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Tuesday Weigh in Week 9 *sigh*

It is that time again. I’ve got my scale and tape measure handy and I am ready to go. I am not sure how accurate anything will be this week. I have some MAJOR bloating issues and still have a pot belly going on, swollen from my stomach to thighs (I can feel the fluid, yuck). My Fibromyalgia is flared up pretty badly. I feel foggy and things that should be easy are getting more and more confusing. I went to Zumba last night and wow, did I have a really hard time catching on. I did 100 times better last time, and that was my first go at it. Oh well, I did my best and worked up a really good sweat. That is all that matters. Right now I am hoping this fog, the bloat and the elevated pain passes quick. I am definitely going to have to tone down the weights for now. I really hope it doesn’t set me back to far. Ah, the life of a cripple.

I had to go pant shopping yesterday, needed some dress slacks for a Showing this afternoon. I hate shopping when bloated, makes finding things harder. I was still able to buy a size 12 though. So I was happy.

Let me hop on the scale and get this done and over with:

  • Chest: 36 inches  (- 0 inches)
  • R Arm: 12 inches  (- 0 inches)
  • L  Arm: 12 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Waist: 32 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Hips: 41 inches (- 0 inches)
  • R Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • L Thigh: 24.5 inches (- 0 inches)
  • Weight: 171 pounds (-0 pounds)
  • Pant Size: 12
  • BMI: 29.9

Well, that wasn’t as bad as I though it would be, all the bloat sits above and below where I measure. How convenient! So no change this week. Not exactly pleased but I will accept it and move on. I think I need to step up the cardio or go a little stricter with the diet so I can get some sure changes for next week. Hoping it will clear out this water weight I am carrying around right now. I really dislike weeks with no change they feel like set backs and are disappointing. It is the beginning of a new fitness week for me so time to change that!

Have a great Tuesday everyone.



About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Maybe you need to slow down a little. Maybe concentrate on doing Pump with more intensity. I am just thinking about myself. If I were trying to do 3 or 4 different types of exercise, I wouldn’t go all out on them when I knew I had others ones I would do later. As a side note, I am really good at reading a tape measure. If you need a hand…just let me know. Just playin.

    • My issue right now is the fybro flaring up, so I will have to go easier with the Pump for sure,mainly because of the pain, I can deal with the daily but the flares can be unbearable. The Pump program is 3 types of exercise, weights, cardio and yoga. So I don’t think I am too far outside their program with my additions. But who knows. I may even have to just stick with cardio this week. This flare crap is for the birds!
      LOL on the tape.

  2. I am pretty impressed that there was no changes even with the bloating! I know the next time you weigh in and measure that it will seem much more greater! You can do it!! =D And congrats on the size 12! Do you have a goal in mind for what size you want to be? It’s my dream to be back down to a size 8. =)

  3. Just be proud of what you can and have done even with the fybro and flare-ups. I know a couple of people who have fibro and use this as an excuse. You are a rock ☆ star and congrats on size 12. I have a ways to go to 12 so one of us had to be!!!

    • Thanks! It isn’t easy between the fybro and everything else wrong with me. lol, I totally skipped my workout today but I spent the afternoon and evening at a funeral home and now am watching kids. So, I decided to just to take today as my rest day and move today’s workout to my scheduled rest day 🙂 You will get to a size 12, just keep up your hard work. It will pay off in the end!

  4. Trust me when I say this: I have been the same weight for months now, and you see how much I work out. It’ll catch up, and when it does – hang on!


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