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The things that children say

Warning: Non-fitness related post 🙂

Sometimes I wonder where my kid comes up with the stuff that comes out of her mouth. Some things embarrassing, some hilarious and some down right disturbing. I love that kids have no filter (sometimes). For those of you on my personal Facebook page you already saw today’s interesting kid story. So sorry for the repetition.

While I was outside cleaning the kiddie pool Emma came and grabbed me…

E: Mom!! Tico is eating all the baby bunnies!!
Me: What?! Okay I will go get him

When I got over to the rabbit hole there was nothing but blood and fur left and Tico was licking his chops.

Me: No Tico, quit killing the baby bunnies!!
E: He can’t help it, he has to protect the cabbage in the garden.
Me: Sorry you saw that Emma.
E: You know dogs are carnivores right?

Moral of the story is I do not have a squeamish little girl.

She wants to go hunting with her dad one day, loves bugs, knows where her meat comes from and has no problem with that. I never saw the point in lying when she asked me so many years ago. I am glad she understands and respects the god old Circle of Life. LOL!


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  1. Non-Fitness related posts are the best!!! Kids are such a gift to the world and a blast to have around! So cool, Great Post!!!


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