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Where Have I Been?

Well, I have been here. Mostly home trying to occupy time. A little bit ago I had X-Rays done on my Knee. After the follow-up appointment put me in a funk. The doctor gave me a list of do’s and don’ts. More don’ts than do’s though. Not happy about it. But it is understandable. She is a great doctor and looking out for my best interests and my health.

So here is the diagnosis. Arthritis. Not Rheumatoid yet. But my RF is still climbing and that will come in time she said. So for now Osteoarthritis is the issue. She said I had it in multiple locations. Bleh! So she banned me from doing my workouts for 6 weeks. I have PT but it seems to be making it worse, that makes me cranky. Not just that but the fact that I have goals I want to meet and these PT exercises are not big calorie burners. Most of them are done seated, not much of a workout. Soon I will be allowed to do some yoga though. I am looking forward to getting to do anything right now.

The point in the PT is to get the joint stronger and more lubricated. Then I go back and see the doctor and she is going to see where things are at pain wise. If they are not satisfactory she will refer me to an Orthopedic specialist and start me on corticosteroid injections in the knee. The way the knee is now that I am going through the PT it is pretty much a given the injections will happen. I am ready to get them. I have enough pain from the Fybromyalgia and Raynaud’s disease.

All I know is I am ready to get back to “real”, more productive workouts. I want to see results. I don’t want to sit around on my ass all day when I would rather get in some Pump or jog or even power walk. In due time though. Patience is key and pushing it and possible opening myself up to further injury is not a worth risk taking.

So I am around. I am pouting. I am bored. But I am alright. Hoping soon things will start going my way, if not with the help of the doctor we can hopefully find a middle ground that satisfies both of us.

I may not blog daily but I will still blog on occasion until things get moving again.

Day 16 of 120 Completed

Okay so I figured out today that I am NOT halfway through Phase 1.  When marking off todays workout on the calendar I noticed that there are 5 weeks in Phase 1 consisting of 36 days. So the halfway point is not until Day 18. So in 2 more days the halfway point will be reached.



Tonight’s workout was another late one. Decided to wait until the kids were in bed. Tonight Mr Baby had no interest in going to bed. It took a few tries. I think he was over-tired from playing so hard and scooting himself across the living room on his tummy a hundred times this evening. He is really moving! Thinking he may be crawling sooner than later.  Soon we need to get some baby proofing done!

On the schedule today was Hard Core Abs as well as a 45 minute walk. During the workout I got the feeling that my form is poor during the plank to push-up portion. It may be time to consider putting a mirror in the workout area of the basement so I can check my form. But all in all it was a good ab workout. The 45 minute walk was replaced with 35 minutes of aerobics. Much more of a workout than a simple walk and I felt like I could do more than just simply walk.

October 12th is the Run Scream Run 5 k, I doubt I will run much of it at all. Getting regular workouts in has been tough enough. My fibromyalgia has been flared up like crazy lately. It may be what is causing my extreme knee pain. I am not exactly sure but I would rather not hurt myself so I will do what i can and just do better the next one I sign up for. Baby steps.

also I broke my own rule of only weighing every month. YIKES! i did not like what I see. Up 6 lbs! it better be water weight from my upcoming “visitor.” Granted I did eat poorly a couple of times this past weekend and had a decent amount of beer but 6 lbs worth? No way! I’m talking 6 lbs above my beginning weight. I am in a wedding next weekend and really can’t fit an extra 6 lbs into my dress albeit from water or from fat.

Why I Choose Active Recovery

It is commonly thought that complete rest after a workout is the best way to recover. Taking a day off and letting the muscles rest and repair does work for some people. I have found that with Fibromyalgia the soreness after a workout is far worse than when I used to be healthy, even the workouts themselves are harder to do. Taking a full on rest and recover day is not best for me.

Staying active with Fybro is hard work, the workouts are always more challenging, the aches are worse and some things you have to modify the heck out of just to accomplish in your own way. If I take a day off after I feel terrible. In my case I have found that a ten minute walk then a five-minute warm up really helps with my flexibility and my ability to keep proper form and follow through to the end. The bit of flexibility and looseness that is gained from that fifteen minute warm up is a game changer. After my workouts I make sure that I do a five-minute cool down as well as five minutes of stretching after.

