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I know I have not blogged in what seems like forever. I guess I did not have much to blog about that I thought that people would find in any way interested. When I did start re-blogging about the pregnancy I lost most of my readers so I guess starting this out as a fitness/weight loss/health blog means I am stuck with those topics. Not that I mind but being as ill as I was I didn’t feel like setting aside the time to blog for only me to read.

This pregnancy has been a bit complicated. It has been deemed high risk, I have been in the hospital twice, see two specialists and can’t work out. I finally stopped puking and/or feeling like I am going to puke a week ago. So 27 weeks of “morning sickness” I am glad it is now controlled enough to where I just don’t feel great but I don’t feel like there is a lump of vomit sitting in my throat waiting to come up. I can enjoy more foods and that is nice. With the nausea gone the sensitivity to odors is not as bad so I have been spending more time in the kitchen, slowly working back to clean eating. Starting the transition now is the best option for me because I want to get back to eating properly and getting active again as soon as I possible can after the baby comes.

It has been 11 weeks since there have been any updates on here so here is a quick list:

  • It’s a Boy!
  • No I do not have names picked but I have gotten tons of terrible suggestions. For now we call him Male Fetus
  • I am 28 weeks and 2 days along
  • Everything is fine with the baby’s development
  • The nursery is finished (maybe I will take pics and post later)
  • I have gotten a small start on the shopping so we are mildly prepared
  • So far I have gained about 24 lbs
  • All of a sudden my legs got really fat without me gaining much weight (I have quite a few lunges and squats in my future)
  • I have lived on carbs the past 7 months so I am shocked I haven’t gained 50 lbs 🙂
  • No odd cravings
  • I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore!


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About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Hrrmm! how do you explain the reason you chose his name was because some goofy blogger wouldn’t leave you alone but, I am honored. I am glad you are feeling better.

  2. So glad to hear that you are doing well, and don’t fret. I’m reading! 🙂

  3. I am glad you are back posting. It may be a form of therapy, as pregnancy is not fun. It is sort of like owning a boat. The two happiest days are the day you buy it and the day you sell it!
    Good luck and I wish you the best!

  4. Welcome back!!! Glad to see you are feeling better. You were my inspiration to start my own fitness journey and blog, so it is great to have you back 🙂

    • Thanks! That is a really awesome thing to hear. I miss being on target with diet and workouts. I will be so happy to get going again in a few months! I am hoping I can get approved for at least some yoga or light walking again soon.

  5. So glad to see you back–and don’t worry, we’re reading! And hey, after the baby, we’re both going to convert our blogs into “getting-back-in-shape-after-the-pregnancy” blogs, am I right?

    • For sure! I have pretty dresses to wear that I bought pre pregnancy and events to wear them to in July and September and I am in a wedding in October 🙂 I don’t want to buy big clothes again so I need to get on the ball and work my butt off. i think this time around my legs are going to be an issue.

  6. So glad you’re back to blogging — we are too interested!!! 🙂


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