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Daily Archives: August 14, 2012

I’m still alive

Really, I am! I swear. There is so much going on. I will still be pretty absent until September 10th. Then it is on! I am still staying as active as I can be after losing my workout area. my bruised heel is good as well as my formerly jacked knee. Now on to weddings, parties, basement repair and appointments. Oy!

This weekend I am hosting a Bachelorette/Bachelor party at my house. Of course everything has been going wrong and some of the guests that the guests of honor chose to invite are being rude ass jerks that are making things very difficult. But, hey what can I do other than just make things work. I am totally wondering what happened to the days when people had manners and were thoughtful of others. I have everything together but have tons of yard work, cooking, cleaning and Battleshots boards to build before Saturday. Friday will consist of putting up the tent, setting up table and chairs as well as stringing lights throughout my backyard. I have a decent sized yard and the crappiest back light on my patio. So I am going with Christmas lights everywhere and a bonfire to light our evening. So that leaves tomorrow and Thursday to roll silverware, shop, make jello shots ans mustache straws, do yard work, clean house and build Battleshots. Anyone want to come help? At least the beer pong and ladderball are no work required activities!

I hope you are all doing well!


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