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Week 35

Yes, I know week 35 is just about over. Honestly I had no interest in posting. Too busy throwing myself a bedrest sucks and I will be happy with nothing party all week. It is hard to pass the time when there isn’t much on the list of things to do. Granted there are things to do but not what I desire to do so I hate them all. I don’t want to read, watch more television, play on the internet, blog or anything like that. The list of things that sound appealing are cleaning, cleaning, shopping, walking around, you know the stuff that doesn’t require me to sit on my ass.

Sunday I did get out for a short time. Got a pedicure and had lunch with the girls. Emma loved her first pedi! This afternoon after Emma got out of school we went to see Oz the Great and Powerful. Really good movie,  popcorn was awesome (theater popcorn is the best) it was nice to do something. Yes, I just sat there but it wasn’t sitting in my own chair or bed and going to a movie that was not animated was nice too. We always see kids movies. It just happens when you have a kid. Kid movies now days are pretty entertaining so no biggie there. I am super super excited for the new Evil Dead though. I will have to wait to see it, it comes out days before my due date and I am sure by then the baby will have already been here. The new Evil Dead will make me mad, all remakes of classics make me mad. They always ruin the movie. But there is this undying need to watch them even though I know that I will be mad. It is just my thing. I don’t have to make sense!

This past week Braxton-Hicks, migraines and lets just say bowel issues have plagued me. Also my mucus plug is starting to lose bits and pieces so we are getting closer and closer. So far we have kept him in so that’s a good thing. Not sure how much longer but everyday is another day for him to bake.


Emma’s monster toe 🙂

So excited to be at the nail salon

So excited to be at the nail salon


35 weeks

32 Week Bump Pic

As of yesterday we have reached the 32 week mark. Sometimes it feels like the time is going to fast other times it feel like it is going too slow. To be honest I just don’t think having a proper sense of time happens during pregnancy.

We have an appointment with the OB on Thursday to make sure things are going as they should. With there being no cramping, Braxton-Hicks, fluid loss or anything I am sure we are just fine. Maybe a little TMI but after any decent amount of activity there is a lot of pressure and it feels like he is going to fall right out. I asked the midwife about that and it’s nothing to worry about. So I won’t. It is annoying though. After this appointment I think I will go in weekly. Good thing we only live a hop and a skip from the Ob office. definitely not walking distance but as close to home as a doctor’s office could be from here. Two more weeks and I would of made it longer than I did with Emma. She was in a hurry to break out and party.

The past couple of days everyone in the house has been fighting off a case of the crud. Lots of coughs, sneezes and sniffles. This screwy weather is to blame in my opinion. I know they say weather can’t make you sick and yes, that is true. But being indoors so much and not airing out the place saves germs for us to catch. Everywhere you go germs, germs, germs. It has caused me to be extra tired so there is a bit too much sleeping going on but other than that we are generally okay. Having an excuse to catch up on all the sleep I have missed lately is nice though 🙂

32 Weeks 🙂

Bump and Some Randomness

What a week! I have kept pretty darn busy all week. Lots to do around the house, lots of company, made the cookies for the shower tomorrow (Emma lost interest so mom did it for her), and the list goes on!

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare. Emma’s school called and their opening was “Emma has had a bad playground accident.” Way to freak me out. Of course it wasn’t is bad as I thought it was at that instant. Let’s just say that her leg and neither region was assaulted by a bar. OUCH! We spent a lot of time icing and wrapping it so she would be good to go for her big Valentine’s Day Dance last night with Dad.

Of the injury this is what I can show. That is her upper-inner thigh. Poor baby!

Of the injury this is what I can show. That is her upper-inner thigh. Poor baby!

Pat and Emma at the big dance

Pat and Emma at the big dance

And here is my 31 week Bump Pic I promised…

31 weeks and growing

I better hit the hay. I am sure that our day of fun and excitement tomorrow will poop me out! Happy Saturday night everyone!

I would like to give a shout out to erinhasthoughts for nominating me for an Inspirational Blogger Award! I was actually quite surprised because I have not been keeping up with the blog the way i should over these past months. Be sure to check her out, she has an awesome blog!

Carb overload!

Since the beginning of pregnancy I have been haunted by the worst case of morning sickness. Nothing helped, the mass doses of Zofran, Vitamin B, Tums, ginger, nothing! Not too long ago I was given Zantac to add to the Zofran and vitamin b regime and finally some relief  Granted there are good and bad days but there are more good ones than bad now.

