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Day 29 of 120 Was a Challenge!

lmp day 29

Whew! I am sore and exhausted. Today’s workout was Pump and Shred.  It was nice to have a new workout added into the routine. Spices things up and helps keep my interest. This is the third disc in the Les Mills Pump System, it is a 45 minute Body Pump workout that is 45 minutes long and it focuses on the back, chest, hamstrings, quads as well as the abs.

With the stitched up knuckle grasping a bar (especially with weight on it) is out of the question. It puts too much pressure on the stitches and possibility of ripping them out does not sound appealing in any way whatsoever. For a few things I was able to use the bar and just rest it on the heel of my hand or in the groove between the pointer finger and the thumb. For everything else I found a set of ankle weights in the basement and strapped them onto my wrist. Not much weight but I like the idea of using those over using no weight at all. During the plank portion (they call it a hover) I had to settle with just doing some extra crunches and an Iron Cross.

All in all the workout went great and I sweat my butt off. Hopefully literally because that is the point in doing all of this. Tomorrow is weigh in day. I am super nervous to see if my 30 day goal has been met. I really hope so because there have been just too many issues to work past and I honestly feel that it screwed everything up. We shall see though.

Nifty ankle weights on my wrists.   I love my Hot Pink workout mat BTW :)

Nifty ankle weights on my wrists. I love my Hot Pink workout mat BTW 🙂


Salad A Day Challenge

As previously blogged about my diet has been far from healthy. It’s been hard to eat most things lately. I have been doing a little better with food so I decided to accept Trying Not to Be Fat’s Salad a Day Challenge.  So here is how it works:

  • Replace one meal with a salad
  • Salad must contain protein and good fats
  • Be creative
  • If you can make your own dressings do it, if not buy a variety
  • Make it Big

I may not be able to always follow the rules, but in any case even trying to get myself back to being used to eating better again makes this worth it.

Yesterdays salad was very tasty, but eating it was a bit rough. None the less I did eat it and it did stay down. So Yay for small miracles. Granted I did follow it up with a small slice of pizza shortly after but it could be worse. Could of only been pizza!


The picture sure makes it look unappetizing but it did look better in person.


  • Baby spinach
  • Feta Cheese (from pasteurized milk so it’s okay)
  • Bacon (crumbled)
  • Red onion
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Dried Cherries
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Poppy seed dressing

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