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What’s in a Name?

I know I have not done a ton of blogging since the beginning of pregnancy. Let’s just say it has not been a simple pregnancy and some things I just don’t feel like whining about on the internet or even talking about. When I get to chatty about certain things it gets me panicky, then I can get test results back and find out that what they tested for is just fine and then I feel bad for stressing myself out if I didn’t really need to. The strange thing is I think the pressure to find a name for Male Fetus has been the hardest most stressful part.

Since the day we announced the pregnancy I get random messages, calls and texts with baby name suggestions, most of them absolutely terrible at that. After turning each one down gracefully more come our way. Why rush to pick a name? The baby will grow into a toddler, a child, a preteen, a teen, a young adult, an adult and then grow old with the name we choose to give him. It is a big decision, and we are both very picky. Even with politely telling people what I want (Pat didn’t have as many guidelines as myself) the suggestions got even more off the wall or girly. I want something short, preferably starting with a vowel, no girly funky “y” spellings, nothing that will make him sound like an old man yet not sound like a man-child as an adult. Picky, picky!

So here is my baby naming list of rules. You may not agree but I have some firm opinions on baby naming, especially boys. Boys grow into men and sometimes it is like society forgets that.

  1. The name you chose should grow with the child into adulthood: Some names just always seem childish or baby like, choose something that will translate well into adulthood!
  2. There is a difference between boys and girls: Really, there is! I understand more feminine boy names are all the rage lately. People really like to blur the line of gender roles and that has translated into names. I want my son to be thought of as a man on his resume, not have the interviewer shocked when he walks into the room.
  3. Beware of nicknames: You cringe at the thought of your child being referred to as Ed, do not choose the name Edward then.
  4. Do the initials spell anything that can cause your child grief?: I went to school with a girl who has the initials  A.S.S. Dead serious they were A.S.S. let’s just say once kids found out what her middle name was did the taunting get bad. She married someone with an S last name too, she is doomed to never be able to have anything monogrammed with her full initials.
  5. Just because celebrities do it doesn’t mean you should: Inanimate objects, job positions, strange pairings and names that sound like they were chosen on a dare or int he middle of a drug binge. Do we need children named Apple, Jeans, Sage Moonblood or Fifi Trixibell?
  6. Your baby is not an inanimate object! Like I said above, it just isn’t cool. I met a guy named Cookie all that crossed my mind was that his parents must have hoped to make his life hell! People have even named their kids after sexually transmitted diseases and bodily functions. But I think names like Chlamydia, Book, Hammer and Chair should be off-limits!
  7. Don’t name your kids because of 50 shades: You say you are having a 50 Shades of Grey baby.. well good for you. but do you need to tell the world you are naming your son Christian, after a fictional character who is into BDSM. Either keep it to yourself or choose a different name. Yep, you read a book and decided to put out. Good for you. If I watched a porn and got knocked up should I name my child Ron?
  8. Stop with all the Y’s and weird spellings: Just because there is an “I” doesn’t mean you should make it a “Y” to be one of a kind. Actually everyone does it lately. What ever happened to traditional spellings? Should we feminize our boys by switching those I’s to Y’s. Do we want to doom them with a lifetime of others spelling their names wrong or pronouncing their names wrong?
  9. Try not to pick the most popular name: If your kid has an extremely popular name there could be 6 kids with that name in his or her class. Your kids could not even know that their first name isn’t actually Matthew B, but just plain Matthew. 
  10. Don’t let someone pressure you into a choice: Even though I even have some strong baby naming options doesn’t mean you have to take it to heart. If you are really happy with naming your boy Sue or spelling Mackenzie as Mykynzy do it. Everyone is going to have an opinion of what you choose, but in the long run choose what you want for your child. You are their parent so it is 100% up to you!

BTW: We have picked a name as of last night, unless we decide to go with something else once we see him. No middle name yet though. But we are thinking of having have some sort of connection to Pat’s family. But who knows. It is so hard to choose!

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30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Naming a baby is so hard!! We had it narrowed down to two different first names one had a middle name the other middle name we disagreed on. We decided we would choose which name once we saw her. Well, we were arguing in bed about the middle name again and I made a suggestion that I liked and Jay liked it also, and right then and there my water broke, so we took it as a sign and that’s how we named our Sydney Elise 🙂

  2. Maybe not Ron but, I think Jeremy might work (he is fat and ugly how can he make movies). I didn’t have many rules. We actually picked out all of our kids’ names by browsing the Colts Game day booklet during the Colts’ games. They weren’t named after anyone just liked the names. So here is my last chance…you want a vowel..ok..Emef pronounced “M F” for male fetus and then when you get mad, M F really wouldn’t have the same meaning of male fetus.

  3. I hear you! As much as it is easy for me to think of girls names, I find boys names harder… And I agree wholeheartedly with all of your rules!
    As you said though, in the end it’s your choice, so go with what you think is best 🙂
    And I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly

  4. I actually kinda like the name Ian. Starts with a vowel-doesn’t sound girly-something a boy can turn into a man with and isn’t weird!! It isn’t all that popular Ian James Robinson. Sounds prominent and doesn’t make weird initials.


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