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A Little Less Round and a Little More Ravishing.

Now that Easter is done I can honestly say I was very well-behaved in the food department. Kept portions small and made proper food choices. Granted I did have some white potato but only a quarter cup worth so no biggie there. I brought the dessert so I know that I could have it. It was delish. We went a friend’s parents and had dinner with their family and had a wonderful evening.

48 days into Les Mills Pump!

I also took my first progress picture since I started with Les Mills Pump to post on the Accountability Page I am a member of on Facebook.  After posting The Les Mills Official page picked up and featured it on their page. It was pretty exciting for me. I like validation, who doesn’t? I still am not willing to post my before Pictures. I am not going to until my 90 days are done. That will give me time to get over the embarrassment and get brave enough to put up a picture of me in a sports bra and sweat pants with loads of fat hanging out.

To stop flooding my friends news feeds with all my stuff about my workouts, diet, updates and blog posts, I created a Facebook page for my blog. I got tired of people complaining or saying very rude things because of my lifestyle choices and the fact that I share them. I know it doesn’t matter what others think but I’d rather just have people see it if they want to see it. And really there are just too many stupid people out there I don’t want to deal with or weed out. I have better things to do, like work out and count my calories.  Here is the link to the RoundtoRavishing Facebook Page if you would like to check it out:

I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Monday and I will see you tomorrow for my Tuesday weekly check in post.


About RoundToRavishing

30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Body Pump too! If you haven’t tried Les Mills’ RPM and the new CXWORX core workout, do yourself a favor. The best workouts I’ve ever found!

    • I wish we had studios here for Pump and other Les Mills Programs. They used to in the late 90’s early 2000s but that did not last longer than 2 years. I loved the class setting for Pump. I do the at home Les Mills Pump System offered through Beachbody. I love it!

      • such a bummer! as soon as you can get your hands on the CXWORX core routine, get some of those stretchy bands and do it at home. The results are crazy! I do it at home all of the time, now that I know most of the exercises. They might even have them on the Les Mills website 🙂

  2. Congrats on behaving over Easter Weekend. I wish I could say the same!

  3. Very well done and showing your hard work. You can almost fit 2 of you in those pants now.

  4. Continue moving forward toward your goal. Sounds like you’re doing great and keeping those eating habits intact despite the holiday is awesome!!!

    • It is hard sometimes because there are certain bad for you foods that I love so very much. But in turn I have discovered lots of good for you foods that I now love too, so that helps balance things out. Thanks for the encouragement and have a great night!!!

  5. Thank goodness for my blog – it saves me from talking to everyone about my goals and progress 🙂 Great post!

  6. I thought I would let you know I mentioned you in my blog.

  7. I’m soooo proud of you for going public with your journey. There’s something special abot that level of acceptance. Congrats on the Les Mills FB feature! Keep it up! Shelby


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