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Morning Fires and White Coat Syndrome!

I make one heck of a breakfast... Someone call 911! Fire! Fire!

Whew, it is not even 7:30 am and I am already having a rough day. I overslept, hit the snooze bar for 45 minutes. That is not my norm. Of course that made my daughter miss the bus, no big deal though, we have a car. So the over sleeping problem was easily solved and just a minor annoyance. Next I decided to make my breakfast. Today I needed a fire truck parked outside my house. I burned my breakfast. Not just once but three times (that’s right I said THREE TIMES!). What the fluff? On the bright side the house is not a smoldering pile of rubble and I did not lose any limbs. Eventually I did manage to feed myself a breakfast that was not charred, and live to blog about burnt food and snooze bars. I know, I know I lead such an exciting life. I can see the look of jealousy on you faces as I type. But really boys and girls, burnt foods are for the birds, heck, I don’t know if the birds would even want it!

Not too long ago my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He had a sordid love affair with the Chinese Buffet, caffeine and sodium. I would poke fun at the fact that he spent so much time at the buffet. Jokes about how his mistress must be there or that he was going to visit his love child. I figure the marriage license automatically gave me rights to poking fun of him. So anyhow after he was forced to see a doctor we found out he was in hypertension. Yikes! Getting him to the doctor is like pulling teeth, he is afraid of doctors. They call it White Coat Syndrome. I have noticed that many men avoid the doctor like the plague. Oooo blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope. RUN! Ahhhhh! It’s going to get me!! So today I go visit the doctor with him. He is nervous. It is a follow-up and him being on my diet for a month has brought his BP down to normal. So nothing to worry about.  It will just be a conversation, what’s to be scared of? Maybe because I do not have White Coat Syndrome I just don’t understand? Maybe she can talk him into doing more exercise. He has changed everything else to be healthy, that would be the last step.

On a final note I am looking forward to some Tikka Marsala for lunch, shopping for new gym shoes, cleats and dumbbells and the kiddo’s first baseball practice.


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30 Something mom, wine and craft beer lover, wanna be crafter who is getting back on the weight-loss horse.

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  1. I had high blood pressure my entire life mostly. Recently I discovered a calcium, magnesium suppliment that mixes into a drink(Naturazl Calm). They say almost everyone is drastically lacking magnesium and that could be the root problem to many things wrong in our health. well from a lifetime of bp being at least 150/95 after 2 weeks drinking NC I was at 106/73! I.m deeply impressed. You must try this, it has numerous other benefits that I ‘ve experience also.

  2. My husband is the same way! He has White Coat Syndrome!


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