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Getting Emma Ready For Baby

It has to be a lot to take in, to be an only child for 7 years then all of a sudden have a sibling on the way. Miss Emma is used to having a ton of undivided attention and us doing many activities together. So we have trying to do things to prepare her for the new addition in a way that keeps her involved and gives her an important role in things. We want her to know that new babies are special but being a big sister is really special too.

When we first broke the news to her she was not a happy camper, she said she would rather have a puppy than a sibling. Yikes! I thought we were doomed! But as time went on she warmed up to the idea and is now excited. Whew! I think having her take on the role of Big Sister before the baby comes has helped and maybe we will have an easier transition.

Things we have done to help her adjust:

  • Her and I went through her room and got rid of all the little kid stuff she didn’t want anymore, rearranged things, organized and make it a big girl space for her to enjoy. She now spends tons of time in her new “haven”
  • We have had lots of discussions on what to expect when the baby comes home so there will be no surprises.
  • She lent a helping hand with the nursery set up.
  • Two of my girlfriends are throwing the baby shower, I decided to take on part of it so Emma could be a hostess. She got to choose what the prizes would be along with the invites and cake. She also had an input on the menu selection and favors.
  • She was able to make choices on the baby registry. so what there are some “girl” bottles on there. Babies don’t know that pink is for girls. Who made that rule anyhow?
  • She got a new outfit to wear the coordinates with mine to the shower and we got her a big sister pin to wear. She will also be in charge of drawing names for the diaper raffle we are holding in lieu of a diaper party.
  • I am in the process of making her a Big Sister Kit full of snacks, treats and activities to do when I am occupied with the baby and/or in the hospital.
  • We have done extra activities with her because for a couple of months there will not be as many outings. So it has been explained to her that will be home more for a bit so now is the time to do things. This weekend she choose the circus and going out to eat after. I splurged and got her the “good” tickets and she will have free rein at the concession stands.

All I need is to set in stone what I am going to do with her when I am in the hospital for that couple of days. I have lots of “if I am not working” people as back ups but I don’t have anything solidified. that is the downfall of not having any family nearby or friends with flexible schedules. it will get figured out though so I am not worried. I have a couple of weeks to set things up.


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  1. Wow…talk about having your ducks in a row. I am a planner but, you put me to shame. Emma is going to be an awesome big sister to Male Fetus. I was going to abbreviate his name but, that didn’t look right.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of her!
    Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I just realized that your blog isn’t on my reader anymore even though I’m still following you…did you move from .org to .com or vice versa?


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