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I made it through..alive

The 90 day mark has passed. This means I have completed Round One of Les Mills Pump. I know I have been whining about the embarrassment of before and after pictures, and I decided I may as well do it. My pictures are terrible. with my lack of camera (Canon customer service is still on my hit list) they are taken with a phone by a six-year-old. So ya.. bad pics. I was kind of bummed that my 90 days hit when they did. I have some major monthly bloatage going on and it shows. But, oh well, I can’t control nature. Maybe I will redo pics in a few days.

This is where I started at Day 1:

  • Chest: 38 inches
  • R Arm: 12 inches
  • L Arm: 12 inches
  • Waist: 43 inches
  • Hips: 45 inches
  • R Thigh: 29 inches
  • L Thigh: 29.5 inches
  • Weight: 179 pounds
  • Pant Size: 16
  • BMI: 52%

This is where I am at today:

  • Chest: 32 inches
  • R Arm: 12 inches
  • L  Arm: 12 inches
  • Waist: 32 inches
  • Hips: 41 inches
  • R Thigh: 23.5 inches
  • L Thigh: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 168 pounds
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.5%
So if we do the math this is my loss:
  • Chest:  -6 inches
  • R Arm:  -0 inches
  • L  Arm:  -0 inches
  • Waist:  -11 inches
  • Hips:  -4 inches
  • R Thigh: -5.5 inches
  • L Thigh:  -6 inches
  • Weight:  -11 lbs
  • Pant Size: -2 sizes
  • BMI: – 22.5%
That is a total of  32.5  inches, 11 pounds, 2 pant sizes and 22.5% body fat lost.



Tomorrow I start Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training.  It is a 30 day workout schedule. Still debating on what is after that, either a Pump/Turbo Jam hybrid or a Pump/Insanity hybrid. We  will see. I have 30 days to figure that out.

About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Good for you!! All your hard work has DEFINITELY paid off!! You are looking amazing! Although your calculations don’t show a change in your arms, they definitely look much smaller (or at least more toned) in your after picture.

    Good for you!

  2. weeehooo…We have pictures. Look at your hour glass curves very nice and impressive. Congrats. I just finished up with my first month of Insanity. This am I started the 2nd month…WOW. It kicked my butt. You should do insanity with me….:)

    • LOL, yes, we have pictures, terrible, terrible pictures 😛 Thanks. Maybe I will do Insanity after the next 30 days is up. But definitely as a hybrid 🙂 I could tell it kicked your butt, you had some major changes!

  3. OK!!! That is amazing! I am closer to your before pic, but a little better by now. I think you and were the same though when you took the before photo. This gives me a TREMENDOUS amount of motivation and inspiration!

  4. You are an inspiration, Joann! I wouldn’t believe the two pictures are the same person. You look amazing!

  5. OMG! You look absolutely amazing!!!!! YEE! I am so proud of you… for sticking with it… that is such an inspiration! I have definitely been thinking of trying it out! Congrats on making it! And you rock the next plan!!! I know you can!! =D

  6. You are a walking commercial for this program-Congrats!

  7. wow! amazing transformation – especially on your waist. Really inspirational, well done!

  8. How exciting! Congrats on how far you’ve come!

  9. YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE! If you’d have been my client when I was training, I’d be all happy and yayyyy! about this progress, and you should be too!

  10. Stealing Shade

    Excellent! You look great! Can’t wait to hear about the next phase!

  11. That’s fantastic! Great work!

  12. WOW! Is that the change in just 90 days? Well done. You must feel great too.

    I also can’t wait to read more about the next phase of your training.

  13. Awesome! Way to stick with it…you look great!

  14. Awsome job!!!!! That is a lot of inches to lose in 90 days!!!! You have to be very happy! I just started this program last week. I can only hope I get the results you did! Congrats on a job well done!!! : )

    • You can do it! Just keep at it and push yourself to keep going in those moments you feel like quitting! Good luck on your fitness journey with LMP, you will love it and thank you!

  15. Amazing transformation – you look awesome!

  16. u look awesome! can u pass some motivation my way please!! 🙂

  17. Wow – that is amazing and very inspiring!


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