Given the fact that the morning sickness was pretty much debilitating and every smell on the planet made it worse there was not much cooking going on in my house. The things I did cook and eat mainly consisted of carbs. Breads, bagels, crackers, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, pancakes. You know everything that is bland and a complex carb. Now we are cooking more and eating a better variety of foods but I find myself constantly drawn to bread and potatoes. This habit really needs to be broken. But I freakin’ love bread and potatoes more than ever right now!!! Why can’t I crave spinach?

I am really trying to get my food intake back on track before the baby comes so it is easier to do. In a couple of weeks I plan on buying a mass amount of food and bagging it up and freezing it for crock pot meals. Then there will be no excuses for not cooking something healthy after the baby comes exhausted or not. I can pour something in the crock pot in my sleep if I need to!

So far at 30 weeks and 5 days there has been a 28 pound gain, most of it is baby bump and I gained what I feel like is a good portion in my thighs. Not too bad but more than I was hoping to gain. I still have a while to go and can potentially gain 1-2 lbs a week. That is another 9 to 18 lbs. Hoping for the smaller number but it is what it is. The weight won’t stick around forever and if all goes well delivery wise I can get back to walking about 2 weeks after and in full swing at 6 weeks. My jogging stroller was purchased months ago and I plan to get a sling for days I don’t want to push a stroller. No excuses!! can’t knock the calorie burning benefits of breastfeeding either!

The fact that everything I no longer fit as I lost before is good motivation to get it done. There will be no purchasing of larger sizes to accommodate my post baby body, I will be stuck in maternity clothes until the 12’s fit! I have to be in a party dress by July and a bridesmaid dress in October. I will look good in them too. There is no choice because I refuse to give myself one. Having a baby will not be an excuse to not get moving and take care of myself. Taking care of myself, being healthy and energetic will make taking care of a baby easier. Plus feeling good about myself and having a good attitude will help cope with any stress.

30 week bump pic, notice the lack of hair? Went and got a “mom” cut! No tiny little fingers torturing me with hair pulling while nursing!


I will be back in this dress for my July event! Promise to myself and to the blogosphere!  The last and only time I ever wore this was in June if I remember correctly. Then I went and got knocked up 🙂

Week 17 (Monday Bump Pic)

Today marks Day 1 of week 17 of pregnancy, 23 weeks to go! So far this week has been pretty good minus a migraine. But then again today is the first day! Day by Day I am feeling better so The Fetus is finally deciding I can have a break from the bathroom. Even the evenings are getting better, still feel nauseous but not pukey (another word I don’t know if it is really a word) if that make any sense to you.

I have been told and have read that I should have more of an appetite and be hungrier more often but I now have noticed that I am hardly hungry through the day. And starving at dinner than that is it. So I have been force feeding myself here and there because eating nothing until dinner is probably not a good idea.

So at week 17 here are The Fetus’ developments:
At 17 weeks he or she weighs approximately 5 ounces, the size of a turnip, and from head to bottom is approximately 5 inches long, I could not think of a food that is normally 5 inches but I can compare it to the size of a Lark. Sweat glands are now starting to develop as well as The Fetus can move its joints now. The heart is now regulating the brain and he or she is starting to learn to suck and swallow. Body fat is also beginning to develop.  The Fetus’s cartilage is turning into bone and the umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger.

I decided to add pregnancy symptoms to each Monday Bump Pic Post 🙂

Week 17 Pregnancy symptoms:

  • Increased appetite : Mine has actually decreased
  • Heartburn and indigestion: Yep, like a Mother… Tums are my friend!
  • Flatulence: This too L
  • Headaches: Not sure because I had migraine problems prior to pregnancy
  • Faintness and dizziness: Darn tootin’ I am dizzy and light-headed often. I had fainting spells with Emma.
  • Backaches:  Nothing out of the norm yet, minus pain from my tumble-down the stairs
  • Stretch marks: no new one to report
  • Feeling off-balance: I never had balance to begin with. Hence my need to fall down steps
  • Dry eyes: Not a problem
  • Possibly feeling fetal movement: I have experience quickening for a couple of weeks now.

I could not find a creepy turnip with an umbilical cord so I figured this creepy turnip would do!

The baby is a size of a lark

17 weeks!




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