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Not to quote Sally Field but.. “They like me, they really like me”

Oh yes, I just went really old school with that one huh? It was the only thing that came to mind. I find coming up with blog titles to be extremely difficult. I get a brain fart every time.

Two days ago I was excited and very flattered to see that one of my fellow bloggers Finding Wonder Woman donned me with an ABC Award. You should go check out her blog. She is new to blogging just as I am, her posts are always informative and relevant, she has an awesome blog name and her about page is amazing (I’m jealous).

My blog is all over the place, and that reflects me wholly, I am always running about doing something different and keeping busy. you never know what I am going to say or do. I’m a strange person. So I make sure my blog reflects that. It has been a surprise to be that quite a few people have really taken to it, and that is very much appreciated. I am so glad that I started blogging two months ago. The blogosphere is an awesome support group. Finding people so easily with your same interests, struggles, and issues is very helpful. Reading about people like me is inspiring and keeps me looking toward my goals. My blog friends have become the best support group ever.

According to the rules of this lovely award I have to list 26 things about me in alphabetical order. 26 things? Whew that is a lot! I didn’t make the rules though so I better get thinking.

  1. Animated: I talk with my hands to the point that I get teased for it.
  2. Bossy: Being in charge makes me happy.
  3. Courageous: It takes courage for me to put my measurements on my blog. It is kind of scary and embarrassing, I do it anyhow.
  4. Determined: I will reach my goals one day!
  5. Excited to be getting smaller
  6. Forgetful: I have no short-term memory.
  7. Gassy: Eat as much green stuff as I don’t and try to say you are not too!
  8. Happy with my life
  9. Impartial to most people’s opinion of what i should be doing.
  10. Jack of all Trades: There is n’t much I can’t do if I try
  11. Kindhearted to the point I get run over.
  12. Loving
  13. Mother: See 12 🙂
  14. Nerd’s wife: I have been exposed to so much Star Trek and EQ over the past 5 years. I should be an expert on the subject.
  15. Outgoing
  16. Proud of who I am.
  17. Quiet when I don’t know you, am uncomfortable or nervous.
  18. Ready for change: hence the reason I Blog.
  19. Silly: I say some weird stuff and do silly dances in public places. My friends love it because they have no choice.
  20. Tasty; Not me personally but I am wiz in the kitchen and make some tasty food, so don’t bite me. It won’t be good.
  21. Unarmed: I do not own a gun but I have shot an AR15 and an M 16. I would like to learn how to shoot a handgun.
  22. Vivacious
  23. Witty: I’d like to think so at least.
  24. Xenodochial: It means hospitable.
  25. Young: 31 is not old!
  26. Zoo keeper: We have a zoo in my house. I dog, 3 cats, one bearded dragon, and 3 hermit crabs. (and crickets to feed the beardie)

Now I need to give out my nominations to three other bloggers. This is tough because I love so many blogs and I have already given out other awards before.

  1. Girl of the Hour: I just started reading her recently and love her. She is determined and honest, has a great out look and point of view on fitness. Check her out! She is new to blogging just like me 🙂
  2. Enter, Fitness!: Another new blogger. She is upbeat and willing to work hard to reach her goals. She puts it all out there and is accountable for her progress. I think that she is doing a wonderful job and I love our little comment chats 🙂
  3. A Curvy Girl’s Journey: She is brave, I can’t put up before, after, during pics because I am not ready and there she is, doing it. I really admire that. Her blog offers inspirational quotes,, honest experiences as well as insight to her life and journey to fitness.

So everyone go give these ladies a read!

About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Wow….thank you so much 🙂 I’m flattered!! I too have also been surprised at the amount of support I have found 🙂

  2. I am beyond flattered and thank you so much!!! I think that how we write by being ourselves and conversational rather that political or factual serves as our way to be conversational and helpful with each other. And I for one, love how that works!

  3. i am so proud to know you! You described yourself perfectly and then some. Congrats!

  4. Haha. I love your list. =) You totally deserve it. I love how real your blog is.

  5. Thank you so much for the support, I really appreciate it. I too have read your blog and been inspired. I hope you and everyone follow we can all get the things we need done through our support for one another. Thanks again for the shout out.


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