Doing Les Mills Pump there are schedules rest days. Rarely will I attempt a full rest day. When I do I get stiff and sore, and jumping back on the Pump bandwagon the next day is extremely hard. This is where active recovery comes in. Besides my warm up and cool down I stretch, constantly. Anytime i start to feel stiff or the pain level starts creeping up I stretch. On my days off I may just jog, do some yoga or low impact aerobics. If I am really sore I do yoga. What I am saying here is something is done to keep myself moving. With fybro it is very easy to sit down and not move. Your body doesn’t like moving, but doing it is best.

It has been documented over and over the importance of exercise and stretching for fybro patients. I can say personally that it is making a huge difference in how i feel physically. I certainly am not in as much of the fybro pain, yes, there is pain and exercise is not a miracle cure, I am not making any claims that it is. What I am saying is that activity helps. You may have to struggle in the beginning, but gaining that strength and flexibility makes life so much easier. You have to be willing to power through for it to help. People with Fybromyalgia are more likely to have inflamed and tight muscles, poor circulation, poor posture and more toxins in the body. Regular stretching and exercise can help relieve those symptoms. Start out slow, don’t stretch too hard or hold poses too long. Keep it static.

After almost 90 days of exercise my symptoms are lessened, I have learned my limits and what I can do to feel better. I have learned that I have to work twice as hard to get a work out in as a healthy person does. I have also learned that I am worth that hard work and that I can do it. I have also learned that active recovery works best for me.

Today is a scheduled rest day with Pump so I am going to warm up with a walk and spend the day weeding my garden area (It looks terrible!) so I can get my veggies planted.


Dessert without guilt: My Healthier Chocolate Cake Recipe!

It is possible to eat something sweet and not feel the need to beat yourself up afterwards. It is okay to treat yourself every once in a while, it is even better to do it and still feel you made a far better choice than you could have. This was me last night. I wanted, chocolate, I wanted crunchy and I wanted salty all at the same time. So I hit the kitchen and threw together a microwave chocolate cake. It was far healthier than any processed snack and still fell within my clean eating guideline so I was pleased with myself and my craving was satisfied. I still don’t harbor any guilt over my choice either. That is rare for me. So here is a picture of my delicious creation and the recipe. This is a single serving recipe.

Oh so tasty!

Clean Eating Chocolate Cake:


  • 1 tablespoon dark chocolate cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons 100% unbleached whole wheat graham flour
  • 2 teaspoons agave nectar
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 2 packets Stevia In the Raw
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened coconut
  • 2 teaspoons applesauce
  • 3 tablespoons skim milk (you could substitute with milk of choice)
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon dark chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon unsalted shelled sunflower seeds
  • 1 pinch course sea salt

In a small bowl mix together all of the dry ingredients (minus the chips and salt) and Stevia well. Add wet ingredients and stir well. After it is fully mixed pour into mug or ramekin add chips reserving a few, sprinkle remaining chips, seeds and salt on the top of batter. Place in microwave and microwave on high for 1 minute. It did bubble over just a tiny bit so I would recommend placing it on a microwave safe dish or paper towel.Let cool for a minute then enjoy! I am yet to calculate the nutrition to an exact but my rough calculation rounded it out to about:

  • Calories: 170
  • Fat: 2 grams
  • Carbs: 35 grams
  • Fiber: 6.5 grams
  • Protein:5.6 grams

I feel like I am running on E today. I slept less than two hours. I am so temped to grab a Sugar Free Red Bull so I can function. So far I have resisted but have accomplished nothing. I rarely have caffeine via doctors orders. Apparently caffeine and Sleep Deprivation Disorder is not a good mix. Who would have thought, huh? Right now I am having a smoothie in hopes that it give me some up and go. If not, I will be naughty and have some caffeine. After I blog I am going to have an egg to so I get my protein in. Thank goodness today is an easy workout day. Yoga and C25K!  I think I will do LMP Flow and some Gaiam Energizing Yoga too, get the blood flowing before my C25K. Yawn!

