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Raspberry Ketones?


Even Dr Oz is on the Raspberry Ketone bandwagon. This definitely strikes my curiosity.

I have been hearing quite a bit about raspberry ketones and weight loss. Have any of you taken them. I have read that they help with cellulite, the main use is metabolism heightening and appetite suppressant. I like the idea of it being natural, but not sure if it is something that is worth trying. I DO NOT want my appetite suppressed, and I am not even that worried about my metabolism. Have any of you tried it? Did it have any adverse or positive effects for you? How was you appetite? Did your cellulite improve?

Since I have been losing weight and my rear end shrank by half the size my cellulite is very, VERY noticeable. I know it will fade with tons of cardio in time, but summer is approaching. I was hoping that this was the first summer in years that I could finally feel good enough about the appearance of my legs to wear shorts, and not be embarrassed in a bathing suit. I do not want to jump on some pills bandwagon. I will not take anything chemical or rely on diet shakes. I like knowing exactly what is going into my body and knowing that I won’t have to deal with the regain of stopping stimulant pills or shakes.

No preaching at me about pills people. Like I said I don’t want diet pills. There is nothing wrong with my diet and I am not afraid to work hard to look the way I want to one day. I am not looking for a miracle. I am curious and wouldn’t mind a little help with my cottage cheese legs. And of course if I get curious enough I will talk to my doctor like I do with everything else I have been doing in this journey to a stronger, healthier and thinner me.


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  1. Since your rear has shrunk by 1/2 I would recommend increasing these regimens into your daily workout squats, front,back and side lunges, calf rises and leg lifts. I would start by doing 20 and increasing them in increments of 20 until u get to 100 in the am and pm and add alittle weight to ur leg lifts and calf rises…it will get you ready for the summer. Hopes this helps!!!

    • Thanks, I am at about 100 squats a day with 35 lbs on a barbell and about 100 lunges with 25 lbs on a bar. I may have to add those calf rises and legs lifts and add pm’s. I appreciate it! It is worth a shot!

  2. My hubby bought some of the Raspberry Ketone pills. I am extremely leery of them as they are a supplement and are not require to list ALL ingredients. He tried them for a few days and then became ill, not sure if it was from the pills or just a bug. Nonetheless he stopped taking them and hasn’t taken any since.

  3. I’ve tried it for about 2 weeks now. No difference in my weight at all, and they seem to make me itch, so I’m ready to give up on it. Normally I wouldn’t try anything like this as I don’t beleive in magic weight loss supplements, but since Dr. Oz endoresed it I thought it was worth a shot.

  4. I have been taking them for about a month now. I did not really see an appetite reduction and I have had no bad reaction to them. I’m not sure they are doing me any good but the week I was taking them religiously I lost 1.8 pounds. Not sure if that was due to them or not but I am horrible with pills and keep forgetting to take them. LOL Anyways. Give them a try and see what you think. I heard they are just to give your metabolism a boost and help shrink fat cells. You can look them up on the Dr. Oz website as well.


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