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Day 37 of 120 & Doctor Visit Day

lmp day 37

The stitches are officially out! And that is the only good news I got today. So at the visit she decided the stitches definitely needed to come out because they were tearing the skin a bit and causing quite a bit of discomfort.  But here is the kicker. the wound still needs a little time so I get to wear a sexy splint on my finger with a tongue depressor behind it to keep my finger and knuckle from bending, a lovely butterfly closure and some tape over that for at least the next 24 hours. YAY! *note sarcasm.  So workouts were and will be affected by that.

She also took a look at my knee. It constantly sounds like two stones rubbing together. Her thoughts are either the kneecap is slightly off or Osteoarthritis. Neither would be serious so I am not too worried if either is the case. I am scheduled for an x-ray and have a follow-up on November 8th and will know for sure what the issue is. The part that gets me is that she said no running, no jogging, no aerobics, no lunges, and no squats until after my follow-up appointment and we know for sure what is going on. Honestly, the no lunges part did not bother me at all. Everyone knows I loathe lunges. Thinking I am going to keep the squats but just not hit them as hard. Time to be a rebel. Plus I just don’t see how it can hurt doing it for a couple of weeks more. I would miss out on so much of the Les MIlls Pump program if I cut everything out. I will not run, jog, do aerobics or lunge and will cut back on the squats.  Going to do my best at sticking with the program as much as possible and just modify the hell out of certain things for now.

Today’s scheduled workout was Hard Core Abs along with a 40 minute walk. Got through hard core abs minus the last track. No way i wan balance myself on my hand with this darn splint and tongue depressor on it. For the walking portion I hopped on the treadmill and just walked at a fairly brisk pace.


You can’t see it but the tongue depressor shoved behind the splint it not comfortable. Doesn’t this just look super fun?!

Lunges Suck

lmp day 36

Well not really. I just don’t like them. It hurts and I swear through the entire track. In between the billion lunges that you have to do during the leg track on Les Mills Pump, Pump & Shred there is a short burst of squats. Those squats are like heaven. Because they relieve the pressure from my calves and knees and because they are not lunges. I may not like them but I still push through them every time. I’d rather do anything else. Really hoping I can build up to doing them without it sucking so bad and not have to yell at the trainer on the DVD and call her horrible names while dropping the F-Bomb in between that. One of these days. Right? It is a good thing it is a DVD because the foul language spewing from my mouth would get me banned from any public place for sure. I could totally make a sailor blush.

So today was the first day of Phase Two and Day 36 of Les Mills Pump. So that leaves 86 days until Round One is completed. Today’s workout was of course Pump and Shred as I stated above. It went well. During the squat track I was able to double the weight on the bar this time. Super exciting! Thinking for the back track I will up the weight once these darn stitches are out and the Clean and Presses can be done with a full on grip. During those I have been holding the bar with my bum finger extended instead of gripping the bar. To much pressure on the stitches. The stitches come out tomorrow afternoon. Hoping the gash is closed up enough to return to life as normal.


Now It is time to have a healthy snack and focus on watching a movie. Halloween II started right when I started blogging! Love, Love, Love all the horror movies that are on in October. If my family weren’t a bunch of scaredy cats they would be on 24/7!


Whew last day of week 9!

I am about to start week 10 of Les Mills Pump. I also started C25K and Fitterbetterstronger’s squat challenge, so this post will update all three.

Les Mills Pump: 

I have never gotten in-depth on what the Les Mills Pump program is. Here is the best way I can explain it. It is a hybrid of cardio, strength training using low weights and high reps and a side of yoga. They call it The Rep Effect. Does it work? YES! I am consistently challenged by it, and when certain areas get easier to do it is easy to up the weight a bit or just dig in a little deeper (as they say in the DVD’s “Dig In!)  yesterday I struggled a bit with triceps, my elbows hurt. Wondering if it was due to bad form or what? Maybe it was just an off day. I always struggle with the lunges, but I am getting better and making it through lunge tracks, it took weeks for me to complete and entire lunge track, they are tough! Now squats, I love squats, and I also really enjoy the Clean and Press. Would I recommend it to my friends and loved ones? In a second. Honestly if i hadn’t found this I would more than likely be in the position I was before I started Pump. Today is a cardio day with Pump, I already did c25K, but I really want to keep each program separate so I don’t slack on one or get confused as to what I should be doing what day. So I am thinking some low impact aerobics this afternoon. far more interesting than walking for 45 minutes. I’d like to go to Zumba, but I can’t go to group classes alone, I am a chicken and don’t like to make a fool of myself unless I am in company of friends.


Today was my third day doing C25K, I really thought I would hate it but I don’t. Couch to 5k or C25k is an interval training program that is designed to get you from the couch to running a 5k in nine weeks. I put in my 30 today and was feeling pretty good so I did another half hour making a total of 4.5 miles. I tried it in the morning for the first time also. I am a workout in the afternoon and evening kind of person. Never have I been a morning person so morning exercise is not something I would normally consider. My mind was changed today and I will start putting in my time on the treadmill in the am and do Pump in the afternoons. I am glad that I gave the mornings a shot.

Fitness Challenge:  210 Full squats:

Fitterstrongerbetter posted a blog challenging others to do 30 full squats for seven days in a row. Why not join in I thought so here I am at day two. yesterdays 30 were a bit harder because I had already done a billion squats with 35lbs of weight during my Pump session. I did them in one go with a 10lb plate. Today I did them after C25K with 20 on the bar in one setting. Easy peezy. I have to do some many squats with Pump I am turning into a pro squatter 🙂

In a nutshell those are my thoughts. Now onto some food prep, I’ll post about that later.


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