Already looking tasty!

Hope this gives me some energy!

What was in my smoothie?

  • 1 mango
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 2 mandarin oranges
  • 1/2 cup FF Greek yogurt
  • 1 handful ice
  • 1 handful of mixed berries: blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
  • 1/3 cup FF milk


Does my ass make my ass look big?

Yesterday was rough for me. It seemed that everything I put on make me look like a heifer, even all the new size 12’s I bought last week. How is that there was no weight gain and even a bit of inches lost and I saw myself as fat as I was when I stated all this? Anyhow, everything I tried on I hated. I liked the clothes, but they didn’t look right to me. Being that discouraged made me want to throw in the towel, I had this feeling that all this hard work has been for nothing. Why did I do that to myself? it is not like I wanted to feel that was, self sabotage was not my plan at all. Some of the unhappiness I have been feeling over other things must be wearing me down. Not to worry though nothing is permanent.

So today is Wednesday, it is day 79 of Les Mills Pump, I still love it on day 79 just as much as I did on day one. I am still grateful that I gave it a go. If there were live classes around here I would get a gym membership in a second. I think that I am finally to the point where I don’t feel too fat for group fitness. Shyness is something that really came with weight gain. I am getting back to my more open outgoing, who give a damn what you think self again, I know it sounds strange after the first part of this blog. Yesterday was a rough day for some reason, that’s all.

The carpet people are coming to measure today! I went and confirmed what color and pile I wanted, sugar cookie.  Why is it that I always like the most expensive of everything. Even before I have a clue what the price is I always find that I gravitate to items of a higher cost? I must have good taste 🙂 I did find a new chair I really liked. I need to find a couple more I like so there are choices. And no luck on a TV/media stand. I think we need to make the two-hour trek to Ikea maybe. Haven’t even started looking for shelving for the archway wall.  The house is a huge mess. Furniture all over, the stuff from the walls strewn about which leads to making more clutter. How does that happen? Things will be in order soon enough. I can’t wait for the living room, Purple room (sitting and treadmill room right now but soon to be an office), steps and hallway to have it’s pretty new floor coverings!

Time to get going with my day. The kiddo is off to school, time for me to get going on part one of my workouts. I am super starving today, I can’t wait to eat breakfast. I don’t think I got me calories in to calories out ratio right. I had a major calorie burn yesterday, just about 1000 cals! That must be why I am starving.

Just one more random thought. I really, REALLY want a sashimi lunch from Hello Sushi. If they were open right now that would be my breakfast. I have been craving sashimi for a week now at least!

Have a great day everyone!


Raspberry Ketones?


Even Dr Oz is on the Raspberry Ketone bandwagon. This definitely strikes my curiosity.

I have been hearing quite a bit about raspberry ketones and weight loss. Have any of you taken them. I have read that they help with cellulite, the main use is metabolism heightening and appetite suppressant. I like the idea of it being natural, but not sure if it is something that is worth trying. I DO NOT want my appetite suppressed, and I am not even that worried about my metabolism. Have any of you tried it? Did it have any adverse or positive effects for you? How was you appetite? Did your cellulite improve?

Since I have been losing weight and my rear end shrank by half the size my cellulite is very, VERY noticeable. I know it will fade with tons of cardio in time, but summer is approaching. I was hoping that this was the first summer in years that I could finally feel good enough about the appearance of my legs to wear shorts, and not be embarrassed in a bathing suit. I do not want to jump on some pills bandwagon. I will not take anything chemical or rely on diet shakes. I like knowing exactly what is going into my body and knowing that I won’t have to deal with the regain of stopping stimulant pills or shakes.

No preaching at me about pills people. Like I said I don’t want diet pills. There is nothing wrong with my diet and I am not afraid to work hard to look the way I want to one day. I am not looking for a miracle. I am curious and wouldn’t mind a little help with my cottage cheese legs. And of course if I get curious enough I will talk to my doctor like I do with everything else I have been doing in this journey to a stronger, healthier and thinner me.

