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I don’t miss you..


These are the main things I have given up in order to create a new healthier me… What have you let go of?

Soda: I gave this up before I started with my diet and fitness regimen. It has been 180 days. I have had a few glasses in that six months but in diet and in very small amounts. But going from a 2 liter a day to maybe 6 glasses in six months is a big change. If I feel the need to have a soda I have some sparkling water with some fruit. Does the trick and is far better for me.


Smoking Cigarettes: It has been 85 days since I quit smoking. I honestly do not miss it and will rarely ever have a craving. I do have an electronic cigarette that I fall back on here and there but I don’t see a problem with that. I use the lowest level of nicotine mixed in with a no nicotine formula. I haven’t even touched it this week. Most of the time I don’t. I never smoked in my house so the smell there was never an issue but it is really nice not having my hair and clothes smell like it. And it has freed up money for other things, like having to constantly buy smaller clothing to wear!


Fast Food: It has been 78 days since I gave up fast food. This was the easiest thing to give up. I have figured out ways to eat on the run if needed. Even at McDonald’s I can order a salad with no meat and some apples with water if needed. Or any other fast food joint that is. The smell of most fast food grosses me out now. I tried a couple of fries just over a month ago and holy cow did they taste freaking nasty to me. I never imagined the day that McDonald’s fries would taste bad! In a pinch I have even popped into a gas station and bought unsalted nuts and a water, and some even sell fresh fruit so I can grab an apple too sometimes!


Processed foods: 72 Days have passed since processed foods have left my diet. Pretty much everything I eat is from scratch. I sometimes luck out and find a good organic mix, and I refuse to make my own mayo and love the mayo made with olive oil. I don’t always want to make condiments so that is an exception for me. I do sometimes, maybe not often enough but we are condiment people around here! Most of my time would be used whipping up mustard and ketchup constantly. I still let Emma have her cereal too. She is taking to most of the other food changes pretty well so I let the cereal slide. I can’t expect her eating habits and taste buds to change over night. She has been a trooper with this. Especially for being six. She has opened up to so many healthy foods she wouldn’t eat before. I am proud of her and her expanding palette.


Bleached, enriched flour: It has been 72 days since I made this change. No more white bread, flour tortillas, white English muffins, cakes made with white flour, you get the point. Even crackers around here are whole grain. This was a super easy change. I still get my breads but just swapped out for healthier options. No one in the house was bothered by the change and texture and the nuttier taste of breads. With baking I have switched to whole wheat unbleached unenriched flour and rice flour. Swapped out white rice for brown rice or quinoa, replaced white pasta with rice or whole wheat .


Refined Sugars: 72 days; how long I have switched my sweeteners! No more white sugar, no more corn syrup, no more artificial sweeteners. I now use honey, agave nectar, brown sugar or Stevia In The Raw to sweeten things now. I don’t notice a difference at all. No one in the house has complained either.


Things I have gained:

Better workouts

A smaller figure



A better attitude

I smell better 🙂

More confidence

A go to attitude

Broader list of foods I love

A healthier family

The ability to say I am doing the right thing


And an all around good feeling


About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. The only thing I have let of of, sort of, is alcohol. Most of the other stuff I never did or can’t have! 🙂

  2. I just gave up smoking. Mostly I tell other people and collegeaues to give up the things to live a better life. Alcohol is very destructive for our body as it adds fat to the outermost layer of the liver and also increases the overall fat proportion in our body. So, as the fat increases the body becomes more prone to diseases. In the mean time you can check out my blog if you have a minute or two to spare. I hope you’ll find some related and useful information there.

  3. Yeah I haven’t done the alcohol thing yet either. The fast food was easy because I never really ate it, same with soda.

  4. You GO! I’m linking this to my Personal Trainer Kat post today!

  5. Stealing Shade

    I’ve given up the refined sugars things fairly easily, and no more smoking makes a world of difference to my lung capacity. I’m back and forth with soda and fast food. Kind of ironic- possibly the worst on the list and I’m still addicted to it 😉 And super kudos to your interval training success!!

  6. What a great list, Joann! So happy for you! Not always easy to give up those foods, but if we set our minds to doing so it can be much easier.

    Except for special occasions such as dates, weddings, or the yearly family get together I have given up meat, dairy, caffeine of all kinds, refined products (even make my own whole wheat bread) except a once a week veggie burger, and all but one refined sugar product a day.

    I was actually down to one refined sugar product a week starting in March. I made the switch suddenly. For a person who had a huge milk chocolate sweet tooth it was a bad idea. I have had horrible withdrawal symptoms for two months. Headaches, lethargy, light sensitivity, and trouble concentrating. Instead I am going to wean down slowly, eliminating one day a week until I can go a month. Quite bummed in the setback and for feeling so terrible for two months. Oh well! I will get there. The funny thing is I don’t crave it but once a week and the fat in it hits me like bricks, but without it I’m a zombie.

    • It’s awesome that you have been able to make so many changes. I couldn’t give up my meat. No way! But I do have at least one meatless day a week and eat mostly sea food. So, could be worse.
      Maybe you crave the caffeine in the chocolate? Some thing you really need to wean yourself from. Kudos on listening to your body and going slowly.

      I have been caffeine free for years now. I didn’t even think for it to be on my list it has been so long.

      • My doctor today said it was caffeine withdrawals. The good news is I am eating a very small amount.

        The frustrating part is I do not crave it at all. Not even hungry for it. But my body shuts down due to under stimulation without it according to my doctor. Said its like going from a pitch black room to a bright white one without ever adjusting. Sounds about right to me! Lol.

        Go you! I cannot wait to be to that point, too.

  7. Wow! That is really impressive. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and make more of my own food to cut out the processed stuff, but some days I just want to give in and grab something quick. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you for the wonderful complement! I am so flattered that you would say it inspired you. Just remember we all have to start somewhere and every little step you take gets you closer to your goal 🙂


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