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What is your motivation?

Each and every person has their own reasons for making the chose to live a healthier life, eat well and exercise. For some it may be to look better, medical reasons or to just plain feel better. I have been working at trying to lose the weight for quite some time now. I just never seems to find what really worked for me given my limitations at the time. Keeping motivated with so many rules of what I could and couldn’t do was really hard. I knew I needed to lose, and badly. I gained so much with the meds and illness and my inactivity. I started with cleaning up my diet, stuck with it for a long time but went back to not eating enough and not eating all the right things. It is so easy to lose sight of a goal sometimes. I sat at the same weight for so long and was really unhappy with it, so I started doing some light exercise (only intermittently) and watching my diet, again. Then I hit the dreaded plateau. And there I sat.

Of course while on this plateau two good friends of mine ask me to be their Matron of Honor, I was more than excited to be part of their day! I love weddings. I didn’t think much about my weight until I had to go in and order dresses. Then thoughts of how unhappy I was to be the “fat” bridesmaid again and spending big bucks for dresses and shoes that I will look like a whale in. I went and ordered the first dress, they ordered me a size 18 and when I went and ordered the other they had me order a 18 too. Yuck, I was not pleased. So I went and bought a couple of beginners DVDs and worked out lightly a few days a week. I didn’t seem to lose anything. I felt stuck, I felt fat, I felt hopeless. Like I was going to be a skinny girl trapped in a big body for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to be a big bridesmaid, I want to wear shorts, to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I want to have to alter the crap out of those dresses. So my main motivation is just to look good in those dresses. That is what lead me to Les Mills Pump.

For the first wedding the dress is burnt orange and cocoa and the shoes are in cocoa and the second wedding the dress is purple and the shoes are champagne. I also had to order a champagne colored sash for dress #2.

So here are the dresses I credit with my motivation..

What motivates you?


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30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. Dresses and weddings motivate me as well!

  2. Mine is of course looking better, but I have a trip to Vegas in May! Gotta look nice!

  3. I lost forty pounds in two segments. Gained the weight during pregnancies. The first twenty I lost three months after having Enoch. My main motovation was not liking to look chubby. Thenlast twenty I lost over a year ago. The motivation was to feel good again phsyically. I was severly anemic, borderline diabetic, very mild case of ulcerative colitis, and tired all the time. Change of diet and I feel great! No more diseases. 100% worth it.

    You are doing great! You are going to look so fabulous in those dresses!

    • Thanks Kaley, you look amazing (as always) Clean eating (for the most part) has made a huge difference medically for me also. It is amazing how food the way God intended it to be can change so much.

  4. “not eating enough and not eating all the right things. My exact situation!!
    ‘My motivation is to have the absence of shame., Gain confidance and get my mojo back, fit inot my clothes, and someday, just pull anything out of my closet and be able to wear it. Health is a given!

  5. My motivation was to win my biggest loser competition. Now that I am into that competition 2 months and can see slight changes in me, I’m motivated by the fact that I am healthier.

  6. So much motivates me… I have always loved the outdoors and the past two years, I have spent more time inside than out on nice days because I was ashamed… All those memories I missed out on! You don’t make many memories sitting and watching TV all the time…

  7. My current motivation is that I’m getting a thigh tattoo in September and I want my thighs to look toned and amazing so I can show it off every time it’s warm enough to get my legs out in public! That dress on the left is gorgeous.


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