I’m Back! Here is how week 11 measured up!

Wow, it was strange not writing blogs and reading blogs for a few days. Blogging has become a habit, maybe even a ritual for me. I missed it. I spent the entire weekend painting. When we bought out house every inch of it was brown, every wall, every floor and even the outside is brown (except one bathroom they never bothered painting and the laundry room). The people who built this must have had a brown obsession. The only lived here six months after they built it so they didn’t have a chance to realize that they made a bad choice with all the brown. Upon buying it we knew we didn’t like the brown but would change it over time. We have now rid, 4 bedrooms, the living room, sitting room, kitchen/dining rooms, the upstairs hallway and the foyer of the brown. All that there is left is 2 bathrooms and the carpet. The Carpet guys were supposed to come measure yesterday but did not and will be here tomorrow. Hopefully the new carpet will be in soon! I did not take before pictures just because I was in the let’s do this zone and didn’t think of it but here are the pics I have. The pics are not the best because I am still waiting for Canon to actually do their job.

There you go, that was my weekend in a nutshell. We did also do some shopping around for all mounts for the TV and a new media center. No luck finding what I have in mind. I am very picky I guess. I am hoping to have everything done by the last weekend of the month. I am hosting a jewelry party here and it may be a good thing to not have the house a disastrous mess.

I did well with my food intake over the weekend even with keeping busy. I would have rather had take out all weekend just because it would have been easier. but once I actually made an effort to cook, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was so close to falling into  my old mindset of being busy means that you should just eat what is quickest and came in a take out box. Whew, crisis adverted. I did get a bit of exercise in but not as much as I would have liked. but painting was pretty hard on my hands with the dip in the weather this weekend. My body hates temp changes. Especially when it drops down like it did. I froze my rear off at Emma’s game on Saturday morning. It was so freaking cold! I wish Michigan weather could make up its mind! Anyhow, I rambled off there for a minute. back on topic now. Exercise.  I didn’t put in as much effort as usual. But painting had to be done and it was work so it counts as a bit of my missed workout. All, in all I still was active. The main thing that I was lacking in was my Les Mills Pump. I missed one session of Extreme. Just did a quick Challenge session instead. I skipped Flow, but no biggie, it’s just a 20  minute yoga workout. All in all I think I could have done worse so I am okay with it.  Got back to it full force yesterday.

I suppose you all want to know how I fared with week eleven, here are my stats for the week:

  • Chest: 32 inches  (- 1.5 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches  (- 0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 11.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (- 0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Weight: 171 pounds (-0 pounds)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5

Minus 1.5 inches this week. Not too shabby. I would still really love to see the scale start moving though.

The Best Kind of Cardio


It is getting warmer out and I of course had nothing to wear. Everything from last spring is too big and most of it has found its way into the consignment shop. So my dear husband gave me some mad money to get some things for spring. I think he got tired of me complaining about only having two pairs of pants and no tops that I like that are weather appropriate. I got some great outfits and it is always more fun to shop when you are looking for SMALLER sizes! I could have used some shorts but I am not ready to brave shorts yet. My thighs are still pretty big and lumpy. I would rather have a gut than huge legs (is that weird?). I did find a great dress for an upcoming wedding too. Anyhow here are some pictures of my finds. I wish I could have gotten better pics but I am still stuck using my cell. Canon’s customer service still sucks. Over $300 for a camera that randomly stops working in 3 months. Ugh. I’d like to take my camera and shove it up their butt!

I don’t miss you..


These are the main things I have given up in order to create a new healthier me… What have you let go of?

Soda: I gave this up before I started with my diet and fitness regimen. It has been 180 days. I have had a few glasses in that six months but in diet and in very small amounts. But going from a 2 liter a day to maybe 6 glasses in six months is a big change. If I feel the need to have a soda I have some sparkling water with some fruit. Does the trick and is far better for me.


