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Michigan is Fat!

I just finished reading about the 10 Fattest States in America. I was not surprised to see that Michigan is on that list. Maybe I should start blaming living in Michigan for my being overweight. when everyone else is doing it how can I not? Just kidding! we have lots of yummy fattening food, very few places to go out to eat where you can get a healthy meal. Michiganders hibernate in the winter minus a few trips in the snow to ski, snowmobile and ice fish and that always includes beer and snacks and we BBQ all summer. I really have noticed in my area of the state that more and more people are starting to eat healthier and have gotten into fitness. So there is hope for us after all.

Here are the 10 Fattest States in America and their stats according to The Atlantic, read the article here:

10: Michigan

30.5 percent of people in Michigan are obese.

Michigan is 1.2 percent more obese this year than last.

9: Arkansas 

30.6 percent of people in Arkansas are obese.

31.6 percent of people in Arkansas have hypertension.

8: South Carolina

30.9 percent of people in South Carolina are obese.

South Carolina is one percent more obese this year than last.

7: Oklahoma

31.4 percent of people in Oklahoma are obese.

Oklahoma is 0.8 percent more obese this year than last.

6: Kentucky

31.5 percent of people in Kentucky are obese.

Kentucky is one percent more obese this year than last.

5: Louisiana

31.6 percent of people in Louisiana are obese.

10.7 percent of people in Louisiana have diabetes.

4: Tennessee

31.9 percent of people in Tennessee are obese.

29.9 percent of adults in Tennessee say that they are physically inactive.

3: West Virginia:

32.2 percent of people in West Virginia are obese.

West Virginia is one percent more obese this year than last.

2: Alabama

32.3 percent of people in Alabama are obese.

12.2 percent of people in Alabama have diabetes.

1: Mississippi

34.4 percent of people in Mississippi are obese.

34.8 percent of people in Mississippi have hypertension.

There has been a .5% increase in obesity in The United States this past year! That is a scary statistic. That’s 1.54 million new obese Americans in a years time. Diabetes and hypertension is on an incline and childhood obesity is being rampant. These are trends that we need to see abolished. good examples need to be set and people need to be educated on how to eat properly and how physical activity positively affects your mind and body. I am setting an example for my child (and myself), eating right, working out and learning not to diet but live a healthy lifestyle. I am learning that moderation is key when it comes to certain foods and that exercise is a great medication. I am still learning but I will get there and I know that anyone can do it if they really set their mind to it. There are so many resources out there and they just are not being used and the word is not being spread. Encourage your family and friends to make the change if they need it, and do it with them. We all can use to treat our selves and out bodies a little better.

Now on to my day so far:

Last night was rough. Emma kept waking up with nightmares and this is not like her, so neither of us got much sleep. She was so tired this morning she almost tumbled down the stairs so I had her go back to bed and decided that she would be late for school and nap. Kids just can’t learn when they are that tired and cranky. While she was napping I had a very small breakfast a glass of water and went for a little run. I said I would get it going again so I did, I followed through. Whew! I hadn’t run in 10 days. 10 days! What a bum I was. All water under the bridge and I am working on redeeming myself. Today’s run was awesome. I ran the furthest I ever did without stopping for a walking interval. 1.4 miles and it worked out to be a 9 minute mile. This is a major record blowing run for me. Maybe my body just needed a rest and my mind picked up on it? Or it was laziness (I vote lazy) but Wahooo! Emma got ready and we dropped her off to school. Her class was surprised with having a helicopter land in the school yard and then they get to check it out. We got there just in time! She was already excited for Field Day but this is a major bonus! So after dropping her off I made a smoothie and am now blogging while watching Harry Potter.

My dog Tico must not be a fan of He Who Shall Not be Named, he keeps barking at the TV. Smart dog 🙂

Plans for the remainder of the day:

  • Les Mills Pump Revolution
  • Dishes
  • Cooking
  • Getting more of the house back in order after the flooring fiasco
  • Read blogs
  • Emma’s baseball game
  • Maybe some yoga before bed

Have a Magnificent Monday Readers!


About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Its frightening, I don’t know what the stats are for the UK, I suspect we aren’t far behind.

    • It really is frightening. When I was in the UK in September I didn’t see many people my size at the time or larger. I was actually surprised because a good portion of my extended family in the UK are overweight.

  2. Interesting stats. Good for you getting back on track.

  3. Yay, California is not on the list. But, I’m fatter ‘n you so go figure:(ha) There is something to those rests we take from exercise. Like you I too had a phenomenal workout — far more than I expected from it.

  4. I came across this same article the other day! Some of the states listed shocked me!

  5. livepassionatelytonight

    Where in MI do you live? I do too 🙂


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