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Daily Archives: September 26, 2013

Day 18 of 120 FINITO!

lmp day 18

Actually I finished the workout a couple of hours ago, been working on homework with Emma since. I would have never thought that in the Second Grade a child would get as much homework as she does. It is crazy!!

This afternoon while Ian napped I went to lunch with my Mother-In-Law. It is always nice to get a chance to catch up. Also had to break down Ian’s schedule. Her and my FIL are postponing their trip back to their winter home to watch the kids while I am fulfilling my Matron of Honor Duties. This will be the first time anyone other than myself or my husband has had Ian overnight. CRAZY! A friend of mine is coming to stay at the house to watch my zoo. She is bringing her dog so Tico should have a blast. he loves little dogs. Anyhow back to lunch, even though we were out I ate healthy, a steak, salad and sweet potato (sans the sugar) and washed it down with some lemon water. She wanted Olive garden but was nice enough to not take me to the sweet, sweet land of cream sauces, white pasta and delicious breadsticks as far as the eye can see. Good thing too given my hormones are a raging I would’ve given in and eaten all the breadsticks in the place! I love me some Olive Garden breadsticks! 

Yep, this would have been me!

Today’s scheduled workout was a combination of Hard Core Abs and Flow. Still feeling like my form is bad during the planks. I definitely need to invest in a mirror. It could be correct and I just feel awkward because I am in terrible shape right now. Who knows? All in all it was a productive workout and I feel good about it. Tomorrow is a rest day so there may not be a new blog. We will see. Happy Thursday all! 



Please help if you can.

This is not one bit fitness related  or even about me. But sometimes we have to spread the word in order to help out the ones we love. 

Recently a close friend of mine had to face yet another loss. Her family has been through so much over the past several years. It is hard to find the right words when you know you can’t bring someone back. If you could find it in your hearts to help this family out it would mean the world to them. 

The family of Kevin Harden is uniting to help create a stepping stone for the kids college fund.

Kevin Harden was a devoted husband and father of 7. He was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on Sept. 15, 2013. The other party involved fled the scene leaving many unanswered questions and heartbreak. He leaves behind his wife Janna, older children Shannon and Greg as well as quadruplets Evelyn, Bethany, Jeffrey and JoAnna as their youngest son Jon. We are raising money for the 5 youngest children as a stepping stone for their college fund. Kevin devoted his life to his children. His children now have to grow up without a father leaving his wife to worry how she will manage without him. Kevin loved playing his guitar for his children while they sang along. They went on adventures with their daddy as well. Any donation would help us ease some of the financial burden of college for 5 children because with quads 4 will be headed to college at the same time.

You can donate to the children’s college fund here: Children Of Kevin Harden College Fund

You can see news articles Here,  Here, and Here.

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