Smoking Cigarettes: It has been 85 days since I quit smoking. I honestly do not miss it and will rarely ever have a craving. I do have an electronic cigarette that I fall back on here and there but I don’t see a problem with that. I use the lowest level of nicotine mixed in with a no nicotine formula. I haven’t even touched it this week. Most of the time I don’t. I never smoked in my house so the smell there was never an issue but it is really nice not having my hair and clothes smell like it. And it has freed up money for other things, like having to constantly buy smaller clothing to wear!


Fast Food: It has been 78 days since I gave up fast food. This was the easiest thing to give up. I have figured out ways to eat on the run if needed. Even at McDonald’s I can order a salad with no meat and some apples with water if needed. Or any other fast food joint that is. The smell of most fast food grosses me out now. I tried a couple of fries just over a month ago and holy cow did they taste freaking nasty to me. I never imagined the day that McDonald’s fries would taste bad! In a pinch I have even popped into a gas station and bought unsalted nuts and a water, and some even sell fresh fruit so I can grab an apple too sometimes!


Processed foods: 72 Days have passed since processed foods have left my diet. Pretty much everything I eat is from scratch. I sometimes luck out and find a good organic mix, and I refuse to make my own mayo and love the mayo made with olive oil. I don’t always want to make condiments so that is an exception for me. I do sometimes, maybe not often enough but we are condiment people around here! Most of my time would be used whipping up mustard and ketchup constantly. I still let Emma have her cereal too. She is taking to most of the other food changes pretty well so I let the cereal slide. I can’t expect her eating habits and taste buds to change over night. She has been a trooper with this. Especially for being six. She has opened up to so many healthy foods she wouldn’t eat before. I am proud of her and her expanding palette.


Bleached, enriched flour: It has been 72 days since I made this change. No more white bread, flour tortillas, white English muffins, cakes made with white flour, you get the point. Even crackers around here are whole grain. This was a super easy change. I still get my breads but just swapped out for healthier options. No one in the house was bothered by the change and texture and the nuttier taste of breads. With baking I have switched to whole wheat unbleached unenriched flour and rice flour. Swapped out white rice for brown rice or quinoa, replaced white pasta with rice or whole wheat .


Refined Sugars: 72 days; how long I have switched my sweeteners! No more white sugar, no more corn syrup, no more artificial sweeteners. I now use honey, agave nectar, brown sugar or Stevia In The Raw to sweeten things now. I don’t notice a difference at all. No one in the house has complained either.


Things I have gained:

Better workouts

A smaller figure



A better attitude

I smell better 🙂

More confidence

A go to attitude

Broader list of foods I love

A healthier family

The ability to say I am doing the right thing


And an all around good feeling

Getting the hang of this and loving it.

What I look like running now!

So as you know I have been doing the C25K program, I have switched up the intervals a little bit just because my treadmill is a huge pain to program, but once the intervals are longer I can do it manually with ease so it won’t be so bad. My treadmill has an interval program so that is what I am using as of now. I have gotten faster in the past two weeks, adding an entire mile to my 30 minute time, that puts me at 2.5 miles. Next stop 3.1! And after that no intervals! Yep, I got this.

It is surprising to me how quickly I am able to pick this up. Especially seeing I am still overweight and not in suburb shape. I forget how much strength I have gained doing Pump, it has made trying so many new things

What I will look like running in July, maybe not that thin but that poised!

so much easier! I was able to do some yoga poses today that I have never been able to achieve, do 3 non-girly push ups (had to go to knees after but hey, it is huge for me!), and my hovers are greatly improving. Granted I am not near what I want to achieve but I am doing it! I know it takes time, I know I didn’t fall out of shape overnight.

81 days until The Color Run! All my team dropped but two (bums) but oh well, Sarah, Pat and I are going to rock it! Wondering if I should get different shoes to break in for the race so I don’t chance staining my pretty blue ones I love so much or just running in them and wearing the stains like a trophy? It is almost time for me to order running tutu supplies too! I’m getting excited! Can you tell!


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