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Trying to give this another go.

It has been a long time since I have been in the game. Honestly, I don’t recall when I was given the orders to sit on my rear and wait to work out. I think it has been 9 months. The waiting game has not been kind to me. Up a pant size (two pant sized depending on brand), my face is fairly rounded again and I feel sluggish and lazy. For a while my food choices were terrible. Take out became the norm once again. Oh the shame! Over the past few months I gradually cleaned up my diet and have been on track in that matter. Dropped a bit of weight. Not sure how much because I have yet to dust off the old torture device called the scale.

Still waiting to get into the specialist. It has been 5 months waiting for this one. The doctor told me until then I can do some sit down PT exercises while waiting to get in. This is very unsatisfying and discouraging. I have sat on my rear long enough and decided to take matters into my own hands for now. A proper diet has helped but I need to be active along with it. i happen to be one of those people who can’t lose the weight with diet alone. So the other night I signed up for a gym membership.

Doctor’s orders are to sit around but sitting here getting fatter and not being active can not be good for me either. The lack of activity doesn’t bode well with the psyche either. Don’t worry I am taking it easy and keeping anything that will affect my knees fairly low impact.

Yesterday new workout clothes needed to be purchased so Mr. Baby and I went and got 3 pairs of workout pants and 4 shirts. Every bit of workout gear in my  closet was from before he was born and let’s just say they are not too flattering to wear in public. Then last night I went to the most hated gym on the internet, Planet Fitness (the hours work for me and the price works with my budget) . Spent about a half hour on the bike then had to head home. I didn’t have much time available to spend there but something is better than nothing and I will take it.

Heading back to the gym tonight. For now my only goal is to go at least 3 nights a week and try my best to spend an hour there. No weight loss or fitness goals to begin with. The focus as of now is to get fitness back into my daily routine.

Finally Friday!

What a crazy week! House guests, bonfires, new workouts, change in diet, dog puking all over my week old carpeting, lunches with friends, lost glasses; you know the usual! So now it is time to get the house back in order and relax before the fun starts again tomorrow!

So far I think the newly added workouts are working. I am sore in places I have not been sore at in a long time. Oh man am I sore! Honestly, it is definitely a good thing. It reminds me that changes are happening. It can be so annoying to constantly hear the phrase ‘No pain, No gain” but it is a true statement. So no whining here. It will be exciting to see what the dreaded measuring tape and scale tell me on Tuesday. Some friends of mine have gym memberships at the new Planet Fitness here in town so I have been tagging along. They have a pretty nice facility. I love how everything is so sparkly and new. Joining may be in my future.  That would give me a chance to mix it up more. At the gym I figured out that some of the machines I no longer remember how to use or just kind of suck at, but that will pass once I get used to it and get comfortable. Having options and variety is never a bad thing. Sticking with Les Mills Pump still for sure, I really do enjoy it and so far it has worked for me. Just a few more days and I will be back on the 90 day schedule. Just have to figure out if I want to start at phase one or phase 2.

Tomorrow is Greekfest so I plan on having a Gyro, some Ouzo and beer. No calamari though, no fried stuff (the fried stuff is so good) I don’t think my body would be happy with me if any of that greasy goodness is eaten anyhow. Junk food messes me up. It isn’t worth the cheat anymore. I just can not process it and it is no fun feeling ill over something I can control.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Friday and have a wonderful weekend. I have cleaning and a workout to accomplish. Then I think the sun is calling my name.


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