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Benefits of Yoga


Today is Day 4 of Round 2 doing Les Mills Pump. On the agenda today is Flow. Flow is in a nutshell the LMP’s form of Yoga. To be quite frank when I first tried it I was not a fan. i found it to be monotonous and pointless. Honestly, I will chalk it up to my not being familiar with Yoga and my apprehensiveness to try something new. I was already new into the Pump portion to the workout and I think I overwhelmed myself. When Flow came back up on my LMP schedule I did try it again and more open-mindedly I should add. it wasn’t so bad and it was actually enjoyable. Today I have found other forms of Yoga I enjoy and have added more Yoga to my workout schedule. I enjoy the peace, the stretch and so many other things that it brings.

A few of the benefits of Yoga:

  • Improve mental health: Yoga practice is calming. Regular yoga practice can reduce or eliminate the root of anxiety disorders and aid in controlling or decreasing depression and can lead to a more peaceful state helping you gain confidence, mental well-being and the ability to stay calm in more stressful situations.
  • Helps prevent diabetes: All types of exercise including yoga help to stabilize blood glucose. This is important in the prevention and control of diabetes
  • Prevent bone loss and osteoporosis: The low impact Yoga postures can be effective for post-menopausal women and older men in preserving and building bone density.
  • Backache relief and backache healing: I know I have already talked about this in a previous post, But this is one of the best things for my back issues. Yoga goes right to the physical cause of your backache helping you to recognize areas of chronic tension Overall fitness and muscle tone is essential to your spines health. The more aerobic forms of yoga provide your spine oxygen and helps to create flexible hamstrings and hip flexors in hand freeing-up your lower back.
  • Arthritis Prevention: The best preventions and/or relievers of arthritis are motion and exercise. Engaging all of your muscle groups in a yoga practice strengthens bone and improves your coordination and balance. Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise and yoga postures can improve muscle strength, joint flexibility, endurance, as well as range of motion.
  • Detoxification: Many Yoga postures massage the internal organs, this provides a natural form of cleansing which rids the body of toxins.
  • Gained flexibility: Few fitness regimens concentrate as much on flexibility as yoga does. In fact nearly every single movement in yoga can increase your flexibility

 There are many other benefits of practicing Yoga also. I suppose I will save those for a later time. I still have house-guests to attend to and my Yoga to get in today, as well as a run after everyone has settled down for the evening. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!




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  1. BodyFlow is my very favorite thing, as you probably know. I’m curious how it translates in this for-home format. Is it an hour format or 30 minutes? Who do they have teaching it?

    Our hour format goes:

    1)tai chi warm-up
    2)sun sals
    3)standing strength
    5) hips
    8) twists
    9)forward bends

    How does Flow for home compare?

    • Flow for home is only 20 minutes, it is manly just repetitions of sun sals and forward bends. I tend to repeat it or do another video right after. it was great for beginning. I would like for it to be longer.

  2. I am a huge Les Mills fan (Combat, Pump, RPM, Balance) but I didnt know about BodyFlow. My gym doesnt offer it, but Im going to bring it up with them!!!


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