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Nice weather = walking!

Now that the weather is nicer it is time to get to walking daily. we have ventured out a couple of times but this Michigan weather keeps flip-flopping around on us. Not that it is a shocker, that’s just how things go here in the Mitten. It seems that we are going to have a nice streak of warm weather and given the time of year I am hoping that it doesn’t cool down to much anymore. Starting today Ian and I started our daily walks. We made it just over a mile today. When we were about to start another loop around the subdivision someone revved up his motorcycle as he rode past us. Ian was not a fan of the sound and so it ended our walk. He decided he was done. But for our first official day it was a decent distance. Hoping for double tomorrow at least.

Relaxing in the stroller enjoying some fresh air :)

Relaxing in the stroller enjoying some fresh air 🙂

Well, I did get outside…

Holy cow did I struggle with my run this morning. my lungs apparently do not like chilly air at all. I had my inhaler with me thank goodness! Then as I am running my allergies kick up and my nose starts running, coughing begins and my sinus’ start draining. YUCK! I ended up going for a bit over 3K in 25 minutes doing  walk to run intervals, then I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. Running outside is hard, on my lungs and allergies that is. I did find though that my legs and feet were far better off than they are after putting in my 5k on the treadmill. The time passed quite a bit faster, I thought I was throwing in the towel too soon but once my Nano voiced the time to me I realized it wasn’t just 10 minutes so I didn’t feel so bad. Easing into this is something that I am going to have to do, oh and take an allergy pill afterwards.

To sum it up here are my pros and cons of outdoor running:

  • Lungs hate cool air
  • Allergies and no tissue
  • Couldn’t breathe because of both of these things
  • Time passed quickly
  • Less pain
  • Scenery
I think that in time the cons will work themselves out. it will take some adjustment, maybe will have to stick with intervals for a while but I will get to the 5k in no time, I hope 🙂

After my grueling run I did my Pump workout, had breakfast, then started yard work. Next I went and purchased more plants for the yard, came back and started ripping out shrubs and HUGE, well rooted bushes (I planted then five years ago), showered, went to dinner with my in-laws came home and finished ripping out shrubs and bushes. I have everything now measured out and started placing the plants where I want them to be so I can get them in on Sunday. I just gave up on the yard for the night. It just got to dark and I am all sorts of sore. I think the tub is calling my name. And with only getting under 2 hours of sleep last night I am a bit worn out. Boy, do I wish some days had more hours in them!

Wedding tomorrow so I better go get cleaned up and get some sleep, have to get up early and get Emma ready for a game, squeeze in a run, Pump, then shower and get ready for the festivities. I have an awesome looking tank top/sports bra farmers sunburn, should look sexy with my one sleeved dress! HAHA!

Just a quickie today

It’s Friday!!! Fridays are usually crazy busy around here and today is no exception. Blogging shouldn’t even be on my to do list today but it was decided that it is a must. I was a blogging slacker last weekend and have a feeling this weekend will be the same. Here is todays to do list

  • Workout (Pump Revolution, the squat track is amazing BTW)
  • Lunch
  • Parent Volunteer for Emma’s class ice cream party. They had amazing reading scores and earned a party!
  • Take Emma to Swim Lessons
  • Make dinner
  • Pack Emma for her sleep over and drop her off
  • Pick up Heather
  • Psychic Party (so freaking excited to do something different)
  • Evening out with friends

In a list I guess it doesn’t seem like much. Maybe because some of this stuff is time-consuming. Eh. Whatever. Tomorrow I start getting the garden ready for planting! I can’t wait I love gardening, and with me doing so much better health wise I can really enjoy it for once. So the vegetable garden is going to be nothing short of awesome this year and I am replanting around the pond area too! My DH put in the new pond insert and bought me new trellis so I can put in some beautiful climbing perennials 🙂

Yesterday the carpet order was finalized. Within the next 2 weeks or so my new carpeting will be in and I can start putting things back on the walls. Now just a new chair and media center are needed. I have found a few chairs I love, each one is so expensive. I always gravitate toward the pricey stuff without even knowing it is. Must be my good taste. Also,  Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Upgrade is officially ordered.

9 days of Round one left!! 9 DAYS! The time sure is flying by. I still love doing Pump and am so glad that I stuck to it! Almost time to transition to running outside so I can get used to hitting the pavement. I know the treadmill is not the same. But it has been great for building up my stamina. I still have quite a bit of work to do to be in the cardiovascular shape I want to be in for The Color Run. There are 71 days left so there is plenty of time to get prepared.


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