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Update on Yesterday and I Have Legs!

Everything turned out to be just fine. I did not figure there was much to worry about and neither did the doctor. But better safe than sorry. We sat there for almost 6 hours just to see a doctor for a total of five minutes and get an ultrasound that took 15 minutes. I think my biggest risks were hypothermia because it was two degrees in the hospital and starvation. I missed lunch and had been forced into a late dinner.  But alas, I did not starve or freeze to death so all is good with the world.  After my wonderful stay I found out I have a bruised abdomen, they gave me a Tylenol and told me to control my dog. For the past few weeks I have been talking about how I would get Tico a Thundershirt so his antics don’t send me toppling over once I am bigger but maybe we need to get one sooner.

Tico says the Thundershirt will bring him almost as much shame as wearing my blonde wig did. Poor Tico, the cats shall mock him.

The best part of the visit is when they took me to Ultrasound, for some reason I was not allowed to walk there and was pushed there on a hospital bed. being it was so freaking cold I was laying there with my legs crossed under the sheet. The nurse pushed me past a woman and her four kids. They all thought is was so sad and tragic that I had no legs below the knee. Interrupting their “private” conversation about my lack of lower legs and telling them indeed I do have a full set of legs may have been the right thing to do. It was to entertaining so I let them continue on as I laughed and was pushed down the hallway.

On another note. Pat is almost finished with the basement (the yucky smell is almost gone!) so the workout area will be good to go again soon. So, hopefully this 24 hour a day sickness will pass and I can get back on the horse. Gotta to shape back up for The Zombie Dash!

P.S. After seeing yesterday’s blog I noticed I SUCK at blogging via phone and may just avoid that.


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30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Thank goodness it was nothing! How many weeks along are you? And how big is your dog?
    Also: congrats on 1) having legs; 2) keeping up with your fitness routine! Very ambitious!

    • 7 weeks now. Tico is about 50 lbs, landed full force on my midsection. It caused some minor cramping. And apparently a bruise that I can not see.

      Thanks, I enjoy having legs and am anxious to get back to my routine, minus a few changes to keep it safe 🙂

      • Ouch! 50lbs is substantial. One of my dogs is 32 lbs and he feels like a ton of bricks already (the other two are about 18lbs each, which is not to say they wouldn’t feel heavy if they pounced). But 50….I’d say that would warrant an ER visit! Oh and I had another question: what’s wrong with lunges in pregnancy?

        • No idea actually. I thought it was odd seeing I can still squat just with very light weights. I planned on asking when I go in on the 10th. Granted I hate the things so I ill enjoy having an excuse not to do those pesky lunges.

  2. L @ Trying Not to be Fat

    Phew!’re okay! and i hate blogging from my phone too, formats always weird. even now I’m commenting from it and I’m not even going to correct the grammar, to avoid further messing it up.


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