think I have my scale back in order and went across the street to my lovely neighbor Janis’ and tried her two scales. This is where I ended up for week 12:

  • Chest: 32 inches  (- 1.5 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches  (- 0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (+ .5 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (- 0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches (- 1 inches)
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches (- 1 inches)
  • Weight: 168 pounds (-3 pounds)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5

For a total of 3 inches and 3 pounds lost. This is day 86 of 90 of Les Mills Pump so on Day 90 I will have my last official weigh and measure in documents my 90 pump results. My Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Upgrade was dropped off by FedEx yesterday. I will blog about that later, promise 🙂 So, that will begin the day after Round 1 of Les Mills Pump is done. It is a 30 day schedule, I will continue my blogs and keep counting weeks as they are now.

I’m Back! Here is how week 11 measured up!

Wow, it was strange not writing blogs and reading blogs for a few days. Blogging has become a habit, maybe even a ritual for me. I missed it. I spent the entire weekend painting. When we bought out house every inch of it was brown, every wall, every floor and even the outside is brown (except one bathroom they never bothered painting and the laundry room). The people who built this must have had a brown obsession. The only lived here six months after they built it so they didn’t have a chance to realize that they made a bad choice with all the brown. Upon buying it we knew we didn’t like the brown but would change it over time. We have now rid, 4 bedrooms, the living room, sitting room, kitchen/dining rooms, the upstairs hallway and the foyer of the brown. All that there is left is 2 bathrooms and the carpet. The Carpet guys were supposed to come measure yesterday but did not and will be here tomorrow. Hopefully the new carpet will be in soon! I did not take before pictures just because I was in the let’s do this zone and didn’t think of it but here are the pics I have. The pics are not the best because I am still waiting for Canon to actually do their job.

There you go, that was my weekend in a nutshell. We did also do some shopping around for all mounts for the TV and a new media center. No luck finding what I have in mind. I am very picky I guess. I am hoping to have everything done by the last weekend of the month. I am hosting a jewelry party here and it may be a good thing to not have the house a disastrous mess.

I did well with my food intake over the weekend even with keeping busy. I would have rather had take out all weekend just because it would have been easier. but once I actually made an effort to cook, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was so close to falling into  my old mindset of being busy means that you should just eat what is quickest and came in a take out box. Whew, crisis adverted. I did get a bit of exercise in but not as much as I would have liked. but painting was pretty hard on my hands with the dip in the weather this weekend. My body hates temp changes. Especially when it drops down like it did. I froze my rear off at Emma’s game on Saturday morning. It was so freaking cold! I wish Michigan weather could make up its mind! Anyhow, I rambled off there for a minute. back on topic now. Exercise.  I didn’t put in as much effort as usual. But painting had to be done and it was work so it counts as a bit of my missed workout. All, in all I still was active. The main thing that I was lacking in was my Les Mills Pump. I missed one session of Extreme. Just did a quick Challenge session instead. I skipped Flow, but no biggie, it’s just a 20  minute yoga workout. All in all I think I could have done worse so I am okay with it.  Got back to it full force yesterday.

I suppose you all want to know how I fared with week eleven, here are my stats for the week:

  • Chest: 32 inches  (- 1.5 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches  (- 0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 11.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (- 0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Weight: 171 pounds (-0 pounds)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5

Minus 1.5 inches this week. Not too shabby. I would still really love to see the scale start moving though.


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