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Where did Saturday go??

1:00 pm. That’s what time I got up today. WTF! There is no reason for someone to be in bed until that time. Granted I did not fall asleep until 6 am or so. insomnia got me again. But I hate feeling like I took almost an entire day and threw it down the toilet. I told my husband that he she never let me sleep that late. he relied “Well, you finally look rested.” That maybe so but did I look that bad all week? Hmmm? Well, if I did who cares.

So I went to the Consignment shop to check my account and found that I sold enough of my Fat JoAnn clothes to buy two new workout outfits! I can’t wait to work out now. I will be able to do it without my yoga pants falling down. I also went out for some yummy salads with Emma and she bought a purse and a new Skylanders figure. Not too shabby.

Quite some time back I bought two dresses knowing they would be way to small, three sizes to be exact. I have a feeling that they may fit now so I think I will try them on later and post pics if they fit.

Time to go do some picking up in the kid’s room them get my Pump in for the day. Chow!

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30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. You definitely needed the rest. Your husband was right to let you sleep! With all the work you’re doing – not just physical, but mental too! – your body and mind need lots and lots of sleep to absorb the change. When I’m going through big changes – and you can’t deny you’re going through big changes! – I will often sleep 9 hours at night *and* take a long nap in the day!

    Sounds like you still had a very lovely Saturday. Enjoy your life! Sleep, eat and love!

  2. I need new workout pants too. Mine fall down when I run on the treadmill and it’s frustrating to have to constantly pull them up!

  3. My workout clothes are falling apart. Literally. I’m saving to invest in quality gear this time. I know the feeling of constantly having to pull up your pants when working out.


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