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My Pregnancy: Week 15 (Bump Pic)

Today marks the first day of week 15 of pregnancy. Only 25 weeks to go, 25 weeks seems like FOREVER!

The internet has all kinds of fun, interesting and even some questionable information to offer. I read up on each week each Monday. How is it that so much has changed since being pregnant with Emma? It seems like there are so many more rules and so many strong opinions now that seem to cause a ton of anxiety for expectant moms. I have read that some mothers-to-be are freaking out over having mints because they didn’t know until they read an article online that they couldn’t have them and are now panicked that they have done something to harm their unborn child. Pure mint oil is thought to be a uterine stimulant and this is what is left out of the information these women are given. Who the hell just sits around sipping or consuming large amounts of pure mint oil? No one I know of. Most mint gum, breath mints, mint cookies and such don’t even have mint oil and are artificially flavored. And if they are flavored with mint oil how much could possibly be in one tiny mint or piece of gum? I drink lots of organic mint tea, it helps with my nausea and helps clear my sinuses (Allergy season has me all clogged up) peppermint leaves have been deemed as “likely safe”, good enough for me. And my doctor doesn’t seem to have an issue with it. I think more women need to not get their information via the internet and take it word for word. If you really want something that random website #53 says is bad just ask your doctor. Not everything on the internet is true, or is just over-exaggerated.

Any-who, let us move on to some week 15 information:

  • Baby is about 4 inches long, so about the size of an apple.
  • Approximate weight is 2.5 ounces, the approximate weight of a jumbo egg
  • Lanugo growth has begun (a very fine hair)
  • Baby can sense light but the eyes are still closed
  • Taste buds are forming
  • Babies this age start sucking their thumbs

As far as exercise today I got a bit of walking in. Better than nothing J, I have not eaten much but not feeling to great today. Sometimes it is a task to eat, I had some cottage cheese, string cheese and a corn muffin. Don’t worry though I am making pork medallions with roasted red and yellow peppers, cucumber salad (not the mayo kind) and herbed mashed potatoes for dinner.

The Fetus is about the weight of a jumbo egg this week!

I found this image and thought it was super creepy.
Week 15 The Fetus is the size of an apple

Baby Bump week 15.
Still in the cheeseburger stage 🙂


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  1. Hey wait a second! That picture looks like my side view — and I’m not pregnant! Looks like I’ve been in the cheeseburger stage for quite some time! LOL and again, congratulations!

  2. One creepy picture indeed!

  3. All of the information has been out here. It’s just a lot easier to get now then it was 6 or 7 years ago with Emma. Everyone seems to become and expert and writes something out here in this interlube web thingy. As you have seen already, things are different for everyone and even from one preg to the next. By the way, since I am following your blog, I am an expert. So in about 25 weeks or so I will be writing a book. I might call it Apples with Umbilical Cords.


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