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Sunshine Award and Personal Rewards

Kurt the author of Lose it Big sent a lovely nomination for the Sunshine Award my way the other day. How exciting!  I would like to congratulate him for receiving the award and I of course would nominate him in a second but he already has one.  It has taken a few days to get to this but I am still knee-deep with changes around the house, kid sports, workouts, and all that other fun, distracting, over-priced things in life. But it does feel good to get things in order. So apparently there are rules to this award. I have to answer some questions then pass the award along to another lucky bunch of bloggers that I enjoy. I will get to that in a minute. I have another quick topic to chat about.

So, here is the story, or maybe it is a statement because it will be easy to keep short and sweet. Yesterday evening I went walking with a friend along my running route (I like the fact that I know exactly what the distance is) we did a lot of chatting, laughing, you know the usual girl stuff. She said that my working on my weight and getting in shape inspired her to give it a go too. It was a wonderful thing to hear and being told that I made a difference like that. It is actually quite humbling. Honestly I don’t think I am an inspiring person, in any way and the weight loss is manly for selfish reasons (I want it for me) but I also do know that I am setting an example for my daughter and that I like. Anyhow, just wanted to share my little personal award with you. On to the Sunshine Award Q&A!

I will answer the questions and include a related picture of something in my home just to make this a little more fun 🙂

1. Favorite color: At the moment I am really into red, that deep French Country red. I am redoing my living room and it keeps popping up in the items I have been purchasing.

new Media stand I bought yesterday! Isn’t it purty 🙂

2. Favorite Animal: My pets are obviously my favorites so I will go with my favorite animal for decor. Having a beagle keeps me from owning any, they would be dog treats in an instant. Because I can’t own them I cover my kitchen in them. Chickens and Roosters!

Rooster plaque that I was so excited to find because it has our last name on it. Of course it had to come home and live with me!

3.  Favorite number: Well, honestly, I don’t have one so I will just pick one. 5 is the decided upon number, it is Emma’s baseball jersey number. Go #5!


4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Hands down I would pick unsweetened iced sun tea! Granted I can only make it for a quarter of the year because it is never warm enough here in Michigan and the fact that I really don’t drink caffeine. So Sun tea is a treat around here for me.

I didn’t have any made so here are my sun tea fixings.

5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I am now using Twitter on a regular basis, mainly for my blog posts and Instagram, but I still prefer good old FB. Now if only they could quit making changes to it every other day!

6. My Passion: Other than the obvious answer of my Emma I would go with Les Mills Pump. It seriously has been a life changer for me!

Les Mills Pump is the best!

7. Prefer getting or giving presents: Give for sure! I have a huge wrapping paper collection (it is a disastrous mess) to prove it!

There is about three times more stuff than this but I was too lazy to go that far into the basement.

8. Favorite Pattern: I have two, large damask style florals and polka dots.

New curtains bought and hung yesterday. They are even better in person!

9.  Favorite day of the week: Saturday for sure. I rarely have to set and alarm earlier than 830 on a Saturday!

I use my cell, figured it would be hard to take a picture of my phone with my phone so I settled for the husband’s alarm clock.

Favorite flower: I have two of these also. Sunflowers and orange calla lilies.

Orange Callas in the bookcase

So that concludes the Q&A portion. It is now time to nominate 5 blogs I enjoy. There are so many and it is hard to choose. I love you all! But here are the nominees.

  1. Running While Fat – Even the name screams “Hey! Look! Someone that is just like me!”  Honest real life posts that are easy to relate to are what you will find in this blog.
  2. Fitter Better Stronger – Lucy is the owner of this blog. she posts amazing food, thoughtful insight and great information on in her blogs. You should check her out.
  3. Journey to Awesomehood – Here you will find, good useful information, giveaways and motivational pieces. Cassie does a great job with this blog!
  4. Enter Fitness! – Delicious food, honest posts and insights in the daily life of someone trying to get fit and her progress has been amazing.
  5. Girl of the Hour – She has decided to get herself to the state of happy and healthy and you can read about her journey. She has her ups and downs like we all do so it is nice knowing people like you are out there.

So, there you have it. Take some time to check out these amazing blogs and keep reading mine! 🙂 Happy Thursday!


About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Thanks for the nomination. And congrats on inspiring your friend, actions speak louder than words so by getting fit rather than simply saying you keep meaning to will naturally inspire others. You may not think of yourself an inspiring person, but as one of my favourite bloggers, I find you inspiring. So that’s at least two and I know for a fact I won’t be the only one! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nomination! Nice to see a fellow Michigan native around the interwebs 🙂

  3. Thanks for the nomination 🙂 I agree I think you are pretty inspiring as well! It’s hard to decide you need to change and even harder to stick it out 🙂

  4. Red and Orange are two of my fave colors – POWER COLORS! 😀

  5. Awwah!!! Thank you so much for the nomination!! =D I am a lot better with questionnaires than I am with the whole random fact stuff. haha I have a friend who also loves have chickens and roosters in her kitchen too! They are everywhere. haha


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