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OB Visit – Baby Update

OB Visit – Baby Update

Today we had our visit with the Ultrasound tech and my Midwife/OB. I would say that it went fairly well.

The ultrasound took what seemed like forever. He just was not in the mood to cooperate and get measurements done. Gymnastics to do I suppose. Then they couldn’t get his face because he kept it directly smashed into my uterine wall. He is for sure full on heads down and positioned for delivery. I just hope he sticks around longer. After the Tech’s calculations she said he is in the 54th percentile so right on average at 5.2 pounds and about 15.75 inches long. As far as development goes his heart looks awesome and the lungs look pretty good too. So Ian is happy and healthy and that is wonderful.

Next we went and saw my Midwife. We went over the test results from my wonderfully pointless trip to the specialist at U of M. She is very displeased with the doctors conclusion from there. Basically the paperwork said “I don’t know and don’t want to deal with it” so starting at my postpartum visit she wants to start looking into other options to figure out why I am so D resistant. After looking at the results of my non-stress test last week and the ultrasound it was decided that she would skip the vaginal exam to check for progression and the Fetal Fibronectin test for now. Basically she said that baby is developed enough to where she fells that no life saving measures are needed if the baby comes at any point on. Yes, he will more than likely have a short stay in NICU but he will be okay and that is what matters.  So for now I have more restrictions. No cooking, cleaning, showering (warm baths from now on) or doing much of anything I can’t accomplish while sitting down. All the baby stuff washed, put away and is set up minus the pack and play that needs to be unboxed and we have tons of batteries to purchase and install. Everything off the registry has been bought minus 3 things but those are for baby proofing so no hurries on that. I was given permission to take quick (short) trips into the store and I can get my much-needed pedicure. she said to call the office and go in if I start feeling contractions again and they will then do an exam and decide if it is actually labor. If not our next appointment is in 2 weeks.

So basically I was told to just wait it out and let nature take its course and not to worry. So that  is what we will be doing. Emma has so much coming up at school this month so I hope that this baby thing doesn’t interfere. I need to send dad out to get the stuff for St. Patty’s, Easter and Spirit week at school just in case. Ugh. I don’t think I like the idea of just sending him to do it on his own. Giving up control of things I usually have control of stinks!

Any volunteers to sweep and mop my wood floors and scrub my half bath? Maybe tend to Sally’s tank? She’s giving me that look and she balled up her carpeting and moved her log half across her tank again.

See Sally’s crankyface? The Spoiled Drama Queen moves everything around in her tank then gets pissy with me over it!


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  1. By D resistant, do you mean vitamin D? I ask because my wife was low and had to take these horse pills to get her levels up. As a dietitian, she asked to get the test done and the all-knowing midwife questioned her, Why do you want that test? After the test came back, no more questions as to why we wanted a certain test performed were asked again! 🙂

    • Yes, It goes so low that it actually causes neurological problems such as partial blindness. I took the horse pills, got the shots, took more pills and I am still below what is considered deficient. The midwife sent me to some hot shot endocrinologist at the University of Michigan hospital. His words were, “you live in Michigan everyone has lower D your doctor and midwife and neurologist are overreacting but your face does sag a bit from your bells palsy” I didn’t know going blind was normal. And I think I noticed years ago my left side is a bit saggy and I was not there for my bells palsy. I own a mirror. So new game plan after the baby for sure. It is not going to include U of M. i have been seeing people for this for years and just can’t get an answer. I am B deficient too but we have found ways to help that just enough to skate by.

  2. I will ask her about it when she gets home. You don’t have to sun yourself for 8 hours a day to get the amount of D you need. Just because you live in MI doesn’t mean you live in a cave. You don’t live in a cave, do you? 🙂

    I takes a while to build your vitamin d back up. I do remember that part of it. The reason she got the test done in the first place, was because she works in a hospital and is rarely outside.

    In the meantime, if you haven’t read this yet:, give it a read.

  3. Last week it was snow up there that kept me from sweeping and mopping. Today it’s snow here. I just can’t get a break. Dad is going to get all sorts of fun things.


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